NecroVisioN PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Press the "~" to access the text console, then enter one of the following

Code                                      Effect
nvnalllevelsAll Levels Unlocked In Challenge Room
nvnunlockAll Special ShadowHand Attacks Unlocked
nvnweaponsAll Weapons Granted Submitted by: RSB
nvngyjmodeFairy Mode On/Fairy Mode Off
nvnammoFull Ammo Loaded
nvnmakemydayFull Ammo Loaded And Full Health Granted
nvnhealmeFull Health Granted
nvngodGod Mode On/God Mode Off
nvngrinderGrinding Machine Mode On/Grinding Machine Mode Off
nvnssaoLightning Map
nvnmanaLots And Lots Of Mana Granted
nvnchainMaximum Fury Level Granted/Normal Fury Level Granted
nvnshShadowHand Unlocked
nvnfunnyToon Mode On/Toon Mode Off