Football Manager 2019 World Transfers Glitch Fix

The Football Manager 2019 beta is happening right now, and there are plenty of bugs that need ironing out before release, including a Football Manager 2019 World Transfers glitch. The glitch is an annoying one, in which the World Transfers page goes blank after unticking a specific box. All those transfers you’ve already made and any that you might make disappear from the face of the Earth.

Football Manager 2019 World Transfers Glitch – What is it?

The World Transfers glitch is an oddly specific one, but if it happens to you, it can be very annoying. According to Dagenham_Dave’s post on the game’s official forum, it breaks the World Transfers page in-game, so you can’t see anything. “On the world transfer screen, when you untick the ‘all nations’ box which should let you tick individual countries, it breaks the screen and you can’t get the filters back.” It means you won’t be able to make any worldwide transfers in the game, as you can’t choose any of the filters.

Connected to this glitch is another, which makes the Transfers History page blank. Dagenham_Dave adds that “at the start of the game, if you go into each club’s transfer history it shows a list of transfers already made before the game starts. I’m a couple of weeks into preseason, and now when I check these screens, all the transfers have vanished.”

Football Manager 2019 World Transfers Glitch – How to Fix

Unfortunately, if you’re playing the Football Manager 2019 beta and have come across this glitch, there is nothing you can do. While this is disappointing, the game’s developers have noted the glitch and are working on a fix via a patch as I’m typing. The “all nations” glitch has been fixed and will be included in the game’s next patch. Hopefully, the next patch won’t be too far off, as these glitches can wildly effect the long-term potential of your save.