Tekken 6 FAQ/Move List


          ___________     __    __                     ________
          __    ___/___ |  | _|  | __ ____   ____    /  _____/
            |    |_/ __ |  |/ /  |/ // __  /      /   __  
            |    |  ___/|    <|    <  ___/|   |     |__  
            |____| ___  >__|_ __|_ ___  >___|  /  _____  /
                       /     /    /    /     /         /
              _____  BLOODLINE REBELLION __   __          __
             /        _______  __ ____ |  | |__| _______/  |_
            /   /   /  _   / // __ |  | |  |/  ___/   __
           /    Y    (  <_> )   /  ___/|  |_|  |___   |  |
           ____|__  /____/ _/  ___  >____/__/____  > |__|
                   /                 /             /

                   For Arcade, PS3, PSP and X360 Versions
                         Version 1.06 (13-Nov-2009)
                      by Catlord ([email protected])
          Latest movelist available at http://poorvin.com/tekken/

      This movelist was made to provide concise moves and a compact printout.
If I messed up, just E-Mail [email protected] with your corrections and/or
wisdom.  You also might be able to catch me at the #tekken IRC channel on
EFNet.  Thanks!

Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come
      out ugly as hell and not lined up..    1234567890

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===========We Now Continue to Your Regularly Scheduled Movelist=============



  v1.06  Updated/Fixed Armor King, Steve, Wang, Xiaoyu and Yoshimitsu.

  v1.05  Updated/Fixed Jin, Julia, Kazuya, King, Kuma/Panda, Lars, Law,
  -----     Lei, Leo, Lili, Marduk, Miguel, Nina, Paul, Raven, Ganryu,
            Bruce, Asuka and Roger Jr.,

  v1.04  Updated General Moves.  Updated/Fixed Lars, Alisa, Zafina, Lee,
  -----     Armor King, Baek, Bob, Bruce, Bryan, Christie/Eddy, Devil Jin,
            Dragunov, Feng, Ganryu, Heihachi, Hwoarang and Jack-6.


                     *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

                             |                | PS3 / PSP / X360 |
                             |     ARCADE     |       ___        |
         1 - Left Punch      |   ___    ___   |      /          |
         2 - Right Punch     |  /     /     |      | 2 |       |
         3 - Left Kick       |  | 1 |  | 2 |  |      ___/       |
         4 - Right Kick      |  ___/  ___/  |  ___       ___   |
                             |                | /        /     |
                             |   ___    ___   | | 1 |     | 4 |  |
                             |  /     /     | ___/     ___/  |
   It's very important to    |  | 3 |  | 4 |  |       ___        |
 become familiar with the    |  ___/  ___/  |      /          |
 numeric conventions of the  |                |      | 3 |       |
 buttons.                    |                |      ___/       |
                             |                |                  |

                     *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

f - tap forward once           d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once         d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once              u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once                u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward         D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back            D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down            U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up              U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched)
SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back)

                 *-*-*-LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed
: - Move Following the : has to be precision timed to execute (Just Frame)
# - Hold movement before the '#' until the end of string or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move while in a full-crouched position
WS - Do move While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
RN - While running (f,f,f or f,F#)
BT - Back turned towards opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA -   "           "     Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA -   "           "     Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution)
Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from a very close range)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output or stance name
() - Parenthesis is to group moves together for easier reading
{} - Curved brackets indicate the buttons needed to break a throw
. - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)
(B!) - BOUNDING RE-JUGGLE (Sample Juggles only)

                   *-*-*-ATTACK STATUS CONVENTIONS-*-*-*

*Juggles* - Move knocks opponent into the air, allowing for additional hits
*Stuns* - Opponent will be stunned after the move hits
*Parries* - Move will auto-negate an opponent's incoming attack
*Cancels* - Move can be stopped before execution
*Agaist Wall* - Move must be done with your back against a wall
*Unblockable* - Move cannot be blocked



    If an old character has a new move that they did not have in Tekken5
    Dark Ressurection, or if the command/properties for that move has
    changed, I've notated that move in CAPITAL LETTERS!


General Moves for Everyone
N                       Stand (Neutral Guard)
B                       High/Mid Guard, Walk Backward
D                       Low Guard, Crouch
F                       Walk Forward
f,f                     Dash Forward
b,b                     Dash Backward
(u,N)_(d,N)             Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS)
(u,U#)_(d,D#)           Axis Shifting Sidewalk (SW)
d/f                     Low Parry  *When Attacked by a Low/Special-Mid Hit*
1+2+3+4                 Ki Powerup  *Block Damage & Auto CH on hit*
f+2+4                   Right Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*
f+1+3                   Left Strike Reversal Escape  *When Being Reversed*

(u/b)_(u)_(u/f)         Low Jump
(U/B)_(U)_(U/F)         High Jump
  N+3                     Landing Mid Gutkick  *Stuns*
<jump>+(1_3_4)          Jumping Attack
(u_u/f)+2               Quick Pounce
(f,f,f)_(f,F#)           Run
  B                       Stop Running
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  3                       Flying Side Kick
  4                       Sliding Leg Sweep
  N                       Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance

Knockdown Recovery Moves (When On Ground FU/FT)
(1_2_3_4)               Tech Roll  *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground*
f                       Roll Forwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
                            *All except Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, and Lei*
b                       Roll Backwards
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f+1+2                   Flying Cross Chop
1_(d+1)                 Roll Out_(Roll In)
  N                       Stand Up
  D#                      Stay Lying Down
  3                       Rising Low Kick
  4                       Rising Mid Kick
  f                       Roll Forwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
  b                       Roll Backwards
    3                       Rising Low Kick
    4                       Rising Mid Kick
    1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
3                       Rising Low Kick
4                       Rising Mid Kick
d+4                     Ankle Kick           _
b+(4~3)_(3~4)           Fast Rising Kickup _|  *All except Hwoarang, Xiaoyu,
b+3+4                   Rising Kickup       |_  Marduk, and Lei*
f                       Handspring Kickup  *As soon as you hit the ground*
B                       Tumble Knockback Recovery
                          *After getting hit by a heavy tumbling attack*

      After a Rising Kickup, Yoshi, Paul, and Steve automatically go into
      a Flying Cross Chop. King and Christie recover in BK position after a
      Rising Kickup.

      Recovery moves are chained together as such:
      1,b,3 - Roll out, roll backwards, rising low sweep.


The Characters


(Front) 1+3                 Trigger Shuffle {1}
        2+4                 Backdoor {2}
          1+2                 [DES]
        u/f+1+2             Spam Bomb {1+2}
        FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2    Double Bull Shooting {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Compression {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Hat Trick {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Random Typing

1,1                         Stop Bit
1,2,2                       One-Two Coil Punch
d/f+1,1,2                   Cyclone Mixer, [DES]
d/f+1,4                     Cyclone Cracking
d/b+1                       Backup  *Leaves Alisa Crouching*
d/b+1~1                     Recovery Hook
b+1,1+2                     Find Gadget  *Juggles*
WS+1,2,3                    Spear Fishing  *Juggles*
  1+2                         [DES]
1+2                         Gigantic Hammer  *Juggles*
d+1+2                       Destory Form Stance [DES]
  ~D/B                        [DES] Cancel
f+1+2                       Overflow
f,f+1+2                     Worm Attack  *Juggles*
  2                           Hacking
WS+1+2                      Twist Slapper
  *Hold 1+2*                  Charged Slapper
FC,d/f+1+2                  Sad Hound
RN 1+2                      Blaster Double Knuckle
2,3,3                       Combination Downtime
2,3,4                       Combination Downlink
f+2,3,3                     Triple Session
d+2,4                       Deadlock
d/f+2                       Pickup  *Juggles*
d/b+2,2                     Daisy Chain
  1+2                         [DES]
b+2,1                       Trans-Hammer  *Bounds*
b+2,4                       Trans-Accelate Kick
f,f+2,3                     Jumper Switch
b,f+2                       Overload Knuckle
WS+2                        Snapshot  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, [DES]
RN 2                        Overload Knuckle
3,2                         Quick Access, [DES]
f+3,2                       Destory Access, [DES]
  1                           Overhead Swipe, [DES]
d/f+3,3                     Double Socket
d+3,3,3                     Triple Low Click
d/b+3                       Deep Link
b+3                         Spinning Top
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Cradle Kick
  2                           Cradle Star
  3+4                         Boot
  f+3+4                       Dual-Boot, [DES]
f,f+3,4                     Double Cut
  1+2                         [DES]
  4                           Cut Over
    1+2                         [DES]
WS+3                        Clockwork
  ~B                          Clockwork Cancel
  >3                          Spring Middle
  >d+3                        Spring Low
RN 3,4                      Linear Drop Kick
f+3+4                       Boot
  ~B                          Boot Cancel
  1,2,1,3+4                   Boot Rush
    1+2                         [DES]
  2                           Linear Elbow
  3                           Low Eject Slider
  4                           Upstream  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       Harpoon Sweep
  1+2                         [DES]
b+3+4                       Dynamic Range  *Juggles*
  3+4                         Double Ranger  *Juggles, Bounds*
u/b+3+4,1+2                 Docking Bay  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3+4                 Downstream
BT 3+4                      Chip Burner  *Juggles*
4                           Accelate Kick
f+4,4                       Reverse Kick Crush
d+4,1+2                     Optimizer
d/b+4                       Deep Wave
b+4,3                       Double Sledding  *Bounds*
  1+2                         [DES]
(u_u/f)+4,4                 Inbound Kick  *Juggles, Bounds*
f,f+4                       Sandbox
  (QCF_QCB)+1                 Sandbox Fury
SS+4,1+2                    Happy Propeller
BT 4                        Goody Hop
1+2+3                       Taunt 1
  ~B_D                        Taunt Cancel
  2#                          Sawblade Taunt
1+2+4                       Taunt 2
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Model Change Reversal  *Reverses High Attacks*
d/b+1~2                     Diagonal Rocket  *High Unblockable*
b,b+1+2                     Double Rocket Punch  *High Unblockable*
b+2+3                       Hangup  *Unblockable*
u/b+4,1,1,2,1,1,3+4,3,2,2   Tenstring
u~u/b                       Thruster Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Overhead Thruster  *Against Wall*

Destroy Form Stance - [DES] - d+1+2
d/b                         [DES] Cancel
1                           Shred Chipper
f+1                         Hertz Blade
d+1                         Low Hertz Blade Scud
d+2                         Clock Setting *Hold 2 to Increase Number of Hits*
1+2                         Marionette
f+1+2,1+2                   Hertz Blade Diablo
u/f+1+2                     Spindle Slashing  *Bounds*
  N+1+2                       [DES] Cancel
2                           Shred Upper  *Juggles*
f+2                         Hertz Blade Ageis
3_4                         Idling
(f+3+4)_(f,f)               Dual-Boot
  ~B                          Dual-Boot Cancel
  ~D                          Evasive Action
  1                           Blaster Left
  2                           Blaster Right
  1+2                         Blaster Drill
(b+3+4)_(b,b)_(u/b,b)       Thruster Backflip
(u_d)+3+4                   Evasive Action
BT 1_2                      Hertz Blade Flare

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
u+1+2                       Battle Torso

Sample Combos
f,f+1+2, d+1, WS+1,2, b+2,1 (B!), f+2,2,3 -=- 66 pts.
d/f+2, d/f+1,1, b+4,3 (B!), f+2,3,3 -=- 63 pts.
WS+2, 3+4~3, WS+4, b+2,1 (B!), d+4,1+2 -=- 71 pts.
b+3+4, f+2, f+1, b+4,3 (B!), f,f+2,3 -=- 68 pts.
DES 2, u/f+1+2 (B!), N+1+2~f+2,2,3  -=- 64 pts.



(Front) 1+3                       Ass Kicking {1}
2+4                       Hoe Slaps {2}
        u/f+1+2                   Overhead Neck Throw {1+2}
d/f,d/f+1                 Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
        QCF+1+2                   Palm Grab {1}
  3,4,3,1+2                 Reaping Arm Bar {1+2}
  1,3,2,1                   Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
    2,1,3,4,1+2               Falling Reverse Arm Lock {2}
    3,1,4,1+2,1+2             Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
    2,3,1+2,3+4,1+2           Gatelatch Throw {1}
  1+3,4,1+2                 Arm Sprain, Standing Cross Lock {2}
    4,3,4,3+4,1+2             Inverted Crucifix {1+2}
    1+2,4,3,1+2,1+2,1+2       Arm Break, Rear Cross Lock {1}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)               Embracing Throat Strike {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)               Snake Necksnap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)               Jumping Overhead Three Limb Break

