Is There a Football Manager 2019 Beta In-Game Editor?

With the beta dropping on Thursday, players have wondered if there is a Football Manager 2019 beta in-game editor present. For most Football Manager aficionados, this won’t matter as they immerse themselves in the actual game. For a select few who may want to change attributes, add their own original club, or make other changes, is there an in-game editor present in this year’s beta?

Football Manager 2019 Beta In-Game Editor – What is it?

As you can guess, the in-game editor allows players to make wholesale changes in the database. From giving your club a ton of cash, to adding new stadia, and much more inbetween, the in-game editor gives players free reign over what to change.

Most players tend to leave it well alone as it’s considered a form of cheating in the Football Manager community. For those who wish to alter certain aspects of the database, however, it is available to change things if you want.

Football Manager 2019 Beta In-Game Editor – Is it Available in the Beta?

Nope. Much like previous editions in Sports Interactive’s soccer franchise, the in-game editor is always absent during the beta. One user on the SI community forums – Joaodcneves7 – asked if the editor would be available in the beta version, but he was told that it wasn’t.

This is almost certainly down to the fact that bugs and other issues are present in the beta version, and Sports Interactive want to iron these out without having to deal with questions about editing databases. Editing the Football Manager 2019 beta database, and loading a new save based on any changes made, could cause huge problems as the game won’t understand what’s required of it. Sports Interactive have made the right call as per usual, and we can expect that the in-game editor will be present when the full game releases on November 2.