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Llama Skin Fortnite: What Is the Season 6 Teaser?

Epic Games has tweeted a new image for Fortnite season six , with what looks like a Llama Skin Fortnite outfit. Who is this robotic camel DJ and what could it mean for the battle royale game? Read on and find out…

What Is the Llama Skin Fortnite?

The llama skin Fortnite outfit is what many are calling the figure in an image Epic Games tweeted out on its Fortnite account. The image shows a robotic llama DJ superimposed on the mysterious purple cube that has been making its rounds in the game recently. The tweet also adds that “All great parties need a DJ.” It combines the game’s obsession with llamas, as well as its general musicality into one cool character.

This could be an early look at one of the new rewards for Fortnite season six. With every new season, players are able to unlock various prizes for completing challenges. When they do that, they receive battle stars which then gives you access to higher tiers of awards in their Battle Pass

Since the Llama skin Fortnite outfit is being revealed in a key piece of art for season six, it might be one of these rewards. Judging from the coloring of the art, the outfit could be an epic rarity cosmetic item. Since the majority of skins available in the season five battle pass were of an epic rarity as well. However,  there is no saying how far in you need to get in the challenges to receive the skin.

When Will the Llama Skin Fortnite Release?

Since there is no further news about the skin apart from its association with season six, expect it to be released then. The latest major competitive period of the game will begin September 27.

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