1,4                      Highpunch, Lowkick
1,2,1                    Triple Stabs
  4                        Frost Needle  *Juggles*
  d+4                      Lowkick
1,2,3                    Double Stabs, Lowkick
(d/f_WS)+1,2             Uppercut Stabs
  3                        Radiant Arch
    ~B                       [CAT] Feint
  4                        Inside Crescent
(d+1~N+4)_(FC+2,4)       Midpunch, Frontkick
b+1,2,2                  Turing Slap, Wingstrike, Elbow
d/b+1                    SCARLET RAIN  *Bounds*
  1                        Foot Cutter  *Juggles on CH*
  4                        Dust Flicker  *Juggles*
FC,f+1                   Cat Thrust  *Stuns*
QCF+1                    Dashing Elbow  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+1>3                  Thrust, Snapkick  *Stuns on CH*
  3+4                      Rolling Knees
WS_f+1+2                 Orchid Palm
d/f+1+2                  Offensive Push
SS+1+2                   Spinning Slap, Uppercut *Juggles*
2,1                      Two Jabs
  4                        Snake Cannon  *Juggles*
  d+4                      Low Kick
2,3_(d+3)_4              Highpunch, Highkick_Lowkick_Roundhouse
b+2,2                    Bitchslaps  {Females can Reverse with 2}
d+2                      DESCENDING DAGGER PALM  *Bounds*
(d/f_WS)+2               Palm Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                     Leg Blade  *Juggles on CH*
f+2,3                    HOOK PUNCH, SPINNING KICK
f,f+2                    Spinning Layout Slap
QCF+2                    Crimson Arrow  *Stuns on CH*
FC,d/f+2                 Cold Blade  *Juggles*
FC,f+2                   Right Hand Stab  *Auto High/Mid Cancels*
f+2+3                    HIP CRASH
3,4                      2 Highkicks  *Stuns on CH*
b+3                      [CAT] Stance
SS+3                     REVOLVING AXE KICK  *Bounds*
WS+3                     RISING LEG
  ~B                       [CAT]
QCF+3,2                  SPINNING MID KICK, HIGH SLAP  *Stuns on CH*
d+3+4                    Groundstomp
u/f+3+4                  Pin Heel Stitch
(d_FC)+3,4_2             Lowkick, Highkick_Uppercut *Juggles*
d/f+3                    Sidekick
  >1,2                     Twin Punches
  >1~B                     PUNCH CANCEL, [CAT]
  >1,4>2                   Sidekick[s], Punch, Kick, Backhand
    U_D                      Sidestep Cancel
    1+2                      Orchid Palm
    3                        High Roundhouse
    u/f+3                    Flying Dagger Kick
    4                        Spinsweep
  >2                       Stab
    ~U_D                     Sidestep
    ~D/F                     CROUCHDASH
    1,4                      Stab, Snake Cannon  *Juggles*
    1,d+4                    Stab, Lowkick
    3                        Sidekick
    d+3                      Lowkick
    4                        Highkick
  >3,3                     Sidekicks
    1                        Flicker Snap
    4                        Highkick
d/b+3                    Shin Cutter  *Juggles*
d/b+3+4,3                CRUSH SWEEP, FLYING KICK
u/f+3                    Flying Dagger Kick
f,f+3                    Blaze Foot  *Juggles*
  4                        Stair Kick
    3                        Snap Foot
    b+3                      Snap Foot, [CAT]
4,3                      Highkick, Lowkick
b+4                      HOMING KICK
d/f+4                    Spinning Ankle Kick
f+4                      Hopping Thrustkick
FC,(u_u/f_u/b)+4         Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
U/B_U_U/F+4              Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,(U/U/F_U/B)+4         High Flipkick
u/f+4                    Jumpkick  *Juggles on CH*
  3                        Lowkick
    4                        Highkick
    (d_u)+4                  Sidestep Cancel
d/b+4                    Spider Sweep
  3                        Widow Sweep  *Juggles*
  4                        CATCH KICK  *Throws on Hit*
f,f+4                    Rolling Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~B                       [CAT]
d+4>1,[U_D]              Midkick, Spinchop, [Sidestep Cancel]
FC+4,1,[U_D]             Midkick, Spinchop, [Sidestep Cancel]
QCF+4                    Flying Heelthrusts
u~u/b                    Backflip
b,b~u/b                  Wall Backflip  *Against Wall*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)            Attack Reversal
d+1+2                    Bloody Scissors  *Unblockable*
d/b+1+2 [u,u]            Hunting Swan [Cancel]  *Unblockable - Juggles*
1_(BT 1)_(BT 2)212.(b+4)               Fivestring, [Cat Stance]
1_(BT 1)_(BT 2)    Elevenstring
1_(BT 1)_(BT 2)    Elevenstring
1_(BT 1)_(BT 2)        Tenstring

[CAT] Stance - b+3 : Auto Low Reverse & Auto Reverses Command and Multithrows
d/f                      CROUCHDASH
f,f                      CAT ROLL
  3                        Rolling Thrust Kick
  4                        FROST NEEDLE  *Juggles*
1                        Flicker Snap
1+2                      OFFENSIVE PUSH
2,1                      Double Rapier
2+3                      HIP CRASH
3                        Forward Stab Kick
d/b+3,3                  CRUSH ANKLE KICK, HIGH KICK
4                        Heel Sweep
u/b_u+4                  SNAP FOOT
u/f+4                    LIFTING SNAP FOOT  *Juggles*

Item Moves
b+1+2+3                  NAGINATA
1+3+4                    BAZOOKA

Sample Combos
d/f+2, d/f+3,2~d~3 (B!), {u/f+1},3,3+4 -=- 58 pts.
U/F+4, d/f+1, d/f+3,2, d+2 (B!), f,f+3,4,3 -=- 67 pts.
CH QCF+1, QCF+1, 1,2, d+2 (B!), d/b+3+4,4 -=- 77 pts.
f,f+3, d/f+3,2~d~3 (B!), d/f+3,2~d/f,2 -=- 63
d/b+3, d+4,1, d+2 (B!), f,f, d/f+3,2~d/f,1 - 63 pts.



(Front) 1+3                     Coconut Crush {1}
        2+4                     Brain Buster {2}
          d,d+1+2                 Steiner Screwdriver
        d/b,d/b+1+2             DDT {1+2}
        QCB+1+2                 HADES DROP {1+2}
        f,HCT+1                 Armlock Swing {1} *Tech Roll - 1/2 damage*
        FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2        Armor King Driver {1+2}
        d/f+2+3                 TRIPLE HEADBUTT {2}
        d/b,f+2+4               Tombstone Piledriver {2}
        RN_(f,f,f)+2+4          Shining Wizard {1+2}
        d+1+3                   Scoop Driver {1} *Opponent Must Duck*
        d+2+4                   Hopping Leglock {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
        f,N,d,d/f+(1+4)_(2+3)   Choke Sleeper {1+2}
          2+4,1+2,1+2             Full Nelson Suplex {1}
          3+4,3+4,1+2             Waist Lock Sleeper {2}
            3,4,1+2,3+4             Leg Stretch Muffler {2}
            1,1,1+2                 Triple Backmounted Head Punches {1}
          2,1,1+2                 Headlock Flip {1+2}
            3+4,2,1,1,1+2           Mounted Donkey Punches {2}
            4,3,3+4,1+2             Choke Cracker {2}

(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse Death Valley Bomb {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)             Vertical Reverse DDT {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse DDT
(Air)   f,HCF+1                 Muscle Driver
        f,f,f+2+4               Running Cross Bomb

Ground Throws
FU/FT d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       SEESAW WHIP {1_2}
FU/FT d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       ENZUI KNEE {1_2}
FD/FT d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       STANDING HEEL HOLD {1_2}
FD/FA d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       WAKE UP LARIAT {1_2}
Side Approach - Face Down
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Back Mount Position {1_2}
    1,2,1,(2,1)_(1,2)         Rabbit Smashes
    2,1,2,(2,1)_(1,2)         Rabbit Smashes
Side Approach - Face Up
  d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Flip over {1_2}

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  1                           FINAL PUNCH
d/f+1                       Lever Crack
b+1                         Black Jab  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           HELL STAB
d+1~(N+4)                   Ducking Jab, Rising Knee
WS+1                        European Uppercut  *Stuns - BT Opponent on CH*
u/b+1                       Horizontal Chop
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Clothesline Rush
1+2                         Rising Forearm
  2                           Darkness Cyclone  *Juggles on CH*
  4                           BUZZSAW BOOT
FC+1+2                      Ultimate Tackle
f+1+2                       DARK BOMB  *Bounds - Parries Punches*
f,f+1+2                     Flying Elbow
d+1+2                       Elbow Drop
b+1+2                       Offensive Shove
d/f+1+2                     BLADE SPIN
d/b+1+2                     HEADBUTT STOMP  *Bounds*
b+1+4                       Straight Arrow
f+1+4                       Dark Shoulder
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles on CH*
u/f,N+1+2                   Jump-In Knuckle Bomb
2,1                         Punch, Uppercut
f+2,1                       Black Elbow Hooks
b+2,1,2                     PUNCH TORNADO
d+2                         HAMMER FIST  *Bounds*
d/b+2,3                     LONG POKE, KICKER
d/f+2                       GUT PUNCH  *Bounds*
FC,d/f+2                    Dark Backhand  *Stuns*
f,f+2                       Middle Smash
SS+2                        Side Uppercut
  1                           DEATH SANDWICH  *Juggles - Bounds*
WS+2                        Hell Piercing  *Stuns on CH*
f,f,N+2                     Nugget Smash  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Dark Upper  *Juggles*
(U/B_U_U/F)+2+4             Elbow Drop
BT 3                        Vitals Strike  *Stuns*
d+3                         LOW SHIN STOMP KICK
b+3                         Back Thrust Kick
f+3,4,3                     Kick Tornado
f,f+3                       Blind Snapkick
d/b+3                       Water Sweep
3+4                         Back Somersault, (BT)
  1                           Rolling Body Press  *If Misses, FD/FT*
  2                           Flying Forearm
d/f+3+4                     Frankensteiner *Throw on Close Standing Hit*
SS+3+4                      Mini Spinning Headboot
f,f+3+4                     Drop Kick
RN+3+4                      Satellite Drop Kick
u/f+3+4                     Double Knee Drop
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)_(WR+4)   Ali Kick
  3                           JAIL KICK
u/f,N+3+4                   Hopping Ali Kick
  3                           JAIL KICK
BT 3+4                      EVASION SOMERSAULT
BT 4                        Turning Savate
d+4,4,4                     TRIPLE STOMPDOWN  *Opponent must be Fallen*
SS+4                        Buzzsaw Kick
f+4                         Axe Stomp
f,f+4                       Jail Kick
b+4,3                       Switch Kick Tornado
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Dropping Shin Kick  *If Misses, FD/FT*
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Jumping Knee
RN 4                        SHADOW SLIDE
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Splash  *Against Wall*

d+(1+4)_(2+3)               Shadow Step  *Parries Low Kicks/Punches*
  1+2                         SHADOW TACKLE
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               PUNCH REVERSAL  *Reverses High/Mid Punches*

u/f+1+2~D                   Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
u/f,N+1+2~D                 Hopping Super Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
u/f,N+1+4                   Hopping Moonsault Drop  *Unblockable*
1+2+3+4                     Armor Charge-Up
  :QCF+1                      Fireball  *Unblockable*
  :f,N,d/f                    Sparking Upper  *Juggles*
BT 1+4                      Moonsault Drop  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,d/f+1+2               Green Mist  *Unblockable*
b+2+3                       Dark Venus  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,D/F+3                 Darkness Kick  *Unblockable*

d/f+    Tenstring
d/f+            Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
2+3+4                       EMPTY BOTTLE

Sample Combos
CH b+1, d+2 (B!), 3+4, f+1+4 -=- 49 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+2, f,N,d,d/f+2, 1, f+1+2 (B!), d/f+1, f+2,1 -=- 71 pts.
Low Parry, d/f+1, d/f+1, f,HCF+1 -=- 33 pts.
u/f+4, 1+2,2, d+2 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, b+3 -=- 55 pts.
SS+2,1 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, d/f+1, f+2,1 -=- 58 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Arm Trap {1}
        2+4                 Serpent Twist {2}
        d/f+2+3             Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
        b+1+2               Spinning Arm Whip {2}
        d/b+1+2             Snare Grab  *Draws Opponent Closer - Can't Duck*
        FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2    Dirt Eater Airtoss  *Juggles*
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Cloud Taste {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Wind Wheel {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Angler Drop

1                           Highpunch
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                          Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    4                          Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
1,2                         1-2 Punches
  3# [B to cancel]            Spinning Heel Drop *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*
  4                           Snapkick  *Stuns on CH*
1,3                         Highpunch, Shin Lowkick
1,4                         Highpunch, Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
b+1                         Sparrow Trap  *Throws on CH*
d/b+1                       Tsubame Return
  2                           TOE PUNCH
WS+1                        Sparrow Gut Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           EXTENSION KICK
f+1,4                       Screw Punch, Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
d/f+1,2                     Uppercut, Hunter's Trap  *Throws on Hit*
d/f+1+2                     Dodging Strikes  *Auto Low Parry*
1+2                         Double Palm  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       Blade Elbow
d+1+2                       TOE PUNCH
WS+1+2                      SPINNING MID PUNCH
  ~D                          MID PUNCH CANCEL
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Tame Powerup
  ~D/F+3+4,3+4,1+2            Ultimate Tackle  *Precision Timing*
1+4                         White Heron
  (F+3)# [B to cancel]        SPINNING HEEL  *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*
b+1+4                       Black Heron
  3                           Mule Sweep
  4                           Mist Roundhouse
2                           HIGH PUNCH
  1,1+2                       ROBIN FISTS  *Bounds*
    ~B                          ROBIN CANCEL
  3                           SWING KICK
d+2                         HEAVEN'S HAMMER  *Bounds*
d/f+2                       Sparrow Uppercut  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+2                    Sweeping Sparrow
d/b+2                       Rock Shooter  *Juggles*
f+2                         Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
  d_d/b                       Uppercut Cancel
f,f+2                       HUNTER'S TRAP  *Throws on Hit*
b+2                         Driving Arrow
  1                           Screw Punch
    3                           Front Kick  *Front Kick Strings*
    4                           Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    d+4                         Power Tailsweep
  >1+2                        Spinning Nest
    4                           Lotus Bloom
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
SS+2                        MIST PALM
2+3                         Sparrow Piroette  *Parries High Punches*
d/f+3                       Long Thrustkick
3,1                         MIDKICK, TSUBAME RETURN
b+3                         Backflip
  2                           Dashing Uppercut  *Juggles*
    d_d/b                       Uppercut Cancel
  4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter Strings*
3~4                         Power Tailsweep
f,f+3                       DASHING SPIN MID KICK
WS+3                        Cartwheel Kickup  *Juggles*
u/f+3                       Leaping Jumpkick
d/b+3                       Backspinning Sweep
(RN 3)_(u/b,b,N+3)          RUNNING JUMPKICK
3+4                         Cartwheel Kick
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
(FC_WS)+3+4,3+4             Cartwheel Helicopter
f+4                         Hard Roundhouse
f,f+4                       Leaping Roundhouse
b+4                         Knee Rush  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           TSUWABUKI  *Bounds*
d/f+4                       Mid Frontkick
SS+4                        Reverse Boomerang
u/f+4                       Right Hopkick  *Juggles*
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Downwards Punch  *Against Wall*

f+1,3                       Front Kick String
  1                           High Punch
    2                           Uppercut
    1,3                         Screw Punch, Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
    1,4                         Screw Punch, Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    3                           Shin Lowkick
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*

