Destiny 2 Switch – Will Destiny 2 Come to Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has a growing library of games, but what about Destiny 2 Switch? While it isn’t as powerful as the likes of the Xbox One or PS4, it has been receiving the odd port of brand-new titles. DOOM, Wolfenstein 2, and DOOM Eternal notwithstanding, however, the Switch isn’t a great platform for shooters. Is there a chance Destiny 2 Switch could become a reality? We take a look at all the arguments for and against such a port below.

Destiny 2 Switch – Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

As of writing, Destiny 2 is not on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, a port of the game on Nintendo’s hybrid machine doesn’t appear very likely at all. Bungie has come out and explained that it is “unrealistic.” Project lead Mark Noseworthy spoke last year at the game’s reveal event and argues that he thinks it is “pretty unrealistic.” His reasoning behind this was that Destiny 2 is an online-only experience, which wouldn’t gel with the portable nature of the Switch. He went on to say that there are “no plans right now for Switch.”

Destiny 2 Switch – Will it Ever Come to Nintendo Switch?

Fast forward to today, and Destiny 2 is still not on Switch. Noseworthy’s comments have held true up to this point. Despite this, however, things have changed on the Switch front. Online only games such as Paladins and Fortnite have been released, and the Nintendo Switch Online service has just launched, which awards the console a stronger online presence. Of course, there is always the question of power when it comes to Switch.

Without any serious downgrades, it doesn’t seem like Bungie could actually get Destiny 2 up-and-running on the Switch. It’s large, open spaces and many active players might be too much for the little machine to handle. The aforementioned ports of DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and Wolfenstein 2 show that modern third-party games can thrive on the Switch, however. While it doesn’t seem at all likely that Destiny 2 Switch will ever become a reality, stranger things have happened.