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Black Ops 4 Golden Ammo – What Does Gold Ammo Do?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 golden ammo is a type of ammunition that has made its debut in Treyarch’s most recent installment of the popular Call of Duty franchise. However, gold ammo isn’t explained in great detail in the game. Here’s a guide on what golden ammo does and how to get golden ammo.

Black Ops 4 Golden Ammo – What Does Gold Ammo Do?

Although its name may suggest that there are combat benefits to using golden ammo, it doesn’t increase damage or fire rate. Golden ammo increases the amount of score a player earns from getting kills. While golden ammo is active, the score gained by a player is temporarily set to a multiplier.

Also, golden ammo is necessary for players to earn the “Pure Gold” medal. In order to get Pure Gold, players need to  “get 2 kills while golden ammo is active.” This is not particularly difficult, but the only way to get the medal is to use golden ammo.

Black Ops 4 Golden Ammo – How to Get Gold Ammo?

The only way for players to get golden ammo at present is to pick it up from Crash’s ammo bag. Golden ammo is an ability that Crash can use, so his bag is filled with plenty of gold ammo that is available for players to pick up.

Crash specialists can drop ammo bags which can then be picked up by their teammates, which contributes to Crash’s scorestreak on top of giving the player using the golden ammo bonus score. If you see a Crash main dropping an ammo bag, you can pick up golden ammo directly from it. That way, you’ll earn a lot more score, as well as giving your Crash teammates the ability to use powerful scorestreak rewards. Also, you’ll get yourself an easy medal in the form of the “Pure Gold” medal to boot.