1+4,2                       White Heron String
  4                           Lightning Crescent
  d+4                         Sweep Kick  *Juggles*
  1                           Punch
    1,3                         Screw Punch, Front Kick  *Front Kick strings*
    1,4                         Screw Punch, Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
    2,4                         Punch, Snapkick
    3                           Shin Lowkick
    4                           Leg Cutter  *Leg Cutter strings*

d/b+4                       Leg Cutter String
  [4],[4]                     [Double/Triple Leg Cutters]
    3                           HERON CANNON  *Juggles*
    1+4                         White Heron  *White Heron strings*

b+1+3                       High/Mid Attack Reversal
  1+3#                        EXTENDED REVERSAL

(F+3)# [B to cancel]        Spinning Heel Drop  *Unblockable after 3rd Spin*

(WS)+     Tenstring
(WS)+   Tenstring
(WS)+                      Fourstring

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
1+2+3                       SACRED BOW

Sample Combos
d/f+2, b+2,1,3, d+2 (B!), b+4,2 -=- 60 pts.
1+2, 1+4, 2,1,1+2 (B!), d/b+4,3 -=- 65 pts.
f+2, u/f+3, 2,1, d+2 (B!), d/b+4,3 -=- 66 pts.
Low Parry, d/f+1, 2,1, 2,1,1+2 -=- 34 pts.
WS+3, 2,1,1+2 (B!), b+2,1+2,4 -=- 58 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Hammer Head {1}
        2+4                 Blue Shark Claw {2}
        d/b+1+3             Swordfish Catch {1+2}
        f,f+2               Cobra Bite {2}
        f+2+3               Cannonball {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Snake Revenge {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Hunting Serpent {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Triple Pain
(Air)   d/f+3+4             HAWK'S TALONS

1,1                         Double Punches
[1,2,]3,3,3                 [1-2 Punches,] Butterfly Kicks
  4                           Monarch Kick  *Stuns*
  d+4                         Butterfly Needle
[1,2,]3,4>3                 [1-2 Punches,] Break Blade  *Juggles*
[1,2,]3,3,4>4               [1-2 Punches,] Black Widow
  >3                          Widow's Bite  *Stuns on CH*
    f_b                         Widow Cancel, [Flamingo]
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
1,2,3~f                     1-2 Punches, [FLA]
b+1                         STEALTH NEEDLE  *Bounds*
d+1>4                       RAISE HAMMER, TRICK KICK
(d/f_WS)+1,3                MID SLUG, SLAPKICK, [FLA]
d/b+1                       DUCKING JAB
1+2                         Skull Crush
  4                           Heel Axe  *Juggles on CH*
2,2                         Mantis Backhand Spin
2,3~f_b                     JAB, [FLA]
b+2                         Bolt Cut
b,b+2                       Backhand Spin  *Stuns on CH*
f+2>1                       Mantis Rush
  >2                          Mantis Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  >4                          MANTIS LOWKICK
d+2                         Board Splitter
d/f+2                       UPPERCUT  *Juggles Standing Opponent*
d/b+2                       STOMACH BLASTER  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       BONE STAGGER  *Bounds*
WS+2,1                      RISING FISTS
f+3,3                       Trident Rush
  2                           Forked Punch  *Stuns on CH*
f,f,N+3                     Spinning Lift  *Stuns*
d/f+3                       Claymore  *Stuns on CH*
  f_d                         Claymore Cancel, [FLA]
  4                           Double Claymore
d/b+3,3                     Sandstorm Kicks
WS+3,4>4                    Heat Destruction
  >3                          Widow's Bite  *Stuns on CH*
    f_b                         Widow Cancel, [Flamingo]
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
WS+3,3>4                    Wave Needle  *Juggles*
b+3                         Flamingo Stance - [FLA]
f,f+3                       Heel Hunter  *Juggles*
u/f,N                       Baek Hop
  3,4                         Trick Smash
  3,d+4>3                     Starlight Blade  *Juggles*
  3,3,3                       Butterfly Kicks
    4                           Monarch Kick  *Stuns*
    d+4                         Butterfly Needle
  3,3,4>4                     Black Widow
    >3                          Widow's Bite  *Stuns on CH*
      f_b                         Widow Cancel, [FLA]
    >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Wing Blade  *Juggles*
FC_d+3,3                    Snake Creep
  N+3                         Snake Blade  *Juggles*
  d+3                         Snake Bite
SS+3                        LOW SLIDER
3+4,[f_b]                   Flashing Halbred, [FLA]
d/f+3+4                     HAWK'S TALONS  *Throws Airborne Opponent*
4,4                         Facekick, Axe Snap
f+4                         Heel Snap
  >3                          Heel Knife  *Stuns on CH*
    f_b                         Knife Cancel, [FLA]
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
WS+4>4>3,[f_b]              Albatross
  f_b                         Albatross Cancel, [FLA]
WS+4>4                      Axekicks
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
b+4                         Heel Lance  *Juggles*
u+4                         Concussion Kick  *Stuns*
  3                           Twisting Face Kick  *Juggles*
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
u/b+4                       FADING KICK
d/b+4                       Cobra Sweep  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Hammer Heel
u/f+3,4,3                   HUNTING HAWK  *Juggles, Bounds*
FC_d+4,3,3>3                Peck Rash
  f_b                         Peck Cancel, [FLA]
FC_d+4,3,3,D+3              Peck Needle
b,b~u/b                     Walljump Punch  *Against Wall*
b+1+2                       Mid/High Punch Parry
  3                           KICK RETRIBUTION  *After Successful Parry*
d/b+3+4                     Heel Explosion  *Unblockable*
  b,b                         Explosion Cancel, [FLA]
b,b+3+4                     Hurricane Explosion  *Unblockable*
434.            Tenstring           Tenstring

Flamingo Stance - [FLA] - b+3
f_b                         Flamingo Step
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep
1,2,3,3,3                   1-2 Punches, Butterfly Kicks
  4                           Monarch Kick  *Stuns*
  d+4                         Butterfly Needle
1,2,3,4>3                   1-2 Punches, Break Blade  *Juggles*
1,2,3,3,4>4                 1-2 Punches, Black Widow
  >3                          Widow's Bite  *Stuns on CH*
    f_b                         Widow Cancel, [FLA]
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
1,2,3~f                     1-2 Punches, [FLA]
b+1                         STEALTH NEEDLE  *Bounds*
d/f+1,3                     MID SLUG, SLAPKICK, [FLA]
1+2                         Skull Crush
  4                           Heel Axe  *Juggles on CH*
f+2>1                       Mantis Rush
  >2                          Mantis Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  >4                          MANTIS LOWKICK
d+2                         Board Splitter  *Juggles*
3,3,4                       Flamingo Wave Needle
3,4>4                       Flamingo Python
  3                           Flamingo Destruction  *Stuns on CH*
    f_b                         Destruction Cancel, [FLA]
  >4                          Grey Snake Lowkick  *Juggles on CH*
b+3                         HEEL HUNTER  *Bounds*
f+3                         Gutbuster Kick
d+3,3                       Snake Creep
  N+3                         Snake Blade  *Juggles*
  d+3                         Snake Bite
d/f+3                       Claymore  *Stuns on CH*
  f_d                         Claymore Cancel, [FLA]
  4                           Double Claymore
d/b+3,3                     Sandstorm Kicks
*Hold 3*, 4,[f_b]           Flashing Halbred, [FLA]
d/f+3+4                     HAWK'S TALONS  *Throws Airborne Opponent*
b+4                         Heel Lance  *Juggles*
4>4                         Axe Kicks
f+4                         Spinning High Roundhouse
d/b+4                       Cobra Sweep  *Juggles*
434.            Tenstring           Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+4                       GENTS VEST STYLE

Sample Combos
d/f+2, *Hold 3*, 4~F, N+4~F, N+4~F, N+4 -=- 50 pts.
u/f+3,4,3 (B!), f,f, d/b+3,3~f, 1,2,3~f, 1+2,4 -=- 55 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+3, u/f+3,4,3 (B!), f,f, d/b+3,3~f, 1,2,3~f, d/f+3+4 -=- 83 pts.
d/b+2, d/b+3,3~f, 1,2,3~f, b+3 (B!), d/f+3,4 -=- 55 pts.
u/f+4, 2,3~b, N+2,3~b, N+2,3~b, N+2,3~b, N+2,3~b, b+3 (B!), d/b+4 -=- 52 pts


| BOB |

(Front) 1+3                  Quarter Deck {1}
        2+4                  Cooler Shaker {2}
        f,f+1+2              Flying Cask {1+2}  *Juggles*
        FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2     Sparkling Death {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Corkscrew {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)          Eye Opener {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Deglacer Throw

1,1,2                        Straight Rondel
1,2                          1-2 Punches
  1+2                          Fast Break
1,3,3                        Course Picante
1,4                          Course Sarat
1,d+4                        Course Achuto
d+1                          Coupe Chop
b+1,2                        Ravenous
b,f+1                        Hot Cross Bun
d/f+1,2                      Escalope Elbows  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+1                  Langue Washer  *Juggles*
WS+1                         Rising Butcher
  2                            Cross Butcher
  3                            Hot Guimauve
1+2                          Hammer Handle  *Bounds*
  B                            Roll Back
  1+2                          Hammer Upper
f+1+2                        Belly Bump
b+1+2,1,2                    Three Star Combo
d+1+2,1,2,1                  Apicius Special
u+1+2                        Egg Bound
  1                            Hatching Punch
d/f+1+2                      Overpound
u/f+1+2                      Pound Cake
  1                            Cake Icing  *Bounds*
  1+2                          Cracker Jack
d/b+1+2                      Snipe Liftpalm  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+1+2                Granchi Cannon
WS+1+2                       Rising Matzo  *Juggles*
SS+1+2                       Banh Mi Strike
2,1,2                        Grande Shooter
d+2                          Combo Chop
  1,2,2                        Doom Gut Palm Combo
  3                            Spinning Knee
  4                            Goofy Kick
f+2,3                        Circle Whopper
f,f+2                        Zip Cutter
b+2,2,4,4                    Combination Bitter
d/f+2                        Slash Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+2                        Bite Uppercut
FC,d/f+2                     Fritter Punch
  1,1+2                        Polpo Swing
  4,1+2                        Seppia Swing
f,N,d,d/f+2                  Thunder Goof Fist  *Juggles*
WS+2                         Spinach Rinse
  1                            Spinach Upper  *Juggles*
  2                            Spinach Hammer  *Bounds*
BT d+2                       Plague Kick
3,4                          Croque Monsieur
f+3,4                        Merguez Kick Combo
f,f+3                        Jumping Beans
b+3                          Swingfoot  *Stuns on CH*
d+3,4                        Panini Sweep
d/f+3                        Gaufrette
  1,1                          Gaufrette Cutter
  2                            Gaufrette Punch
  4,4                          Gaufrette Kicks
d/b+3                        Liaison Spike
u/f+3                        Beat Jumpkick  *Juggles*
u/b+3                        Reverse Duck Flip
f,N,d,d/f+3,2                Gambero Knee Spiker  *Bounds*
WS+3,3+4                     Brioche Star
RN 3                         Perfect Smash
d+3+4                        Duck Flip
b+3+4                        Backward Roll
f+3+4                        Forward Roll
  1                            Lyonnaise Break
  2                            Galette Slicer
  3                            Snail Kick
  3+4                          Perfect Press
  4                            Stealing Home  *Juggles*
f,f+3+4                      Huitres Crush
u+3+4,4                      Rotisserie
d/f+3+4,4                    Runner Flip
d/b+3+4,4                    Huile Slip
u/f+3+4,4                    Hunting Hawk
RN 3+4                       Rolly Poly
4                            Standing Bob Kick  *Juggles on CH*
  3,3+4                        Sandwich Stomp
d+4,3,4                      Tornado Mixer
f+4                          Spinning Linguine  *Throws on CH*
f,f+4,4                      Double Chapati
b+4,1                        Pretzel Crush  *Bounds*
b,b+4                        Langouste Tail
d/b+4,4                      Contorno Kicks
  3,3                          Dual Midkicks
  4                            Lowkick
(u_u/f)+4                    Faisan Crow
f,N,d,d/f+4                  Apres Sweep
  1+2                          Cutting Coppa
1+2+3+4~4                    Sucre Tile
b,b~u/b                      Wall Backflip  *Against Wall*

b,b+2+3                      Quick Langouste  *Unblockable*
b,b+3+4                      Great Langouste
  ~B                           Cancel
  2                            Feint Knuckle

u/f+2,3,3+4,4                Fivestring
u/f+2,1,2,2,1,1+2,3,1,2,3+4  Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
*Auto*                      CHEF HAT  *Automatically triggers in Rage mode*

Sample Combos
f,N,d,d/f+1, f,f, d+2,3, 2, u/f+1+2,1 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, b+1+2 -=- 76 pts.
WS+2,1, 1 u/f+1+2,1 (B!), d/f+3,2 -=- 63 pts.
f,f+1+2, u/f+1+2,1 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, d+2,3, b+1+2 -=- 49 pts.
u/f+3, d/f+1, d/f+1, d/f+1, b+4,1 (B!), f,f, d+2,3 -=- 70 pts.
f+3+4,4, WS+2,1, u/f+1+2,1 (B!), d/f+1+2 -=- 56 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Knee Bash {1}
        2+4                 Rib Crusher {2}
        f,N,d,d/f+1+2+4     Embracing Knee {1+2}
          1+2,1+2,1+2         Tumbleweed
          (3_4),1+2+3         Left Knee Strike {2}
            1,3,1+2+4           Turning Knee
              2,4,1,1+2+3         Rising Knee
        f,N,d,d/f+2+3       Position Changer
          3+4,3+4             Turning Knee
          4,3,4,1+2+3         Fury Knees
        f,f+3+4             ANNIHILATOR {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Head Breaker {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Face Breaker {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Neck Toss

