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NES Legend of Zelda Switch Differences – What Is Different In The Switch Version of NES Legend of Zelda?

NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean this updated take on a classic is anything akin to a remake. Switch owners were surprised yesterday morning when an update to the Nintendo Entertainment System app available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers included not just NES Open Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodgeball, but a heavily modified version of the 1989 debut The Legend of Zelda game, referred to in the Switch menu as The Legend of Zelda Living the life of luxury.

With the NES basically being a miniature arcade cabinet for your home back in the day, The Legend of Zelda was no walk in the park. You wouldn’t have to drop a quarter into a slot every time you took a lethal hit, but game makers made these things worth their asking price by being far more difficult than your average 2018 title. NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences make it a far sight easier to complete this masterpiece than ever before, but no amount of free weapons will help you solve some of the puzzles the franchise has prided itself on for almost 20 years now.

NES Legend of Zelda Switch Differences

NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences

So what exactly are the NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences? First and foremost, NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences means your first run of this game will be radically different to the original title. NES Legend of Zelda has released in a fairly untouched form on a bunch of Nintendo consoles in the past, but the NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences are far more apparent this time around.

As you drop into Hyrule for what would have been the first time for many ’80s kids and adults, you won’t have to go scouring around the world for weapons and signature items. Instead, you’ll kick things off like some kind of Hylian terminator thrown back in time to demolish those who made life difficult for you in the past. Freshly titled “The Legend of Zelda: Living the life of luxury”, Link comes out swords-blazing with access to the game’s full repertoire of equipment. You’ll still have to go through and clear dungeons like before, but you’ll already have most of the items Zelda games are known for handing out in the dungeons that need them most. They include:

  • 255 rupees
  • Boomerang
  • Magical Boomerang
  • Bombs
  • Bow and Arrows
  • Magical Rod
  • White Sword
  • Magicial Sword
  • Magical Shield
  • Red Ring
  • Blue Ring
  • Power Bracelet

All in all, NES Legend of Zelda Switch differences amount to little more than starting your adventure with a small army in your backpack and a full wallet of rupees to throw at that old man in the cave.

Clear the game with these boons and you’ll unlock the harder mode for your next playthrough.