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Fortnite Switch Bundle: How to Pre-Order the Fortnite Switch Bundle

Nintendo of America has revealed that a Fortnite Switch Bundle will be releasing later this year. With its exclusive cosmetics, it follows the trend of each platform getting its own unique items. This guide will show you what is included in this Nintendo Switch bundle, along with how to pre-order it.

What is the Fortnite Switch Bundle?

The Fortnite Switch Bundle is an upcoming set for the Nintendo Switch which will include various Fortnite goodies. It will release October 5, 2018, for $299.99. This is the same MSRP as the standard Switch console, so it is quite a good deal. This October 5 release date also suggests when season six could be starting. It would make sense for Nintendo to release this bundle right after season 5 ends since it would allow the new players to jump on at a sensible time.

The set will include a Nintendo Switch system with the neon blue and red Joy-Cons, as well as the usual accessories found with the console. Included in this bundle, however, is Fortnite pre-loaded onto the system. In addition to this, you will receive 1,000 V-Bucks (which is enough to buy a Battle Pass) and the Double Helix Bundle. The latter of the two will include an exclusive Outfit, Back Bling, Glider, and Pickaxe. There is no news of whether the Double Helix Bundle will release on other platforms.

How to Pre-Order the Fortnite Switch Bundle

Unfortunately, you cannot pre-order the Fortnite Switch Bundle just yet. The Nintendo of America page for the set states that “Retailers [will be] coming soon.” However, considering the popularity of both Fortnite and the Nintendo Switch, you should expect this console bundle to release at major retailers such as Best-Buy or Amazon. You will not need to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription with the console since Fortnite will not require it to play online.

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