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Best Spider-Man PS4 Skills: Which Skills Should I Learn First?

Spider-Man is out now on PlayStation 4 and, as the famed webslinger, you’ll have the chance to learn lots of skills. The skill list is pretty extensive, and breaks down into three skill tree sub-sections – Innovator, Defender and Webslinger – that allow you to play whatever style of Spider-Man you want. Here’s some of our picks of the best Spider-Man PS4 Skills.

Best Spider-Man PS4 Skills: What Skills Should I Learn First?

There are 10 skills for you to unlock in the “Innovator” skill tree, and 11 each in the “Defender” and “Webslinger” categories. With 32 skills to learn, which are the best Spider-Man PS4 skills to learn? One of the earliest skills you’ll want to unlock is the “Perfect Dodge” skill found in the defender skill tree. Allowing Spider-Man to web enemies in the face, by pressing the circle button, as your spider-sense turns blue, will prevent you from being whacked while be surprise. Another defender based skill, in our best Spider-Man PS4 skills list, is “Last Stand”. This slows down time as a fatal hit heads your way, and allows you to dodge it to live to fight another day.

Best Spider-Man PS4 Skills: What Other Skills are Vital to Learn?

In the webslinger sub-tree, the “Air Yank” is a good choice. Holding the triangle button whilst airborne, Spider-Man yanks enemies upwards towards him and lets you chain attacks together in the air. Another best Spider-Man PS4 skill is “Swing Kick”. Hold the square button, whilst in the air, to swing and kick enemies into the air.

Finally, in the innovator skill tree, you’ll want to learn the “Pistol and Baton Yank”. You can hold down the triangle button to pull sidearms and batons out of enemies’ hands and, given that guns are your worst enemy in Spider-Man if you stand still, you’ll need this as a best Spider-Man PS4 skill. Away from weapons, you’ll want to pick up the “Scare Tactics” skill. Stealth takedowns will grant you more focus to fill up your focus meter, which allow you to perform special attacks. Get it as soon as you can.