FIFA 19 Switch Demo: Where is the FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch Demo?

If you’re a soccer (football) fan and you’re reading this site, there’s a good chance you’ve played your fair share of yearly FIFA games. If you happen to be a Nintendo Switch owner, you might be wondering where to find the FIFA 19 Switch demo. First of all, ask yourself whether one even exists. The answer may surprise you.

Nintendo aired its delayed Nintendo Direct stream yesterday afternoon (or late at night for the Europeans) and announced a swathe of new games. Around 24 new Nintendo Switch games, in fact. It was a good all-round experience for Nintendo Switch owners with just about something for everyone. For the football fans in the house, there was even clear confirmation that a FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch game is coming alongside its release on other consoles next month.

FIFA 19 Switch Demo: Where is the FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch Demo?

So what about a FIFA 19 Switch demo? The Nintendo Switch has a bunch of demos to pick up and play before big releases, but a demo for any game is never 100% confirmed until it appears. A FIFA 19 Switch demo would make a lot of sense to get those who might otherwise not have time for a traditional big-screen console experience to get a taste of the game on a portable device. Alas, a FIFA 19 Switch demo doesn’t currently exist – but that’s not to say one can’t arrive in the future. We didn’t have one for FIFA 18, and it looks like we won’t be getting one for FIFA 19.

Your best bet when it comes to a FIFA 19 Switch demo isn’t just sitting around waiting for something that might never arrive, but picking up FIFA 18 for dirt cheap as players attempt to offload their copies in time for the new one. It’s not the most convenient or economical option, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from FIFA 19 on Switch.

Though you won’t be able to pick up a FIFA 19 Switch demo right now, let’s just hope the final game will be clear and detailed enough for immensely satisfying shots like this to take place on the small screen. This is the kind of content that could have you laughing out loud on a public bus if you’re not careful.


Peaked on my first game of 19. Headshot, Double Nutshot and a crisp half volley. Perfection from r/FIFA