Defense Grid: The Awakening PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

All cheat codes start with '=' or '4' (if = doesn't work, try 4), and can be typed in anywhere. Many of the codes mark you as having cheated and your save games will be marked as 'cheated'. You will be will be unable to post on the leaderboards or gain achievements. If you restart the game and don't load any cheated save games you will once again be able to post.

Code                               Effect
=dnamuseGives 100k resources
=chezanatorKills all aliens on the map
=kristalithanKills all aliens with cores
=indesilvermoonThe tides are turned on aliens who try to pick up cores
=jeanmarieTurns on/off the ability for aliens to pick up cores

Unlock all levels

Type this code in on the main menu and you should hear a beep as confirmation.

=enzymeUnlock all levels

Steam Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Alien TearsEarn a gold medal on all missions in the Story mode.
AnnihilatorKill 10,000 aliens.
ArsenalBuild 20 towers in one mission.
Base DefenderComplete the Story mode.
Boot CampFinish the first 3 missions.
Burn Baby BurnBuild 5 Inferno towers.
Close CallSave a core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit.
ConfidentUse speed up controls for a total of 30 seconds in any one mission.
Death From AboveFire the orbital laser.
DiversityBuild all tower types in one mission.
EradicatorKill 100 aliens.
ExterminatorDestroy 1000 aliens.
Field PromotionEarn at least one silver medal.
Filthy RichWin with 10,000 resources remaining.
FirebugBeat an advanced mission with only Inferno towers.
First BloodKill 1 alien.
Flawless VictoryEarn at least one gold medal.
Full DefenseBuild 50 towers in one mission.
Full HouseBuild all upgrades of all tower types in one mission.
Full PotentialBeat an advanced mission with only level 3 towers and no selling.
Great Ball of FireBuild 5 Meteor towers.
Gun CrazyBeat an advanced mission with only Gun towers.
Happy ReturnsRecover a loose core.
Head TraumaBuild 5 Concussion towers.
Hey! That's mine!Kill an alien carrying a power core.
High VoltageBuild 5 Tesla towers.
I SpyActivate reconnaissance system.
IndecisiveSell 10 towers in a single mission.
Kaboom!Build 5 Cannon towers.
LeadheadBuild 5 Gun towers.
LiquidatorSell 5 towers.
Master StrategistEarn a gold medal on all Challenge modes.
MinimalistBeat an advanced mission with only level 1 towers.
Nail BiterWin mission with the last core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit.
No SaleNo towers sold in a single mission.
Not So FastBuild 5 Temporal towers.
OverseerBuild 5 Command towers.
Penny PincherWin with 5,000 resources remaining.
Pew PewBuild 5 Laser towers.
Planet DefenderEarn a silver medal on all missions in the Story mode.
Power BuilderBuild 6 towers within 10 seconds.
Pyrrhic VictoryShoot down flying alien carrying a core.
Relay RaceWitness 1 core handed off 10 times within 20 seconds.
RetryReload an earlier save checkpoint.
Salvage RightsDestroy at least one boss alien.
SharpshooterShoot down a flying alien.
Shell-shockedBeat an advanced mission with only Cannon towers.
Siege BreakerSurvive 100 waves on the Grinder challenge mode.
SurplusWin with 1,000 resources remaining.
The Long RoadAlien time until exit exceeds 5 minutes.
The Not-So-Friendly SkiesBuild 5 Missile towers.
Tower ExpertBuild every tower and upgrade.
UntouchableBeat an advanced mission with zero cores captured.
Well InvestedGain 10000 resources from interest in a single mission.
What IS that?Inspect 10 aliens.
XenocideKill 50,000 aliens.
Yellow Beats GreenUpgrade a tower.