Hearthstone Upcoming Announcements Guide: Hearthstone New Paladin Hero and More

Hearthstone just announced a dearth of changes to come, including the inclusion of a Hearthstone new Paladin hero for the roster. There are a bunch of upcoming tweaks and changes to the game that should excite both new and old players. We give you a quick rundown with our Hearthstone upcoming announcements guide.

Hearthstone Upcoming Announcements Guide: Hearthstone New Paladin Hero

Those who fancy themselves Uther mains may well have another more viable choice when it comes to the King of Decks. For those who don’t put any stock in the phrase “size matters,” the pint-sized Sir Annoy-o is set to join the roster of formidable heroes duking it out on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, there’s no information out yet about how he can be picked up and added to your arsenal, but we’re relatively sure that it’s going to involve shelling out for some sweet, sweet card packs and the upcoming Hallow’s End event. He may very well come with a special card back of his own, specially crafted for maximum annoyance. As to why the Light has chosen this particular vessel to bless, we’re about as in the dark as you are. Still, he’s cute. That’s a Hero Power of its own, for sure.

Hearthstone Upcoming Announcements Guide: Newly Crafted Classic Cards and Game Mode Changes

There are going to be a nice handful of cards added to the Classic game mode. Before you think that it’s just going to be more of the same, it’s been now confirmed that the cards to complement the Classic set are all new. These replacements will be available from next month, and it looks like there’ll be replacements for mages, rogues, and warlocks.

In terms of slightly larger changes, there’s actually going to also be an overhaul of how casual play works. This will affect those who are new to the game, and probably not much else. Players who are picking up their first deck and ready to go will find themselves all the way in Rank 50. From there, they’ll have the opportunity to climb up to Rank 25 to join the rest of the adults at the tavern table. It’s a bit like a training ground for newbies. We’re not sure how this will work in practice for easing people into the Hearthstone experience, but the Blizzard team will probably be keeping a close eye on this one.

Hearthstone Upcoming Announcements Guide: Welcome Bundle Changes

Last but not least in the laundry list of changes, Welcome Bundles are going to work differently now. This makes sense since Blizzard appears to be tweaking the new player experience, but us older players are going to benefit as well if we’re legendary collectors for some reason. Welcome Bundles will now deliver to their new owners a randomly selected dragon legendary instead of the previous allotment of class legendaries. For those of us who previously forked out for the Bundle, we have the option to purchase it again if we want to.

These changes aren’t expected to kick in right away, but you can expect that when they do they’ll cause significant ripples throughout Hearthstone. Blizzard is still silent on whether or not Tournament Mode will come soon, but we can probably rule that one out in the wake of these other big changes. Let us know how you feel about these quality of life changes, and we’ll see you by the fireside.