Football Manager 2019 Scouting Screen Glitch – How to Fix

More issues have been found within the Football Manager 2019 beta. A fairly common problem found recently is the Football Manager 2019 scouting screen glitch, which causes screens to lock up when the scouting center is clicked. Here’s our guide on how to potentially resolve the issue.

Football Manager 2019 Scouting Screen Glitch – What’s the Problem?

Some players have found a Football Manager 2019 scouting screen glitch bug that causes their screen to turn black, or completely lock up when navigating to the scouting center. One user on the Sports Interactive forums, matty11027, explained that the problem wasn’t just reserved for normal computer screens either. The problem seems to occur just as frequently on 4K monitors, and only seems to occur on the scouting center.

Football Manager 2019 Scouting Screen Glitch – How to Fix the Issue

Sports Interactive has been posting possible solutions to a myriad of bugs in the beta over the past five days, and there are a couple that may be relevant to this issue. Firstly, players may want to uninstall, and then reinstall, their graphics card drivers. The best way to find out how to do this is to head over to this thread, and follow the instructions on the screen. Depending on what graphic card drivers you have (Nvidia, Intel, or AMD), you’ll need to follow a different path to sort them out.

If the issue isn’t fixed, the next best option is to change the resolution or zoom setting in the “Preferences” tab. You can find this section from the main menu when you launch the game, or by the drop-down menu that is located under the “FM” logo in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can change the “Full Screen mode” to “Windowed mode” in the “Preferences” section. This reduces the number of pixels and processing power needed to keep the game ticking over, and should prevent the game from glitching out.