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PUBG Training Mode: How to Use PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Training Mode

While PUBG may be drastically losing ground next to its free-to-play contender Fortnite, it still has more than enough fight left in it. The latest update for the game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC 1.0 update 21, launches today, and the biggest new addition is the PUBG Training Mode. As the name suggests, this mode allows players to hone their skills outside of the regular maps, but how do you get to it? What’s included in the Training Mode? Here’s everything we know about it.

How To Play PUBG Training Mode in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Training Mode, sadly, is not available offline. So how do you access it? You queue up for Training Mode in Matchmaking, like it was a regular match. When at least five players are available a match on the training map will start. It’s not a solo match, or even against bots, these will be real players you fight against. The area will just be smaller, and the stakes less high since you can’t die.

What Is PUBG Training Mode?

As the developers say, the PUBG Training Mode is a place for players to “practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay.” While these training matches have to have at least five players there can be a maximum of 20 playing at any one time. It’s not like in regular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds though, where you’re out if you die. Players cannot go lower than one hit point, so no one can die. In many ways it’s like the pre-match warm-up, except the area is wider and everything is available to try out.

All equipment, vehicles and guns are available to test and practice with. The total time of a play session in Training Mode is 30 minutes. The Training Mode map features a parachute landing practice area, parkour area, driving tracks, open water areas to try out the water vehicles, and ranges for melee, throwables, and shooting. The map itself is four square kilometers in size, and you can see the whole thing below.

pubg training mode map