Madballs in Babo: Invasion PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

Unlockable                    How to Unlock
Babo HeroUnlock the Hero Ranks
Babo InvaderWin an 8+ player Invasion game
Babo MVPWin a 6+ player CTF game with the most points on your team
Babo Team-up!Host a 4-Player co-op game
First UnlockUnlock your first item
King BaboAchieve the top Hero Rank
Magmor Crush!Crush 100 enemies using Magmor's Colossus ability
Officer BaboUnlock the Officer Ranks
Pro BaboWin 5 games of Team Skirmish
Psycho BaboA fierce kill using every weapon
Super BaboFinish the campaign
Wise BaboFind all 50 secrets in the campaign