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Overwatch Busan Map Is Now Live On PS4/Xbox One

The new Overwatch Busan map is now available to players on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as non-PTR (Public Test Realm/Region) PC players. The map was included in the most recent Overwatch update, Patch Although the patch contains several updates to the game, the addition of the new map is definitely the biggest change.

Overwatch Busan Map Is Now Live On PS4/Xbox One

In order to get the new map, all you need to do is update OverwatchOverwatch won’t run unless you’re playing on the most recent patch anyway, so you’ll need to install it before you play. If you’re not prompted to install the update in-game, just go to the application’s settings and select “check for update.” Click this option, and the update will begin to download. Because the update includes a new map, it’s a relatively large file, so it might take a while to install. However, once you install it, Busan will be in your game, ready for you to play.

Overwatch Busan Map: How Do I Play Busan?

Busan isn’t available in Competitive just yet, and likely won’t be for quite some time. This is because players need to get a chance to get used to the new map before it gains the ability to influence their Skill Rating. If you want to play the new map, you’ll either need to queue for quick play and hope that you get it, or select the new Arcade game mode called “Busan” which will queue the map repeatedly. You can play the map as much as you want by selecting this option.

Busan is a Control map with three locations—Downtown, Sanctuary, and MEKA Base. Like other Control maps, it operates within a best-of-three format, meaning that it can only be won 2-0, or 2-1. Therefore, there is a chance it will take a few games for you to experience all three of its locations. The best way to learn the map is to devote time to it in the Arcade mode. When it launches in the Competitive map pool, you’ll have a distinctive edge over those who are less familiar with the new map.