1,2,1,2                     Bruce Rush
[1],2,                      [Jab], Punch
  3                           Midkick
  4                           FRONTKICK, [MTS]
  d+4>3                       Sweepkick, Highkick
1,4,3                       Southern Cross
b+1,2>1                     ELBOW RUSH
u/f+1                       Elbow Bomb
WS+1                        QUICK UPPER
FC,d/f,d,d/f+1              Tornado Uppercut
f,N,d,d/f+1                 TORNADO
  2                           LOPBURI
  4                           BLASTING KNEE
u/f+1+2                     BOMB DROP
f+1+2                       Spinning Slice Elbow
f,f+1+2                     SPINNING DESCENT ELBOW
d/f+1                       KIDNEY BUSTER
  2                           ELBOW SMASH  *Bounds*
    1>4                         LEFT HOOK, RIGHT KNEE  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           KNEE CAPPER
  4~4                         CRUMPLE KNEE  *Stuns*
2,4                         JAB, KICK, [MTS]
f+2,4                       RIGHT HOOK, ROUNDHOUSE
d/f+2                       Elbow Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 SKY UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
b+2                         Elbow Bomb  *Stuns on CH*
d+2                         GUILLOTINE ELBOW  *Bounds*
f+2,3                       FANG RUSH
f,f+2                       Nightmare Mach Punch  *Reverses Punches*
d/b+2,1,4                   THAI RUSH
WS+2,1                      Rising Elbow, Left Hook
3                           Push Kick
  2                           GATLING COMBO  *Stuns on CH*
    ~f                          CROUCHDASH
3>3                         STEP-IN KICK, FACEKICK
f+3,1                       THRUSTER KNEE, LEFT LIFT  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+3                       Slice Kick
d+3                         Low Fang
  4                           Fang Rush
  4~f                         HAMMER KNEE  *Stuns*
b+3                         Frontkick  *2 Hits on CH*
  4                           Knee  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           Right Punch
d/f+3,1                     Spinsweep, Tornado Uppercut
d/b+3                       Sway Lowkick
u/f+3                       Knee Eater
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Dashing Hard Lowkick
3+4                         HAYMAKER KICK
f+3+4                       BLASTING KNEE  *Stuns on CH*
d+3+4                       ANJANEYA  *Bounds*
d/f+3+4,3,3,3,3             Maching Knees
d/b+3+4                     NIGHTMARE SWEEP  *Juggles on CH*
b,b,N+3+4,4                 Handspring Backflip, Bazooka Leg
f,N,d,d/f+3+4               HYPER KNEE
  3+4                         KNEE BLASTER
4                           Head Kick  *Juggles on CH*
4~f                         Hammer Knee  *Stuns*
f+4,3,4                     PROMINANCE RUSH, [MTS]
b+4,3                       Cheese Knees
  4                           Lunge Knee
  d+4                         Low Kicker
  d+4~4                       CRUMPLE KNEE  *Stuns*
b,f+4                       Rising Knee  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Bazooka Leg
d/f+4                       TRIDENT KICK, [MTS]
d/b+4                       Sway Highkick  *Stuns on CH*
FC,d/f+4                    AMPUTATION LOW
SS+4                        Bull Kick
  1                           Left Hook
  4                           Double Bull
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Wallkick  *Against Wall*
b+2+3                       Sidewinder  *Unblockable*          Tenstring           Tenstring

Muay Thai Stance - [MTS]
1>4                         SPINNING ELBOW, BLASTING KNEE
f+1                         CHARGE ELBOW  *Bounds - Stuns on CH*
2                           THAI JAB  *Stuns on CH*
3                           POUNCING KNEE
4                           THAI SWEEP

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       DOWN VEST

Sample Combos
d/f+2, f+4,3,4, [MTS] f+1 (B!), d/f+1,2 -=- 59 pts.
u/f+4, 1,2, d/f+1,2 (B!), f,f, 3,2~f+1, f+2,4 -=- 55 pts.
b,f+4, f+3,1, d/f+4, [MTS] f+1 (B!), b+4,3 -=- 72 pts.
4~f, f+3,1, d/f+4, [MTS] f+1 (B!), d/f+1,2 -=- 68 pts.
CH b+2, b+4,3, 1, b+4,3,4 -=- 76 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Dropping Throat Breaker {1}
        2+4                 Falling Brain Blaster {2}
        f,f+1+2             Snake Mixer
        FC,d/f,d/f+1+2      Chains of Misery {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Free Fall {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Knee Blast {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Hummer Throw

1,2                         1-2 Punch
  1                           Mid Blow  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Kick
  4                           High Arc Kick
b+1                         DOWNWARDS SMASH  *Bounds - Juggles on CH*
b+1>2>1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,4     Momentum Death
d/f+1,2                     Piston Combo
D/F#+1,1,1,1                PISTON PUNCHES
SS+1                        Devil's Claw
SS+1~2                      Phantom's Claw  *Stuns on CH*
QCF_WS+1                    Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
1,4,3,3                     Southern Cross
1,4>2                       Atomic Combo
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Backfist
  >1                          Backfist  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK
  4                           JUMPING MIDKICK
1+2                         SNAKE PIT  *Opponent BT on Hit*
  2                           PIT VIPER
(FC_d)+1+2                  LEANING SLUG
  ~2                          SIDE HUMMER *Juggles*
  3                           LOWKICK
  ~f                          CROUCHDASH CANCEL
f+1+2                       Spinning Elbow
QCF_WS+1+2                  Small Uppercut
b+2                         Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  ~f+1                        Fakeout Elbow  *Stuns*
  >1                          Backhand  *Stuns*
    ~u_d                        Sidestep Feint
    >2                          Mach Punch
    >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK
  >4                          JUMPING MIDKICK
d/f+2,1                     MID ELBOW, HIGH PUNCH
d+2                         Downwards Bomb
  >3                          Python Knee
f,b+2                       Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Stomach Hook
QCB,2,4                     BACKDASH SMASH, ARC KICK
QCF_WS+2                    Gutpunch
  b_f+2                       Slam Throw  *If Gutpunch Connects - Juggles*
SS+2                        Side Hummer
  3                           LOW SWEEP  *Juggles*
f+2,1,4                     Stomach Combo
f,f+2                       Mach Punch
3,3                         Midkick, Highkick
  2                           Jet Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Facekick
d+3,2                       CROUNCH ANKLE KICK, RIGHT HOOK
b+3                         Stopping Kick
  1+2                         OVERHEAD BOMB  *Bounds*
  4                           Knee
  2,1                         2 Punches
    2                           Mid Hook
    4                           Low Kick
f+3                         Lifting Left Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                       Slash Kick
f,f+3 *Hold Down 3*         Delayed Power Slash Kick
3,2,1                       Gatling Combo
  2                           Mid Hook
  4                           Low Kick
QCF_WS+3                    Rising Knee  *Stuns On CH*
  4                           Crushing Knee
QCB+3                       SWAYBACK LOWKICK
d/f+3                       Snake Edge  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3                   Rolling Driver
d/f+4                       Spinkick
d+3+4                       Side Low Kick
  2                           SIDESWIPE MID
3+4                         KIDNEY KICK  *Stuns on CH*
QCF_WS+3+4                  Quick Spinkick
4,3,4                       Running Blind
b+4                         Lifting Right Knee
(u_u/f)+4                   Overhead Boot  *Juggles*
u/f~N+4                     Hopkick  *Juggles*
f+4                         RANGED FRONTKICK  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+4                       Downward Arc Kick
QCF+4                       SPINNING KICK
  1,2                         DOOM KNUCKLES
  1,4                         KNUCKLE, JUMPING MIDKICK
QCB,4                       Swayking Kickoff  *Juggles*
b,b+4                       Flipping Ankle Drop
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick *Against Wall*

1+3+4                       Knee Taunt
  f,f+2                       Omen Mach Breaker
  f+2,1,4,2,1,4,2             Fury Combo

b+1+2~2                     High/Mid Punch Parry, Retaliation Punch

b+1+4                       Super Backfist  *Unblockable*
f+1+4                       Fast Super Backfist  *Unblockable*

b+34..        Tenstring
b+34..          Ninestring
b+34..            Eightstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
2+3+4                       20MM VULCAN

Sample Combos
d/f+3, u/f+3, 1, b+1 (B!), 3,3,4 -= 68 pts.
WS+2,b+2, b+3,1+2 (B!), f,f d+3+4,2 -=- 72 pts.
WS+1, b+3~f,3, 1, b+1 (B!), d/b+1+2 -=- 62 pts.
f,b+1+2, f+1+2, 1, b+3~f,4,1,2 -=- 62 pts.
d+1+2~2, d/b+2, 1, b+1 (B!), u/f+3, 1, f,f+2 -=- 71 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Leg Twist Takedown {1}
        2+4                 Neck Spinning DDT {2}
        d+(1+3)_(2+4)       Swinging Splashdown  *Opponent Must Duck*
        d/f+1+2             Swinging Pendulum Flip
        HCF+1+2             Rodeo Spin {1+2}
        (HND) 3+4           BATUCADA
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Winding Twistflip {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Saddlemount Frankensteiner {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Over The Top Legtoss

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  4,3                         Backflip Kickout, (RLX)
  4~4                         Leaping Boot, (RLX)
1,3                         Jab, Toetap, (HND)
  D                           (RLX)
d/f+1                       Elbow Sting
  F                           (HND)
  ~1                          Face Stab
WS+1,3                      Rising Fist, Heran Bago  *Juggles*, (RLX)
1+2                         Rewinder
  ~3                          Kickup  *Juggles*
  ~3~d                        Modified Kickup
  3                           Toetap, (HND)
b+1+2                       Straight Jab
(f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2)        Handstand Position - (HND)
d/b+1+2                     DOUBLE ARMSTRIKE  *Bounds - Juggles*
FC+1+2                      Cabecada
  1+2                         Cabecada Needle
(u/b_u_u/f)+1+2             VASSUNA JUMP  *Bounds*
SS+1+4                      Low Banda Sweep
SS+2,4                      LUNGING RIGHT PUNCH, HIGHKICK, (HND)
(WS+2)_(QCF+2)              Sliding Uppercut *Juggles on CH*
d/f+2                       Elbow Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f+2,1,4                     Triple Flurry
f,f+2,3                     RIB CRACKER, LOW BANDA SWEEP  *Juggles*
d+2,3                       ELBOW, BOMB DROP, (RLX)
b+2                         Asfixiante
d/b+2,3                     Vaisya  *Juggles*
3                           High Crescent  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Circle Whipkick
3~4                         Thomas Flare  *Juggles*, (RLX)
  B                           (HND)
  3+4                         FRONT STINGER
  4,1+2                       Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
    1+2                         Cabecada Needle
  4,[4]                       Low Flairsweep[s]
    B                           (HND)
f+3                         Arrow Kick, (HND)
b+3                         Quick Knee
  >f                          Snapkick Extension
  ~3                          Heran Bago  *Juggles*
d+3~3                       Heran Bago  *Juggles*
u+3                         Splash Backflip
u/f+3                       Armada de Costes
  3                           Kickup  *Juggles*
  3~d                         Modified Kickup
  3+4                         Low Kickout, (RLX)
WS_QCF+3                    CRESCENT CANNON  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Heran Bago, (RLX)
  ~D                        Heran Bago Cancel, (RLX)
  B                           (HND)
d/f+3                       Toetap, (HND)
  D                           (RLX)
d/b+3                       Rasteria
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Midkick, (RLX)
  4                           Leg Whip
  ~3                          Bush Whacker
  d/b+4                       Shin Cutter
    ~B                          (HND)
    1+2                         Cabecada
      ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
    3                           HERAN BAGO
    4                           Cross Cutter
      ~B                          (HND)
f,f+3                       Lungekick
RN 3                        RUNNING SLIDE  *Juggles on CH*, (RLX)
3+4                         Macaco
  B                           (HND) Cancel
  3                           Half-Spring Cancel, (HND)
f+3+4                       Reversao
b+3+4                       Dropping Crescent
d/f+3+4                     Mirage  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     Mea Rua Plando
(u_u/b)+3+4                 Jumping Jack
  ~D_~B                       (RLX)
d/b+3+4                     MEIA LUA
  ~D                          (RLX)
  ~B                          (HND)
  4,3                         SLAPPY KICKS
FC+3+4                      Flapjack
  B_D                         (HDN)_(RLX)
SS+3+4,3+4,3+4,u/f+3+4      Aerial Kicks, Jumping Jack
  B_D                         (RLX)
d+3+4                       Relax Position - (RLX)
BT 3+4                      Moonlight Flip
d+3~4                       Quicksweep
d/b+4,4,4,4...              M. L. de Compasso  *b+4 After Any Kick for (HND)*
FC,d/b+4                    HAULE  *Stuns on CH*
FC,d/f+4                    Pananeila Joral, (RLX)  *Juggles on CH*
WS+4                        Circle Kick
4~3                         Satellite Moon
  3~b                         (HND)
  3                           Mid Slipkick, (RLX)
  4,2,4                       Moon Combo, Armada  *Can Chain Armada Moves*
d+4,3                       AU DE BICO
b+4                         Armada
  3                           Rasteria
    Pause,4..                     Armada..  *Infinite Chain*
    B                           (HND)
    ~3                          Chibata
    3                           Heran Bago, (RLX)
      ~B_~D                       Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX)
      B                           (HND)
    4                           Low Kick
      B                           (HND)
      1+2                         Cabecada
        ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
      4                           Low Kick
        B                           (HND)
  4                           Backflip
    D                           (RLX)
    3+4                         Backflip
f+4                         Monkey Trick
  B                           (HND)
  3+4                         Flare  *Juggles - Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*
(u_u/f)+4                   Roundhouse
f,f+4                       Backflip
  3                         Foot Kickout, (RLX)
  ~4                          Dropkick, (RLX)
SS+4                        Lowsweep
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Tripping Sweep
  3+4                         Flapjack
    B_D                         (HND)_(RLX)
SS+4~3                      Leaping Massacre
  B                           (HND)
u~u/b                       Backflip, (HND)
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b,b+3+4                     SPINNING CYCLONE  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
4~3..4.2.44.(3+4).(3+4)(3+4).(d/b+3+4).(u/f+3+4)    Tenstring

