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Overwatch Avoid Teammates: How To Avoid Teammates In Overwatch

The Overwatch “Avoid as Teammate” feature was implemented into the game a while back, alongside the “Looking for Group” function. In an effort to combat the toxicity of some players going unreported, Overwatch decided to give players the opportunity to take matters into their own hands, offering them the option to avoid certain players as teammates. Originally, players could avoid up to two players at any given time, and the players would be avoided as teammates for an entire week. A recent update, however, now allows users to avoid three players, with three Overwatch avoid slots to fill.

Overwatch Avoid Teammates: How To Avoid Teammates

Avoiding teammates in Overwatch is really easy, actually. If you open the menu, you’ll see an option titled, “Social.” From here, you can look at friends, recent players, and your current team. The person you want to avoid will likely be on your current team, or listed among your recent players. Simply click their name, and you’ll open a new list. Just above “Report”, which used to be the only way players could combat toxicity, you’ll see the “Avoid as Teammate” function. Clicking this will ensure that you aren’t placed on the same team as the player in question for an entire week. You’ve got three slots you can fill, each of which is filled by following these steps. However, if you go to avoid a fourth player, the first player you avoided will no longer be on the list, so use your slots wisely!

Overwatch Avoid Teammates

It’s important to note that these players are avoided as teammates, but can’t be avoided entirely. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the enemy team next time around, and you can take your revenge on them by playing a blinder. They’ll wish they hadn’t taken pains to make you avoid them!