Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Wii Cheats

Unlockable Game Modes

Unlockable                                                                How to Unlock
City Fight arena in Multiplayer12 Glory Moves
Contdown Mode in Combat Arenas5 Glory Moves
Countdown mode for Planes in Multiplayer13 Glory Moves
Countdown mode for Tanks in Multiplayer14 Glory Moves
Fate of Atlantis (1992 PC game)1 Glory Move
Harem arena in Combat Arenas11 Glory Moves
Lao Che Lounge arena in combat Arenas6 Glory Moves
Multiplayer Combat Games3 Glory Moves
Odin's Mess Hall arena in Multiplayer15 Glory Moves
Pillars of the Earth arena in Multiplayer10 Glory Moves
Secret Store arena in Combat Arenas9 Glory Moves
Tank Type in Multiplayer4 Glory Moves
Top Score mode for Planes in Multiplayer7 Glory Moves
Top Score mode for Tanks in Multiplayer8 Glory Moves

Unlock Fate of Atlantis

At the main menu, hold down Z and press: A,U,U,B,D,D,L,R,L,B

Unlockable Movies

Unlockable                                                            How to Unlock
Raiders of thr Lost Ark movie trailer3 Artifacts
Temple of Doom movie trailer10 Artifacts
The kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie trailer30 Artifacts
The Last Crusade movie trailer24 Artifacts

Unlockable Art

Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
Allies12 Artifacts
Co-op Levels(Wii Only)8 Artifacts
Cutting Room Floor36 Artifacts
Enemies22 Artifacts
Extras20 Artifacts
Istanbul28 Artifacts
Nepal26 Artifacts
Odin And Seabed32 Artifacts
Panama18 Artifacts
San Francisco14 Artifacts
Sudan2 Artifacts



Unlockable                  How to Unlock
Big Heads6 Artifacts
Han Solo (Wii Only)36 Artifacts
Henry Jones34 Artifacts
Tuxedo Indy16 Artifacts