Handstand Position - (HND) - (f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2)
N                           (RLX)
b                           Stand Up
(u,N)_(d,N)                 Handstand Lean
1,3                         Spin-In Punch, Rasteria
  Pause,4..                   Armada..  *Infinite Chain*
  B                           (HND)
  ~3                          Chibata
  3                           Heran Bago, (RLX)
    ~B_~D                       Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX)
    B                           (HND)
  4                           Low Kick
    B                           (HND)
    1+2                         Cabecada
      ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
    4                           Low Kick
      B                           (HND)
f+1                         Jab
  2                           Fist
    4,3                         Backflip Kickout, (RLX)
    4~4                         Leaping Boot, (RLX)
  3                           Toetap, (HND)
    D                           (RLX)
2,4                         Spin In Punch, Low Sweep
  B                           (HND)
  3                           Low Sweep
  3+4                         Flapjack
    B_D                         (HND)_(RLX)
F+1+2                       Roll Forward, (HND)
3                           Scoot Kick, (RLX)
3~4                         Thomas Flare  *Juggles*, (RLX)
  B                           (HND)
  4,1+2                       Low Flairsweep, Cabecada
    ~1+2                        Cabecada Needle
  4,[4]                       Low Flairsweep[s]
    B                           (HND)
b+3                         Heran Bago, (RLX)
  ~B_~D                       Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX)
  B                           (HND)
(d_u)~(3_4),N               Drop In Kick, (HND)
(D_U)+(3_4)                 Drop In Kick, (RLX)
d>3+4                       Low Rider, Boot Up  *Juggles*, (HND)
4                           Helicopter, (HND)
  3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*

Relaxed Position - (RLX) - d+3+4
f_b                         Forward_Backward Roll
  1+2                         Flying Cross Chop
1                           Left Punch
  3                           Arrow Kick, (HND)
  4                           Armada  *Can Chain Armada Moves*
f+1+2                       (HND)
f,f+1+2                     Forward Roll, Flying Cross Chop
b+1+2                       (HND)
2                           Right Punch
  3                           Crescent Cannon  *Juggles*
  4                           Monkey Trick
    B                           (HND)
    3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*
3,4                         Lowsweep, Midkick
3~4                         Kickup  *Juggles*
3+4                         Macaco
  B                           (HND) Cancel
  3                           Half-Spring, (HND)
f+3+4                       Springing Kickup
4,3+4                       Stinger, Haule
  ~B_~3                       Haule Cancel, (HND)
4~3                         Low Flair Kickup  *Juggles*, (HND)
  3+4                         Thomas Flare  *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves*

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
1+3+4                       RASTA BIKINI

Sample Combos
d/f+3+4, b+3~3, RLX 2,4~b (B!), HND f+1,2,4~4 -=- 64 pts.
f+4,3+4,3+4, b+3~3, RLX 2,f+3 -=- 79 pts.
CH d/f+2, u/f+1+2 (B!), b+3~3, RLX 2,f+3 -=- 64 pts.
RLX 4~3, HND 2, WS+1,3, RLX 2,4~b~f (B!), RLX 2,f+3 -=- 65 pts.
3~4, RLX 2, f+1, u/f+1+2 (B!), b+4,4,3+4 -=- 67 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Bitch Kicks {1}
        2+4                 Arm Takedown {2}
        f,f+1+2             Stonehead {1+2}
        f,HCF+1+2           End of Dreams {1+2}
        QCB+1+3             Wrist Takedown {1}
        d/f+2+3             Striking Oshi Taoshi {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Back Toss

1,1>2                   Shining Fists
1>2                     1-2 Jab
  2                       Backfist
  3                       Axe Kick  *Juggles*
    4_(F+4)                 Axe Kick_Front Kick
  4                       Knee
    3                       Knee Cancel, Demon Gate Kick
  4~1+4,2,4_(d+4)         White Heron  *1+4 cancels the 4*
b+1                     Parting Wave
  >D/F                    Crouchdash  *Chains into CD Moves*
  2                       BRIMSTONE STRIKE
    ~B                      CANCEL
d+1                     Corpse Thrust
d/f+1>2                 Stomach Shot, Overhead Smash
f,N,d,d/f+1             Thunder Godfist
  U/F                     Heaven Denied  *TGF must Hit Standing Opponent*
  3                       Sidekick
  4                       Hellsweep
WS+1,2                  TWIN PISTONS
d_FC+1+2                Ultimate Tackle
b+1+2                   Leanback Fist Feint
B+1+2                   Leanback Fist
  *Hold B+1+2*            Daemon Charge Fist
d/f+1+2                 ARATAMA STRIKE
1+4,2,4_(d+4)           White Heron Combo
2,2                     Jab, Backfist
b+2,3                   Backhand, Leftkick
f+2>4                   Overhead Smash, Knee  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2                   Uppercut *Juggles on CH*
d/b+2                   Ankle Ripper
u/b+2                   Face Slasher
f,f+2                   Demon Paw
SS+2                    Demon Twister  *Juggles*
  ~U                      HELL'S GATE
b,f+2                   Stun Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  >1>2                    Laser Rush
  >1>d+2                  Laser Scraper  *Juggles*
  >1>4                    Laser Gate
WS+2                    CRUNCH UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
f,N,d,d/f+2             Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2             Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2+4         Corpse Splitter  *On Fallen Opponents*
f+3                     Screw Kick
f,f+3,1                 Twisted Darkness
  f,f                     Cyclone Rewind
  b+1+2                   LEANBACK FIST FEINT
  B+1+2                   LEANBACK FIST
    *Hold B+1+2*            DAEMON CHARGE FIST
  3                       Spinning Sweep  *Juggles*
  4                       Backwards Thrust Kick
b+3                     JAMBU SPEAR
d/f+3,2,4               RENGOKU
  ~U                      DAEMON'S FLIGHT
u/f+3                   REAPER'S SCYTHE  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+3             Leaping Thrustkick  *Juggles*
f,N,d,D/F+3             Leaping Low Thrustkick
3+4                     Daemon's Flight
  B                       Air Block
  1                       NEAR DEATH
  1+2                     Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  f+1+2                   Fly Around, Flying Laser  *Unblockable*
  2                       INFERNAL ANNIHILATION THROW
  3                       AMARA  *Bounds*
d+3+4                   Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
f+4,3                   TWISTED SAMSARA
  ~U                      DAEMON'S FLIGHT
f,f+4                   LAST RITES
b+4                     Demon Steel Pedal  *Stuns on CH*
u+4                     SAMSARA  *Juggles*
  ~U                      DAEMON'S FLIGHT
4~3                     Demon Gate Kick
u/f+4                   Flying Soul
d/f+4>4                 Delayable Axe Kicks
f,N,d,D/F+4,4           HELL SWEEP, Roundhouse
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4      Axe Kicks
b,b~u/b                 Wall Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)           Mid/High Attack Reversal

(u/b_u_u/f)+1+2         Diagonal Air Laser  *Unblockable*
1+2                     Sweeping High Laser  *Unblockable*
b+1+4                   Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                   Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*

f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1        Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1        Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1           Ninestring
324.3.(1+4).2..2.1.2            Tenstring
324.3.(1+4).2.1..3_4            Ninestring
b+24..    Elevenstring
b+24..    Elevenstring
b+                Fivestring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       DEMONIC SWORD

Sample Combos
f,N,d~d/f+2, f,N,d~d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, d/f+1+2 (B!), d/f+3,2,4 -=- 71 pts.
WS+2, f,f+3,1 d/f+1,2 (B!), f,N,d,d/f+1~U/F -=- 72 pts.
u+4~U, 3 (B)!, SS Left+1+4, b,f+2,1,2 -=- 66 pts.
SS+2~U -=- 72 pts.
[f+3],4~U, 3 (B!), d/f+3,2,4 -=- 52 pts.



(Front) 1+3                  Rolling Armbar {1}
        2+4                  Flipped Backboot {2}
        f,f+1+2              Mad Wind {1+2}
        f+1+4                Rolling Hyperextension {1}
        f+2+3                Rolling Kneebar {2}
        u/f+3+4              Scissor Takedown
        d+(1+3)_(2+4)        Facial Knee {1_2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Tarantula Twist {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)          Reverse Arm Bar{2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Absolute Silence

1,1>3                        Double Lefts, Thrustkick
1,2,1                        Advancing Punches
1,3,2                        DUAL HIGHS, BOMB FIST  *Bounds - Stuns on CH*
  1+2                          Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~B                           Throw Cancel
d/f+1                        Gut Short
  4                            SPINNING CUTTER
d+1                          SKINNER ELBOW  *Bounds*
b+1                          Straight Facepiff
QCF+1                        COCK HAMMER  *Stuns*
WS+1,3                       Double Hilt
f+1+2                        SPINNING DECAPITATOR
b+1+2                        BLIZZARD AXE HANDLE  *Bounds*
FC_d+1+2                     Shoot Takedown
  1                            Blizzard Sleeper {1}
  2                            Ankle Lock {2}
  1+2                          Mounted Beatdown {1+2}
  3                            TAKEDOWN ROLLOUT
(QCF_WS)+1+2                 Cold Shoulder
2,1                          1-2 Punches
  3                            Thrustkick
  4                            Anklekick
d+2                          Sharpener
f+2                          Elbow Check
  >4                           Close Knee  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+2                        Bomb Fist
  1+2                          Bomb Fist Cancel, Guillotine Throw {1+2}
    ~B                           Throw Cancel
(f,f,f)_RN+2                 Coffin Nail
d/f+2                        Deep Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2,1                      Ripper Combo
  2                            Ripper *Juggles*
b+2,1,3                      Frost Fists, Reverse Sweep
  1+2                          Sweep Cancel, Knee Throw {1+2} *Opponent Duck*
(u_u/f)+2                    Forearm Bomb
u/b+2                        Stepping Knuckle Duster  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+2                        Booster Elbow  *Juggles*
QCB+2                        Flexible Elbow  *Juggles*
SS+2                         Spinning Slaphand
  3                            Highkick
  1+2                          Reverse Windmill
    1+2                          Shoot Takedown
    4                            Snap Powerboot
WS+2                         Proton Uppercut  *Juggles*
3,1,2                        DISCONNECTOR
f+3                          Skipping Front Boot
  2                            SALUTE BLOW
  3                            AXE SNARE  *Throws on Clean Hit*
f,f+3                        SLASH KICK
b+3                          SERRATED EDGE
d/f+3                        Axe Snare  *Throws on Clean Hit*
d+3,4                        Kneekick, Belt Skinner
d/b+3                        Clipping Sweep
  1+2                          Facial Knee Throw  *Opponent Must Duck*
WS+3                         Sub Hilt
QCF+3                        SLAY RIDE
BT d+3                       Blind Legkick
RN 3                         RUNNING SLIDE  *Throws on Hit*
3+4                          Back Brainkick, FU/FT
b+3+4                        Cold Crescent  *Juggles*
d+3+4                        Morgue Blast  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
4                            Propeller Kick
  1                            JABBER
  3                            OVERHEAD AXEKICK  *Bounds*
  4                            FORWARD JUMPKICK
f+4                          High Knee
  4                            Snap Extension
    3                            NEO COUGAR
  d+4                          Low Fakeout
f,f+4                        Caterpillar Heel  *Juggles on CH*
(f,f,f)_RN+4                 Leaping Knee Trap  *Throws on Hit*
d/f+4                        Sidekick
d+4                          Shin Cutter
  1,3                          Ice Spin
  4                            STILETTO
b+4                          Gut Punt
  2                            Elbow Hammer
    1                            Hookshot
    1+2                          Shoot Takedown
  3                            Shoulder Booter
(u/b_u_u/f)+4                Cold Layout
u/f,N+4                      Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
QCF+4                        Guillotine Knee Trap
  1,3,4,2                      Rolling Armbar {1}  *If Knee Hits*
  2,4,3,1                      Rolling Armbar {2}  *If Knee Hits*
BT u/f+4                     Turning Hopkick  *Juggles*
(FD/FT)_(FD/FA) 1+2          Living Dead Slide
  1+2                          DEATH TAKEDOWN
b,b~u/b                      Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+2+3                        Sub-Zero  *Unblockable*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)                Mid/High Reversal
d/f+1+2                      PITFALL  *Reverses Low Attacks*

131..2.4.1+2                 Sixstring
131..            Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
FD/FT d+1+2,d+2             TACTICAL GOGGLES

Sample Combos
b+3+4, d+4,1,3 -=- 44 pts.
f+1+2, f,f+2 (B!), 3,1, b+2, WS+1+2 -=- 63 pts.
d/f+2, 4,1, 4,3 (B!), f,f, 3,1,2 -=- 60 pts.
CH f,f+4, WS+4, 1,3,2 (B!), d+4,1,3 -=- 72 pts.
QCF+1, b+2,1, 1,3,2 (B!), f,f, 3,1,2 -=- 74 pts.



