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Dragon Quest 11: How to Farm EXP

Dragon Quest 11 is out now on PS4 and Steam. The game takes us back to JRPG roots in a modern way, and this means that some experience point grinding may be required. As with any classic JRPG, some boss battles and areas might prove too difficult to beat on your first attempt. In these situations, it is beneficial to grind for experience points. There are plenty of enemies holding onto plentiful experience points in Dragon Quest 11. How do we level up quickly in Dragon Quest 11? Where can we farm Dragon Quest 11 EXP? The answers to these questions can be found below. Of course, spoilers follow.

Dragon Quest 11: How to Farm EXP

Farming EXP in Dragon Quest has always been simple enough. In each game, there are plenty of areas where Metal Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes, and Metal King Slimes dwell. Besting the metal enemies has always awarded you with EXP in its thousands. This is just as true in Dragon Quest 11. That’s right, to farm Dragon Quest 11 EXP, all you need to do is find, and beat the enemies listed above. The trouble is, they are slippery devils. Metal Slimes, King Slimes and Hardy Hands (new to Dragon Quest 11) will run away upon spotting you.

Once you enter into a battle with a metal enemy, they are want to run away. If they don’t run away, they like to avoid any damage and typically only take one or two hit points of damage with any hit. In order to beat them, you’ll need to use the “Metal Slash” ability, or have a Liquid Metal weapon equipped. You can stop them from running by putting them to sleep (although this doesn’t work all the time). Keep at it, and you’ll be racking up Experience points in no time.

Dragon Quest 11: Where to Farm EXP

As there are plenty of different enemies that will reward you with thousands of experience points at once, they are somewhat hidden away. There is a faster way, however. There is a Pep special attack you can use to bring any number of Metal Enemies into battle. Have the Hero, Martina, and Silvia in your party. Enter into a battle and use “Spectacle Show.” Make sure to save your game beforehand in order to ensure that Metal Slimes and the like turn up.

Below, we’ll take a look at where you can find Metal Slimes, Liquid Metal Slimes, Metal King Slimes, and Hardy Hands in Dragon Quest 11. Thanks go to DragonQuestWiki for exact locations.

Dragon Quest 11: Metal Slime Locations

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If you’re after a good amount of EXP early on into Dragon Quest 11, Metal Slimes can be found shortly after recruiting your fourth team member. Defeating one Metal Slime will reward you with 2,010 EXP. They can be found in any of these places throughout the large map:

  • Caverns under Octagonia
  • Dundrasil Region
  • Ruins of Dundrasil
  • Gallopolis Region
  • The Champs Sauvage
  • Rainbow Mines

Dragon Quest 11: Liquid Metal Slimes Locations

You’ll find Liquid Metal Slimes in areas such as the World Inside the Painting, The Royal Library, and the Forest Before the Tree of Life. As with the Metal Slimes above, there is a Slime Island, which is to the east of the World Map. Beating a Liquid Metal Slime in battle will reward you with 10,050 EXP. The full list of Liquid Metal Slime Locations can be found below:

  • The Champs Sauvage
  • The Other Side
  • The Royal Library
  • Baramos’ Lair

Dragon Quest 11: Hardy Hands Locations

I’ve heard of Metal Slimes, but metal hands? Now I’m afraid you’ve lost me. Previously appearing in Dragon Quest 3, the Hardy Hand is back in Dragon Quest 11. It’s super helpful in your ability to farm Dragon Quest 11 EXP. Beating a Hardy Hand will net you 34,400 EXP, which is, err, handy. Be careful though! These metal hands cast Whack, which is a sure-fire way of killing your party members. Hardy Hands can be found at Laguna di Gondolia and Mount Huji.

Dragon Quest 11: Metal King Slimes Locations

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Metal King Slimes are particularly rare. This is for good reason. Beating one in battle will reward you with 70,070 EXP. Wow. You can find them in the “Fortress of Fear”, which is very much towards the end of the game. Beat a couple of these bad boys and you’ll climb levels very quickly.

Phew. That was a lot of information. Hopefully, you’re totally clued up on where to look for Metal Slimes, Metal King Slimes, Hardy Hands, and Liquid Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest 11 now.