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How To Get the Horror Story Legendary in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2 is known for its loot: the guns, armor, Sparrows and ships. Bungie knows how to keep their players coming back for more. Yesterday the game’s Halloween event went live and, with it, a new legendary auto rifle for Guardians to work towards. However, it won’t be easy or fast. We’re here to give you some tips on how to get the Horror Story legendary in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Festival of the lost: Horror Story Specs

horror story in destiny 2 festival of the lost

So you want the Horror Story Auto Rifle. You want to destroy enemies all over the system with it. We get it. The only way to obtain the legendary weapon is by purchasing it for 120 Fragmented Souls from shipwright Amanda Holliday. Before we get into how best to snag those elusive souls, let’s break down what Horror Story is.

Horror Story is the festival’s exclusive legendary weapon. It’s an auto rifle with a 600 attack level and 10 masterwork level. It also has the following perks:

  • Precision Frame – This weapon’s recoil pattern is predictably more vertical
  • Red Dot Micro – Agile sight, short zoom; Increases range, increases handling speed
  • Flared Magwell – Optimized for fast reloading; Slightly increases stability, greatly increases reload speed
  • Zen Moment – Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability
  • Rampage – Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage; Stacks 3x
  • Tracker – Can either track the number of PvE enemies killed or the number of Crucible enemies killed

The 10 masterwork level gives it an insanely fast reload speed as well as the ability to generate Orbs on multikills. Horror Story can also be fitted with the weapon mod of your choosing. Toss on your favorite shader and it is very clear why this is the weapon to get.

This is not a gun to be scoffed at as it can mow down anyone who gets in your way. With the cost of 120 Fragmented Souls, it can be a bit of a grind to obtain so let’s jump into the best ways to get those souls.

Festival of the Lost: Bounties

bounties horror story in destiny 2 festival of the lost

As with any other bounty in Destiny 2, Festival of the Lost includes two different types of bounties: daily and weekly.

Completing daily bounties will net you one Fragmented Soul per bounty. Completing weekly bounties will get you 40 Fragmented Souls on top of seven Masterwork Cores and bonus catalyst progression. Finishing bounties is definitely a great way to earn Fragmented Souls but is limited as you only have so many you can do each day and week. That is where the Haunted Forest comes in.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: Haunted Forest and the Fragmented Souls

fragmented souls horror story in destiny 2 festival of the lost

Festival of the Lost includes a new, limited time mode called the Haunted Forest. It is a horde-esque challenge mode that tasks up to three players with destroying as many branches of enemies as possible within a 15 minute time period. At the end of each run, you are rewarded with Fragmented Souls. The amount of souls you receive increases based on how many branches you complete. Completing all seven branches of the Haunted Forest will give you the most Fragmented Souls.

You can replay the Haunted Forest again and again. It definitely can become a grind, but doing so is absolutely the fastest way to earn the 120 Fragmented Souls required to buy this beautiful legendary. Players can also kill two birds with one stone as many of the festival’s daily bounties tie directly into the forest. Also, the only way to level up your Festival of the Mask mods is by killing Nightmare’s within the Haunted Forest.

We have a nifty guide on how to survive the new challenge mode which you can check out by clicking here.

As of right now, these are the only ways to earn Fragmented Souls. While repeating the Haunted Forest can be a bit of a grind, it is the fastest way to snag those souls. Daily and weekly bounties break-up the repetition, giving variety on how to farm the souls.

Festival of the Lost will also include a new questline starting October 30. It’s unclear whether it will reward players with Fragmented Souls, but it can be repeated so it’s probably pretty safe to assume souls will play a role in the quest.

Now you have the info you need to farm those pesky Fragmented Souls and be one of the first to snag the Horror Story Auto Rifle. What are you waiting for? Get out there, kill some Nightmares, and reward yourself with one powerful auto rifle.