      Same moves as Christie Monteiro (see above)



(Front) 1+3                 Embracing Toss {1}
        2+4                 Arm Trap Snap {2}
        d/f+1+2             Avalanche {1+2}
        BT (1+4)_(2+3)      PAU LAU IMPALER {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Forced Bend Fist {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Wrist Twister {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Blindside Toss

1                           Jab
  >1                          Stomach Slug  *Stuns on CH*
1,2,2                       Advancing Fists
  ~B                          (BT)
1,3                         Jab/Kick Combo
b+1                         Palm Thrust
d/f+1                       Server Fist
FC,d/f+1                    Silent Arrow
d/b+1                       Swaying Fist  *Stuns on CH*
  ~f                          FORWARD KENPO STEP
  ~b                          BACKWARDS KENPO STEP
  >2                          BLUE EGG PALM
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               Hopping Downpalm
b,f+1                       Falcon Beak  *Stuns on CH*
QCF+1                       Sliding Low Shoulder
WS+1,2>1                    Torso Hammers
BT 1                        BACKFIST
1+2                         Elbow Arrow
b+1+2                       Power Iron Shoulder
d+1+2,1,2                   TORRENTIAL PAIN
d/b+1+2                     MID KNUCKLES  *Bounds*
  2                           Low Pound  *Stuns on CH*
f+1+2                       Shoulder Check, (BT)
f,f+1+2                     TALON CLAWS
WS+1+2                      TIGER PALMS
SS+1+2                      Steel Flower
QCF+1+2                     YAN WANG'S WRATH
BT 1+2                      Elbow Thruster, (BT)
2~1                         FLURRY  *Bounds*
  >1                          Hellwind Uppercut
2,4>1                       CRASHING GLORY
f+2                         Body Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  >1>2                        Punch, Flyback Fist
f,f+2                       Advancing Palm
b+2>3,4,2                   Iron Series
d+2                         Snake Squasher
SS+2                        High Punch, (BT)
d/f+2                       Mid Palm
  2                           Advancing Palm
d/b+2,2                     Windmill Lowfists  *Juggles*
  ~b                          Lowfist Cancel
  2                           Mid Overhead  *Juggles, Bounds*
u+2                         HAMMER LEAP
u/f+2                       EVADING PALM STRIKE
u/b+2                       Throat Gouge
WS+2                        Combat Uppercut  *Juggles*
BT 2,2                      CIRCLING TIGER
3~4,3                       Spinning Aerial, Backsweep
d+3                         Crouching Ankle Stompout
d/b+3                       Slippery Sweep
d/f+3                       Hop Snapkick  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Leaping Side Roundhouse
f+3                         CLIMBING DRAGON
  4                           CLIMBING DRAGON  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Overhead Axe Stomp
b+3,3                       FACE SLAPPER
b+3~4                       (BT)
SS+3,2                      TIGER TAIL, (BT)
(WS_QCF)+3                  Chang Sliding Kickup  *Juggles*
(f,f,f)_WR+3                Severing Sword Kick
BT 3                        Overhead Axe Stomp
BT d+3                      Spinsweep  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       KENPO STEP  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~b                          SHIFTING CLOUDS STEP
  1                           FRACTURED DIAMOND
  2                           FEI ZHANG STRIKE  *Juggles*
  3                           RISING SWALLOW
  4                           LEAPING LION
b+3+4                       SHIFTING CLOUDS  *Auto-Parry High/Mid Strings*
  ~f                          KENPO STEP
  1                           BAO STRIKE
  2                           POISON CHALICE
  3                           SCORPION STING  *Juggles*
  4                           DRAGON STOMP
d/f+3+4                     RUINOUS HALBERD
u/f+3+4                     ASSASSIN BOW  *Juggles*
  3                           ASSASSIN SPEAR
4~3                         HANDSPRING
f+4                         Facial Roundhouse  *stuns*
  ~B                          (BT)
  3                           MIDKICK  *Juggles, Bounds*
  4                           Power Low Sweep
f,f+4                       Diagonal Kick  *Juggles*
  >3                          Leaping Foot
b+4                         Waist Sidekick
d+4,1+2                     Dragon Breath
d/b+4                       Power Low Sweep
u/f+4                       Jumping Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Rising Facekick
SS+4                        Spinsweep  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Wall Leaping Fist  *Against Wall*

u/b+1+2                     Omen Palm  *Unblockable*

f+       Tenstring
f+   Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
2+3+4                       MONKEY KING STAFF

Sample Combos
d/f+3, 1, d/f+1, d/b+1+2 (B!), f,f+4,3 -=- 56 pts.
Low Parry, d/f+1, f+1, f+3,4 -=- 27 pts.
SS+4, d/f+1, f+1, f+3,4 (B!), d+4,1+2 -=- 56 pts.
u/f+4, d/f+1, d/f+1, f+3,4 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, b+1+2 -=- 59 pts.
QCF+3, d/f+1, 1, f+3,4 (B!), f,f+4>3, b+1+2 -=- 68 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Body Drop {1}
        2+4                 Hip Roll {2}
        f,f+1+4             Jizo Hug {1+2}
        f,f+2+3             Face Slam {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Upper Stream {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Crotch Toss {2}
(Back)  1+3                 OKURIGAKE
        2+4                 REVERSE CHOKE SLAM
        d+1+2               Pedal Press

1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2             Devil Thrusts
d+1                         Axe Chop
  2                           MOUNTAIN CLEAVER  *Juggles*
  ~d+3+4                      Sit Down
b+1                         Cross Cut Saw  *Turns Opponent Backward on CH*
  1,1                         Saw Blades
    ~d+3+4                      Sit Down
(b+1~2)_(FC,d/b+1+2)        MIDARE UCHI
  ~1~1~1~1~1~1                TEN PALM SLAP
b,f+1                       Hari Hand  *Turns Opponent Backward on Hit*
FC+1,1,1,2,                 Sumo Rush
  (D_D/F_F)+1                 (L_M_H Ending)
d/f+1>4>1                   Short Upper, Ganny Grinder
FC,D/F+1,2,1                Nodowa Mid Combo
b,d/b,d,D/F+1               Megaton Float  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               Leaping Palm Shield
SS+1                        Falling Hammer
WS+1,2                      SENRYO NIRAMI
f+1+2                       ROCKET PALM
f,f+1+2                     SUMO SCISSORS  *Juggles*
FC+1+2                      Palm Lift
1+2                         Hammer
  >1+2                        Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  b+1+2                       Giant Tackle  *Unblockable*
    ~d                          Split
    ~1+2                        HOPPING HUG
    ~2                          Stunning Uppercut  *Stuns*
b+1+2                       Headknot Headbutt
d+1+2                       PEDAL PRESS  *Throws on BT connect*
d/f+1+2,1                   Reverse Windmill Strikes
u/f+1+2                     Sumo Splash
WS+1+2                      Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  >1+2                        Hammer
RN 1+2                      OZUCHI STRIKE  *Stuns*
FU/FT D+1+2                 Spring Hammer Punch
  (B_F)                       (Roll Backward_Roll Forward)
  2                           Low Hitting Swipe  *Floats*
  ~d                          Split
    u_d                         Sidestep
BT 1+2                      Board Drop, (FU/FA)
b+(1+3)_(2+4), 1+2          High/Mid Punch Reversal, Rushing Back Grab
2,1,2                       ENMA HARITE  *Bounds*
2,4                         KEKAESHI
f+2                         Lunging Crotch Palm
  >1                          Palm Cancel, Ear Boxing
f,f+2                       Embracing Claw
  1                           Bottom Lift {1}
  1+2                         Air Lift {1+2}  *Juggles*
  2                           Spin Lift {2}
  3                           Power Press {3}
  3+4                         Carry Press {3+4}
  4                           Rack Drop {4}
b+2,1                       JINMAKU
  2                           YABURI
  d+2                         HARAI
b,f+2                       SALT SHAKER  *Juggles*
d+2,2,2,2...                Kabuki Low Palm
d/f+2                       Lunging Upperpalm  *Juggles*
  1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1           Devil Thrusts
d/b+2                       Ankle Smasher  *Juggles*
u/f+2                       CHANKO SPIN
WS+2                        Wind Palm  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+2                    KIMEN HARI
(f_b),d/b,d,d/f+2~1         NEKO DAMASHI
b,d/b,d,D/F+2               Megaton Palm
d/f+2+3                     Thunder Palm
3,4,3,4,3...                Giant Highkick Chain
  4>4                         Mud Stomp
f+3                         Sole Smush
d/f+3                       Low Leg Swipe
3+4                         Sit Down
  (B_F)                       (Roll Backward_Roll Forward)
  1                           Megaton Palm
  1+2                         BOARD DROP, (FU/FT)
  2                           Low Hitting Swipe  *Floats*
  ~d                          Split
    u_d                         Sidestep
  3+4                       Tootsie Roll
f+3+4                       SUMO CHARGE
d+3+4                       GANNY STOMP
  *Hold 3+4*                  EARTHQUAKE  *Unblockable*
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press, Sit Down
f,f+3+4                     Thunder Drop
4,3,4,3...                  Giant Hightkick Chain
  4>4                         Mud Stomp
4>4                         Mud Stomp
d+4                         KEKAESHI KICK
b+4,1                       TOUKON SLAP
f,f+4                       Kamikaze Kick
d/f+4,1                     Ganny Grinder
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Splash  *Against Wall*
1+2+3+4                     Kiai Tame Powerup
  ~2~3                        Julia Hug {1}  *Only Against Julia*

FC+   Tenstring

d/b+1+2                     Giant Tackle  *Unblockable*
  ~d                          Split
  ~1+2                        HOPPING HUG
  ~2                          Stunning Uppercut  *Stuns*

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       FRESH SEA BREAM

Sample Combos
d/f+2, d/f+4,1, 2,1,2 (B!), f+1+2 -=- 66 pts.
d/b+2, d/f+1,4,1, 2,1,2 (B!), f+1+2 -=- 67 pts.
WS+2, 1,2,1, 2,1,2 (B!), f,f+4 -=- 64 pts.
d/f+2+3, FC 1+2 -=- 48 pts.
f,f+1+2, d/f+1,4,1, 2,1,2 (B!), f+3+4 -=- 65 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Neck Breaker {1}
        2+4                 Powerbomb {2}
        QCF+1               Broken Toy {1}
        f,f+1+2             Stonehead {1+2}
        f,f+1+4             Headbutt *Works on Male Characters* {1+2}
        d/f+2+3             FIRE STARTER {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         One Hand Slam {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Tile Splitter Guillotine {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Atomic Drop

1,1>2                       Shining Fists
1>2                         2 Punches
  2                           Backfist
  (1+2)_(2~1)                 Chi Palm
    ~(u_d)                      Fakeout
      (1+2)_(2~1)                 Delayed Chi Palm
  4                           Midkick
1>b+2                       PUNCH, GUTPUNCH
  1                           Thunder Godfist
  4                           Slice Kick
b+1                         Stun Splitter
  2                           DECAPITATOR
  4                           DEBILITATOR
d+1                         Tile Splitter
d/f+1,2                     HAMMER DESTINY  *Bounds*
d/f+1,1                     Palm Strikes
WS+1                        QUICK IRON FIST
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
(1+2)_(2~1)                 Chi Palm  *Stuns*
f+1+2                       Hibachi Head
b+1+2                       Double Tiger Fists
  1+2                         Shattering Palms
b,b+1+2                     Deity Slayer
d/f+1+2                     Demon Wings
2,2                         Punch, Backfist
f+2                         Backfist
  ~1+2                        Chi Palm Cancel
f,f+2                       Demon Godfist  *Juggles*
b+2                         KILLER CURSE
b,f+2,1                     Celestial Annihilation
b,f+2>2                     CELESTIAL SURRENDER  *Bounds*
d/b+2                       Eisho Mon
QCF+2                       Deathpalm
WS+2                        Dark Thrust  *Juggles on CH*
SS+2                        Kidney Smasher
  1                           KIDNEY CRUSH
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
3,4                         MONZENBARAI
f+3                         LIGHTNING CRUSH  *Stuns on CH*
d+3                         JICHINSAI KICK
f,N,d,d/f,N+3               Slice Kick
f,N,d,D/F#+3                Low Slice Kick
f,f+3                       Left Axe Kick
b+3,3                       Crescent Hook Stomp
u/f+3,4                     Screw Blade Hunting Hawk
d+3+4                       Raijin Charge
  f_b                         Cancel
  1                           Pulverizer
    2                           Raijin's Wrath
  2                           Lightning Bolt  *Unblockable - Stuns*
b,b,N+3+4                   Shadow Foot Sidestep
4                           Standing Heihachi Boot  *Stuns on CH*
f+4                         RIGHT AXE KICK  *Bounds*
b+4                         MOON SLICER
u/f+4                       Wind Slicer
WS_QCF_(f,N,d,d/f,N)+4>4    Axe Kicks
[u/f+]4~3                   Flipstomp
d+4                         Demon Stomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
f,N,d,D/F#+4,[4],[4]        Hell Sweep[s] *Juggles on CH*
  N+1                         Thunder Godfist
  N+4,4                       Axe Kicks

d+1+4                       Demon Tile Splitter  *Unblockable*

2+3+4                       Lighting Taunt

d/f+3:22..4.4..1..2..1..2..1       Tenstring
d/f+3:22..4.4..1..4..1..2..(1_4)   Tenstring
f,F.....2122.3.4.4..1..2.1         Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
f,f+1+2                     WILD COAT

Sample Combos
f,f+2 1,2, d/f+1,2 (B~), SS+1,2 -=- 69 pts.
f,N,d~d/f+2, f,N,d~d/f+2, b,f+2,2 (B!), f,N,d,D/F#+4,4,1 -=- 76 pts.
CH f,N,d,D/F#+4,4,N+4, d/f+1,2 (B!), f,N,d,d/f+4,1 -=- 61 pts.
CH 4, d/f+1,1, d/f+1,2 (B!), SS+1,2 -=- 73 pts.
f,N,d~d/f+2, f,N,d~d/f+2, f,N,d~d/f+2 -=- 51 pts.



