Best Black Ops 4 Perks for Blackout

The best Black Ops 4 perks for Blackout might be hard to decipher because of how many there are how scattered they are. Blackout mode. As part of your loadout, you can take a number of Perks with you on to the field, but what are these Perks? What do they do? What are the best Black Ops 4 Perks available for Blackout mode? We’ll do our best to answer.

What are Perks in Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode?

Perks are consumable abilities that give you special bonuses for a limited amount of time. There are around 21 Perks in total in Black Ops 4 Blackout mode, all with a range of different bonuses and effects. They’re assigned in the Loadout menu, and you can have three selected at any one time, although Perks can only be assigned to a specific slot and cannot be stacked. While all are useful at the right time, there are clearly some that are more useful than others.

Best Black Ops 4 Perks for Blackout

While it’s debatable which of the Perks are truly “best” and it will certainly come down to player preference, here are our personal picks:

  • Awareness: makes enemies more noisy, which means it’s easier to find them. Useless at long-range, but vital once the circle closes in.
  • Dead Silence: the opposite of Awareness, makes your own player completely silent.
  • Consumer: the description dryly says that this Perk “reduces use time of health and consumable items by 50 percent,” but this one can save your life and can even be used during a combat encounter.
  • Stimulant: increases max HP by 100 for 180 seconds. A good all-purpose Perk, turns you into a Tank at key moments.
  • Mobility: one of the most useful since it gives you a range of abilities. Faster weapon swaps, quicker movement, no fall damage, fire and use equipment while sprinting, and move faster while reloading. This can be an absolute life-saver, and will undoubtedly prompt plenty of accusations that you’re cheating.