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What Are the Best Mods in Spider-Man PS4?

Spider-Man PS4 gives players lots of customization options, from suits, to suit mods, to gadgets. All of these can be unlocked by completing criminal bases, Harry’s research stations, and radiant crimes throughout the city. However, you’ll have to be wise in relation to spending the tokens these will net you, as you’ve got a lot of choice—expensive choice. But let’s narrow it down a bit: here are the best Spider-Man PS4 mods in the game.

What Are the Best Mods in Spider-Man PS4?

In Spider-Man, you’re able to equip three suit mods to your suit. The suits themselves have unique suit powers, but they become interchangeable once you’ve bought their corresponding suit. Although suit powers are strong, your suit mods are the real game-changers. The game’s three skill trees all offer abilities that are almost necessary to playing, so the suit mods are the parts of the game that will allow you to commit to a certain play-style. With that being said, here are the best mods for stealth, offence, and defensive playstyles.

What Are the Best Stealth Mods in Spider-Man PS4?

The ideal combination for a stealth build is the following the three suit mods:

  • Long Range Scanner: Displays items and enemies that are further away on the AR scanner (R3).
  • Silent Step: It takes longer for enemies to detect you in stealth.
  • Bio Scanner: Enemies you have scanned remain highlighted until you initiate combat.

These mods are the stealthiest, per se, as they allow you to have full control over engagement. Ideally, you want to take the highest ground you can, and work your way down towards the ground slowly, but surely. Always have your Scanner active, so that you can pick off unsuspecting enemies with perch takedowns one-by-one.

What Are the Best Offence Mods in Spider-Man PS4?

The ideal combination for an offensive build is the following the three suit mods:

  • Kinetic Power Cells: Increases the rate at which Focus is generated.
  • Full Charge Capacitors: Increases damage output when your health is above 100.
  • Stormbolt Discharger: Builds up an electrical charge during air combat, which is released by attacking enemies on the ground.

This is the best way to dish out consistently high damage. The aim here is to have Perfect Dodge, and to never get hit. That way, you’ll enjoy the FCC damage increase, while generating extra focus from KPC all the while. Stormbolt Discharger will allow you to Ground Strike with devastating effect after taking an airborne enemy out.

What Are the Best Defense Mods in Spider-Man PS4?

The ideal combination for an offensive build is the following the three suit mods:

  • Ballistic Inserts: Reduces incoming bullet damage.
  • Charged Outer Mesh: Gives your suit an electrical charge, which stuns any enemies come into contact with it. Has a cooldown time.
  • Bio Mesh: Some damage can be absorbed before the combo counter resets.

This combination provides you the most sustain out of all possible combinations. BM and COM allow you to take a lot of damage before you’re in trouble, and ballistic inserts allow you to focus on melee-dodges in the thick of close combat. You’ll stay up forever with this combination.

So, there you have it. These three combinations are ideal for their corresponding builds. Whether you’re a sneaky Spidey, a DPS Spidey, or a Spidey tank, all three of these builds are perfectly viable for saving New York City.