(Front) LFF 1+3             Windmill Neck Kick {1}
        LFF 2+4             Falcon Dive Kick {2}
        RFF (1+3)_(2+4)     Rainbow Kick {1+2}
        f,f+2               Rolldown Jawbreaker {2}
        f+2+3               Cannonball {1+2}
        QCB+3               Trapped Heel Explosion {1}
        d/b+1+3             HIP TOSS {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         5-Kick Massacre {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Holding Neck Snap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Jumping Leg Press
(Air)   d/f+3+4             Soccer Snapkick

Both Right Foot Forward - (RFF) and Left Foot Forward - (LFF)
1+2                         Switch BT / Face Forward
3+4                         Switch (RFF) / (LFF)
f,N,d,d/f                   Crouch Dash
  N+2                         Psuedo-Wind Godfist  *Juggles on CH*
  3                           MID LEAPKICK, (LFL)
  3+4                         Mid Cutter, (BT)
  4                           Wing Blade  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+4                 Electric Wing Blade  *Juggles*
d/f+1+2                     Body Blow
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
u+3                         Flamingo Kick, (LFL)
WS+3                        Windmill Kick
SS+3                        Back Thrust Kick  *Stuns on CH*
  3[,F]                       2nd Thrust Kick, (LFL)
d/f+3                       GUN KICK
  >3                          2ND MIDKICK
  >4                          FACE KICK, (RFL)
    4                           SIDEKICK, (RFF)
  f+4                         BACKLASH
d+3                         Knee Buster
  3                           DUAL FLASHKICKS
  4                           Dodge Lift, (RFL)
    4                           Outrage
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
RN 3                        NERICHAGI
u+3+4                       Guillotine  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     LEAPING MIDKICKS
  4                           THIRD KICK
d/f+3+4                     Soccer Snapkick  *Throws Airborne Opponent*
WS+4,[~4]                   Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)]
d+4,4                       Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
u+4                         Flamingo Kick, (RFL)
b,b+4                       Leaping Roundhouse Spin
  3                           Back Thrust
  4,4                         Leaping Roundhouses
u/f+4                       Jumping Highkick, (RFF)
  F                           (RLF)
  4                           Miskick, (RFF)
    F                           (RLF)
    4                           Lowkick, (RFF)
      F                           (RLF)
SS+4                        Spinning Sweep  *Juggles on CH*, (RFF)
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumping Roundhouse  *Against Wall*

Left Foot Forward - (LFF) Only
1,1,3>3                     Twin Jabs, Lowkick, Highkick
1,2,f+(3_4)                 Jab, Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
2,f+(3_4)                   Right Punch, (Sidekick_Jumping Roundhouse)
[1,]2,3                     High Punch[es], (LFL)
[1,]2,4                     High Punch[es], (RFL)
f+1+2                       Short Axe Handle  *Stuns on CH*
b+2                         Bolt Cutter
f+2                         Backfist, (RFF)
  ~F                          (LFF)
u/f+2                       Leaping Headshot
3,3,[d+3]                   High, Mid, [Low] Kicks
  4                           Highkick, (RFL)
    ~F                          (LFF)
    4                           Midkick, (RFF)
  f+4                         BACKLASH
3,3,3                       MACHINE GUN KICKS
3~4                         Flying Eagle
f+3                         (LFL)
f+3~3                       Thrust Sidekick
f,f+3                       Spiral Kick, (RFF)
b+3                         Lifting Leg Kick *Juggles*
d+3,3                       LOWKICK, DUAL FLASHKICKS
d/b+3                       Back Lowkick
BT d+3                      TRICK SWEEP  *Juggles on CH*
4,3                         LEFT AXE MURDERER
4,f+3                       RIGHT AXE MURDERER, (RFF)
4,4                         Hot Feet
  3                           OVERHEAD AXEKICK
  4                           Toe Jam (RFL)
    3                           Blizzard Kick
    4                           Hot Feet, (RFF)
f+4                         Face Kick, (RFL)
  >4                          Sidekick, (RFF)
f,N+4                       Right Flamingo Feint, (RFF)
f,f+4                       Running Sidekick  *Turns Opponent BK When Hit*
b+4                         NOSE BLEEDER, (RFF)
b,b+4,3                     Double Thrust
b,b+4,4                     Talon Snaps
  3                           TALON THRUST
  4                           Spin Kick
BT 4                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
d/b+4,4                     Foot Sweep, High Crescent Kick
u/b+4                       Chicken Kick

Right Foot Forward - (RFF) Only
F_B_(u/b,N)                 (LFF)
1,1                         Face Punches, (LFF)
2,1,1                       Triple Punches, (LFF)
2,3                         Punch-Kick Combo, (LFF)
2,4                         Jab, Chainsaw, (LFF)
  F                           (RFL)
  3                           OVERHEAD AXEKICK
  >4                          High Hook, (LFF)
2,b+4                       SNAP SPIN KICK COMBO
b+2                         CLUBFIST  *Bounds*
3                           Upper Punt, (LFF)
  4                           Twisting Roundhouse, (RFL)
BT 3                        Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
BT d+3                      FALCON LOW, (LFF)
3~4                         Power Roundhouse, (LFF)
  b                           (RFL)
f+3                         Hook Kick
  ~B                          Feint, (LFL)
  B                           BT Position
  4                           Teaser Trip, (LFF)
f,f+3                       LEAPING LEFT ROUNDHOUSE  *Bounds*, (LFF)
b+3                         Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*, (LFF)
4                           Chainsaw Kick
  ~F                          (RFL)
  3                           Overhead Axekick
  >4                          High Hook, (LFF)
d/f+3                       SCREW KICK
f+4                         (RFL)
  ~4                          Lifting Leg Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+4                       Piroette Kick, (LFF)
  ~3                          Screw Kick
d+4                         HEEL SCREW
b+4                         SPIN SNAP, (LFF)
d/f+4                       Side Kick

Left Flamingo Stance - (LFL)
N                           (LFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep
1                           Left Jab, (LFF)
1+4                         Blaster, (LFF)  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
2                           Backfist, (RFF)
3                           Menace Kick, (LFF)
  ~F                          (LFL)
  3                           MACHINE GUN KICK, (LFF)
  4                           PARTY HEARTY, (RFF)
    ~B                          (RFL)
  f+4                         BACKLASH
f+3                         Dual Flash Kicks, (LFL)
  3                           LEFT SWORD, (RFF)  *Juggles*
b+3                         THUNDERBOLT, (RFF)
d+3,4                       KNEE BUSTER LIFT
d/b+3                       ANKLE HUNT, (LFF)
u/f+3,4,3                   Hunting Hawk
3+4                         (RFL)
4                           Spin Kick, (RFL)
f+4>3                       FIRE STORM, (RFF)
d+4                         TEASER TRIP, (LFF)
b+4                         RIGHT HEEL LANCE  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       COMBAT, (RFF)
u/f+4                       PLASMA BLADE
2.2.3..         Tenstring

Right Flamingo Stance - (RFL)
N                           (RFF)
f_b                         Flamingo Shuffle
u_d                         Flamingo Sidestep
1                           Backfist, (LFF)
2                           Right Jab, (RFF)
  b+4                         SPIN SNAP KICK COMBO, (RFF)
3                           Spin Kick, (LFL)
f+3>4                       Fire Storm, (LFF)
b+3                         Left Heel Lance  *Juggles*, (LFF)
(d_d/b)+3                   Teaser Trip, (LFF)
3+4                         (LFL)
4                           Side Kick  *Stuns on CH*, (RFF)
f+4                         Dual Flash Kicks, (RFL)
  4                           LEFT LIFT (RFF)
b+4                         THUDERBOLT
d+4,3                       FOOT SWEEP, HIGH CRESCENT KICK
  ~F                          (LFF)
d/b+4                       ANKLE HUNT
1.2.3..         Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
(RFL_LFL) 1+2               HOMERUN BAT

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 2,4,2, RFF f,f+3 (B!) f,f, 4,4,3 -=- 53 pts.
b+3, 3~4, d/f+3+4 -=- 53 pts.
f,N,d~d,f+4, U/F,4, f+1,2,3 -=- 59 pts.
d/f+2, 2,4,2, RFF b+2 (B!) u/f+3+4, d/f+3+4 -=- 55pts.
b+3, 2,4,2, RFF f+3, LFL u/f+4,3,4 -=- 56 pts.


| JACK-6 |

(Front) 1+3                 Back Cyclone {1}
        2+4                 Spine Gunner  {2}
        QCB,f+1+2           Piledriver {1+2}
        QCF+1               Pyramid Driver {1}
        u/f+1+2             Punishment Drop {1}
          d,d/f+2           Gigaton Punishment {B}
        QCB+2               Backbreaker {2}
        d/b+2+3             Face In The Dirt {2}
        d/f+2+4             Catapult {2}
        d/f,d/f+2+4         Modified Catapult  *Juggles* {2}
        d+1+3               Gun Bomb  *Opponent Must Duck* {1}
        d+2+4               Iron Gunman  *Opponent Must Duck {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Hanging Neck Throw {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Flipping Choke Slam {2}
(Back)  1+3                 Spinal Crush
        2+4                 Death Shot

1                           Left Jab
  1                           Surge Elbow Hammer
  2                           Robot Hook
2                           Range Jab
f+1,2,2                     PIVOT GUN
b+1                         Industrial Chop
  1                           DIAMOND REAMER
d/b+1,1,1,2                 MACHINE GUN PUNCHES, MEGATON PUNCH
b,d/b,d,d/f+1               Debugger
HCF                         Wind-Up
  ~d/f+1                      Megaton Uppercut  *Juggles*
  1                           Megaton Punch
SS+1                        Spinning Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1                        Violent Uppercut  *Juggles*
f,f+1                       SURGE ELBOW HAMMER  *Bounds*
d/f+1,2,1,2                 OVERDRIVE
FC+1,1,1,2,(d_d/f_f)+1      Low Hammer Rush, (L_M_H Ending)
FC+1,2                      Low Punch, Megaton Punch
FC,f+1,2                    Uppercut Rush
  (d_d/f_f)+1                 (L_M_H Ending)
FC,d/f+1,2,1                WILD SWING  *Stuns*
  1                           Backfist
FC,d/b+1,1,1,2              Low Piston Punches, Megaton Punch
FC,d/f+1+2                  Low Scissors
[SS,]1+2,1+2                 CYCLONE HAMMER
d+1+2                       Bravo Knuckle  *Juggles*
FU/FT d+1+2                 Spring Hammer
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
b+1+2                       MACHINE GUN BLASTER  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       TYULPAN BLAST
u+1+2                       PATRIOT FISTS  *Juggles*
f,f+1+2                     SCISSORS
  1+2                         Low Scissors
  2                           Megaton Punch
d/f+1+2                     Gravestone  *Hands Stuck if 2nd Hit Miss/Blocked*
d/b+1+2,1+2                 Twin Gun Lift  *Juggles*
WS+1+2                      Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
  >1+2                        Hammer Knuckle
    1+2                         Hammer Burst
f+2                         PINPOINT ASSAULT
f,f+2                       Pivot Gun Upper  *Juggles*
  *Hold 2*                    DELAYED GUN UPPER
b+2                         Small Gun Blaster
b,f+2                       Atomic Hook
b,d/b,d,d/f+2               MEGATON PUNCH  *Stuns*
(u/b_u/f)+2                 Reactor Erupt
d/b+2                       Low Gun Blaster
d/f+2                       Jack Upper  *Juggles*
  1,2                         Uppercut Rush
    (d_d/f_f)+1                 (L_M_H Ending)
WS+2                        Uppercutter  *Juggles*
RN+2                        Cemaho Chop
SS+2                        Megaton Gun Breaker
FC,d/f+2,(d_d/f_f)+1        Short Hammer Rush, (L_M_H Ending)
FC,D/F#+2,1,2               Hammer Rush  *Juggles on CH*
b+3,2,2                     MAD DOZER
f,f+3                       Granite Stomp
d/f+3>2                     COMBINE HARVESTER
D/B+3,[4],[3],[4],[3],[4]   Cossack Kicks
  1+2                         COSSACK SMASH
  d+1+2                       COSSACK COMPACTOR  *Throws Crouching Opponent*
f+3+4                       Giga Shoulder Ram
f,f+3+4                     Digital Hans Headslide
d/f+3+4                     Titan Dump Shoulder
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press  *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down*
d+3+4                       Sit Down
  ~3+4                        Hop Forward, Hip Press
  B_F                         Roll Back_Forward
  (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1)         Sitting Punches
  1+2                         Connector Knuckle
4                           Jack Boot  *Juggles on CH*
b+4,4                       SHERMAN STOMP
f,f+4                       ROCKET KICK
d/b+4                       Low Boot
b,b~u/b                     Jump-Off Wall Punch  *Against Wall*

f+4~1                         Dark Greeting   *Unblockable, Juggles*
  2                             Greeting Cancel, Cleaver Chop
3+4,[3+4],[3+4],[3+4],[3+4]   Dive Bomber, [2nd-5th Thrusts]  *Unblockable*
HCF,u/f,u,u/b [x5],1          Gigaton Punch  *Unblockable After x2*

D+           Tenstring
D+         Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(1+2).(1+2)     Tenstring
(u/f+1)1.4..3..4..1..2..1.(d+1+2).(1+2)   Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+4                       HYPER EXHAUST

Sample Combos
WS+1, f+1,2, b+4,4 (B!), d/f+1,2,1,2 -=- 61 pts.
b+1+2, b+3,2, f,f+1 (B!), b+3,2,2 -=- 87 pts.
d/f,d/f+2+4, b+4,4 (B!), b+3,2,2 -=- 64 pts.
d/f+2, 2, 2, f,f+1 (B!), d/f+1,2,1,2 -=- 59 pts.
f,f+2, u+1+2, u+1+2, b+4,4 (B!) f,f, b+3,2,2 -=- 84 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Bitch Kicks {1}
        2+4                 Arm Break Shoulder Toss {2}
        u/f+1+2             Shoulderlock Whiptoss {1+2}
          ~u/b+3+4            Extra Whiptoss Damager
        QCB+1+3             Wrist Takedown {1}
        d/f+2+3             SHUN REN DAN {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Shoulder Flip {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Bear Hug Slam

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  3                           AXEKICK  *Bounds*
  >4                          Roundhouse Kick
d+1                         Corpse Thrust
b+1                         Crouching Demon Step
d/f+1                       Side Punch
  >4                          Sidekick
  4~4                         Hell Trip
1,3                         Frontal Assault
  ~B                          RETREAT
  2,1,4                       Kazama Fury
    d+1+2                       Daemon Soul
1,3~3                       PUNCH, SNAPKICK  *Bounds*
1,d+3,4                     TEASER LOW COMBO
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Twilight Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+1                 Electric Twilight Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Rising Punch, Overhand Left
1+2                         Straight Punches, Face Strike
d/f+1+2                     SUIGETSU STRIKE
2,1                         Punch, Gutpunch
  4                           Sidekick
  4~4                         Hell Trip
2,4                         Punch, Roundhouse Kick
d+2                         Ground Chase Punch  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2,1                       SHUN MASATSU
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Short Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Hookfist
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Hookfist
b,f+2>1>2                   Laser Rush
d/b+2                       Soul Backhand  *Stuns on CH*
  >2>3                        Savage Sword  *Stuns*
  3                           TENSHO RAKUFU
f,f+2                       Demon Paw
u/f+2                       Torso Thrust
3,1,4                       KISHIN REKKO
d+3,3                       Lowkick, Midkick
(WS)_(f,N,d,d/f)+3          High Rising Roundhouse
b+3                         Outside Face Crescent  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Lowkick
d/b+3                       Reverse Roundhouse
f+3                         Sidekick
f+3~3                       Snapkick
f,f+3                       AXEKICK  *Juggles, Bounds*
  1                           Chaser Jab
    3,2,1,4                     Kazama Fury
      d+1+2                       Daemon Soul
  3~3                         Snapkick
d/f+3                       Heaven Gate Sidekick
  3                           STINGER
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               SPIN JUMP KICK  *Stuns on CH*
f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3           Crouch Dash Slash Kick
WS+3                        BAMBOO SPLITTER
d+3+4                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
4                           FACE ROUNDHOUSE  *Stuns on CH*
d+4                         Long Sweep
f+4                         Mid Snapkick  *Stuns on CH*
  d+1+2                       Daemon Soul
b+4                         Spinning Heel Kick
d/f+4                       SPIN AXE KICK  *Bounds*
d/b+4                       Shin Kick  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+4                       HOPKICK  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+4                       Slow Axekick
(WS+4)_(f,N,d,d/f,f+4)      Axekick
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Hell Trip  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+4                   Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Power Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
[u/f+]4~3                   Twisting Demon Scissors
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
u/b+1+2                     Power Bodyhook  *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel*
1+3+4                       Daemon Soul Taunt
b+1+2                       Daemon Soul  *Causes Block Damage*
  ~f,f,b+2+4                  Daemon Step High/Mid Reversal
b+2+4                       Mid/High Parry
f+23..3..     Tenstring

Crouching Demon Step - b+1
D/F                         Demon Crouchdash  *Can Perform Crouchdash Moves*
f,f                         Demon Dash
1>2                         Swinging Fist Strikes
2                           SWAYING WILLOW
3                           Vacuum Jumpkick
4                           Low Sweeper

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       MISHIMA WAR SABRE

Sample Combos
f,N,d~d/f+1, b,f+2,1, 1,3~3 (B!), d/b+2,2,3 -=- 69 pts.
d+3+4, b+3, 1,2,3 (B!), f,f, 3,1, f+4 -=- 71 pts.
f,N,d,d/f+4, b+2,1, d/b+2,2,3 -=- 50 pts.
f,f+3, b,f+2,1, 1,3~3 (B!), f,f, 3,1, f,f+2 -=- 70 pts.
WS+2, f,N,d,d/f+2, f+1,3~3 (B!), d/b+2,2,3 -=- 59 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Death Valley Bomb {1}
        2+4                 Fisherman's Suplex {2}
        FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2    Cross Arm Suplex {1+2}
        d/f+1+2             Armlock Suplex {2}
        d/f+1+3             Waist Suplex {1}
        d,D/B+1+3           Velocity Shot {1}
        QCB,f+2             Mad Axes {1+2}
        d+1+3               Knee Pendulum {1} *Opponent Must be Crouching*
        d+2+4               Side Bulldog {2} *Opponent Must be Crouching*
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Running Bulldog {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Spinning Frankensteiner {2}
(Back)  1+3                 Back Suplex
        2+4                 Spinning Air Neckbreaker

1~1                         Catapult Starter
  1                           CATAPULT
  2                           Lunging Palm Attack
  4                           DIVINE INTERVENTION
1,2                         1-2 Punches
  1,1                         FIREBOLT
  3                           CLOCKWISE (SPIN)
  4                           COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (SPIN)
b+1                         TIGER SWAT  *Bounds*
d/f+1                       Arrow Palm
d,d/f+1                     Lightning Bolt
  >2                          Stun Elbow
  3                           Clockwise (SPIN)
  4                           Counter-Clockwise (SPIN)
d/b+1                       Nugget Knocker  *Stuns on CH*
WS+1                        FLASH UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
  ~2                          PALM EXPLOSION *Stuns*
RN 1                        FLAMING ARROW
1+2                         Double Palm Strike
  >4                          Roundhouse  *Stuns on CH*
    b,f+1+2                     Shove Palms
f+1+2                       Double Palm Lift  *Juggles on CH*
f,f+1+2                     PALM PUSH
b+1+2                       Twin Arrow  *Stuns*
d+1+2                       ANGRY BULL
d/b+1+2                     CROSS WINDS
  1                           VIOLENT WIND  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+1>4                     DASHING ELBOW, ROUNDHOUSE
1+4                         BEAR TRAP
f+2,1,2                     Tiger Mountain
f,f+2                       BISON SMASH
(b+2)_(2~b)                 Punch, Spin Behind  *Spin if Punch Connects*
  1+2                         Back Push
b+2,3                       PAO QUAN  *Stuns on CH*
   1+2                        SWALLOW
SS+2                        Parting Fist
d/f+2                       Death Push
  1                           Sky Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Lowkick
  4                           Highkick
d/b+2                       RIVER BLOW
  1                           TRICKLING STREAM
  2                           RAGING RAPIDS  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Slice Uppercut
  1                           BACKFIST  *Stuns*
  >2                          Hammer Elbow
    >1+2                        REVERSE HIP CHECK
  3                           CLOCKWISE (SPIN)
  4                           COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (SPIN)
d+2,3                       Ducking Jab, Rising KNee
FC,d/f+2                    Dashing Elbow
QCF+2                       SPIRIT CANNON  *Juggles*
b+3                         Liquid Sweep
  4                           Bowleg Sweep  *Juggles*
d+3                         Wang Shinkick
f+3                         Hawk Step
  ~1                          Arrow Skip
  2                           Mid Smash
  4                           Talon Lowkick
f,f+3                       SKYSCRAPER KICK  *Juggles*
3+4                         Counter-Clockwise (SPIN)
u+3+4                       Clockwise (SPIN)
d/f+3+4                     LEAPING SPIN KICKS
u/f+3+4                     Earthquake Stomp
SS+3+4                      Sliding Double Rollback  *Juggles*
4                            Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
  4                           Spinsweep
    N+4                         Highkick
    d+4                         Lowkick
    1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
      2                           PALM EXPLOSION
4~2,1                       Desert Snake
b+4                         Heaven Shatter Kick
d+4                         Spinsweep
  N+4                         Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
  1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
    2                           PALM EXPLOSION
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
u/f+4,3                     Twin Hopkicks  *Juggles*
  1                           Nugget Knocker
FC,d/f+4,3                  Low Sweep, Bow Leg
d/f+4>2                     Stampede Charge
  >b,f+1                      Mountain Crusher
  3                           ORCHID KICK
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Overhead Bomb  *Against Wall*
2+3+4                       Wave Taunt
f+1+4                       Heaven Cannon  *Unblockable - Juggles*
  B                           Cannon Cancel            Tenstring            Tenstring            Tenstring

Circle Spin (SPIN) - 3+4 or u+3+4
1                           Spinstrike Backfist  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         FIERCE TIGER
2                           Spinning Palm
3                           Flamingo Snap  *Stuns on CH*
  1                           Shoulder Check
4,1+2                       WIND ROLL EXPLOSION

Item Moves

Sample Combos
QCF+2, f+3~1, d/f+3, f,f+1, b+1 (B!), f,f+1, f,f+1,4 -=- 63 pts.
u/f+4,3, 4, d,d/f+1,4,1, d,d/f+1,4,1+2 (B!), d/b+2,2 -=- 71 pts.
WS+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,4,1+2 (B!), f,f+1, d+1+2 -=- 55 pts.
SS+3+4, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,4,1+2 (B!), d/f+4,2,b,f+1 -=- 65 pts.
d/f+2,1, f+3~1, d/f+3, f,f+1, b+1 (B!), f,f+1, d,d/f+1,2 -=- 75 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Bitch Kicks {1}
        2+4                 Hip Toss {2}
        f,f+1+2             Stonehead {1+2}
        FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2    Gates of Hell
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Steel Pedal Drop {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Skull Smash {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Neck Throw

1,1>2                       Shining Assault
1,2,2                       Demon Slayer
1,2>4,3                     TWIN STATURE SMASH
b+1                         SHORT ELBOW
  2                           SOKUSHITSU
d/f+1                       Gut Slugger
  2                           DONKEY PUNCH  *Bounds*
  f+2                         Demon Thrust
  4                           ROUNDHOUSE  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      Twin Pistons  *Juggles*
f,N                         Kazuya Mist Step
  d/f+1                       Thunder Godfist
    3                           Midkick
    4                           Hellsweep
  d/f+2                       Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
  d~d/f+2                     Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles on CH*
  d/f+3                       Leaping Slash Kick
  d/f+4,4                     Hell Sweeps
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Thunder Godfist
  3                           Midkick
  4                           Hellsweep
1+2                         Shadow Fists
f+1+2                       Glory Demon Fist  *Stuns*
  2                           DEMON THRUST
d_FC+1+2                    Ultimate Tackle
b+1+2                       KUMO KIRI  *Stuns on CH*
SS+1+2                      Corpse Slash Punch
2                           Jab
  2                           BACK MIDFIST
  4                           SENSHINTO
f,N,d,d/f+2                 Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
f,N,d~d/f+2                 Electric Wind Godfist  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Kazuya Gutpunch  *Stuns*
b+2,4,1                     Black Devil String
b,b+2                       Spinning Backfist
  2                           Spiral Trip  *Juggles*
f,f+2                       Demon Cutter Knife  *Juggles*
d/f+2                       Demon Gutpunch  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                       EVIL POUND  *Bounds*
3,1                         Snapkick, Jab
  >4                          Wicked Darkness  *Stuns*
b+3,1,4                     Blazing Demon
  1                           Kidney Shot
  3                           Low Fire Kick
f+3                         ONI KICK
f,f+3                       Split Axe Kick
f,N,d,d/f+3                 Leaping Slash Kick
f,N,d,d/f+4                 Hell Sweep
  1                           Spinning Gutpunch
  4                           2nd Hell Sweep
d/f+3,2>1                   KNEE TWIN THRUST
d/b+3                       Devil's Tail
WS+3                        ENGETSUSEN
SS+3                        SHATTERED SPINE
4~3                         Demon Flipstomp
d/b+4                       Low Slipkick
f+4                         Axe Kick
b+4                         High Facekick  *Stuns on CH*
d+3+4                       THUNDER GRIND FOOT *Opponent Must be Grounded*
WS+4,4                      Axe Kicks
d/f+4>4                     Delayable Axe Kicks
u_u/f+4,4,4,4               Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4          Axe Kicks
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*

b+1+4                       Lightning Godfist  *Unblockable*
B+1+4                       Lightning Hell Godfist  *Unblockable*

f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1    Tenstring
f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1    Tenstring
f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1       Ninestring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2            COMBAT JACKET

Sample Combos
f,N,d~d/f+2, d/f+3,2, d/f+1,2 (B!) f,N,d,d/f+4,1 -=- 71 pts.
f,f+2, f,N,d~d/f+2, d/b+2 (B!), f,f, d+3+4 -=- 62 pts.
CH b,b+2,2, b+2,4, d/b+2 (B!), d/f+3,2,1 -=- 86 pts.
WS+1,2, 3,1,4, d/b+2 (B!), f,f, 3,1, f+3 -=- 73 pts.
d/f+1,4, d/b+2 (B!), d/f+3,2,1 -=- 53 pts.


| KING |

(Front)  1+3                 Swinging DDT {1}
         2+4                 Brainbuster Suplex {2}
         RN+2+4              Shining Wizard {1+2}
         d/b,f+2+4           Tombstone Piledriver {2}
         QCF+1               Jaguar Driver {1}
           1+2,1+2             Flying Press {2}
           1+2,3,4,1+2         Boston Crab  *At Apex of Driver*
         QCB+1+2             Wishbone Powerbomb {1+2}
         b+1+2               Irish Whip {2}
           3+4                 Whip Down {3+4}
           2+4                 Quickslam {2}
           1+3                 Spin and Let Go {1}
         f,HCF+1             Giant Swing {1}  *Tech Roll for 1/2 damage*
         f,HCF+2             TIJUANA TWISTER {2}
         d+1+3               IRON LARIAT {1}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d+2+4               Spin-Up Powerslam {2}  *Opponent Must Duck*
         d/f,d/f+2+4         Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {2} *Opponent Duck*
         f,N,D/F+2+3         Standing Achilles Hold {2}
           1+2,3,1,1+3         Scorpion Death Lock {2}
           1,2,3,1+2           STF {1 Escape, 1+2 Reversal}
           1+2,1,3,1+2         Indian Death Lock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal}
             1,3,4,1+2,3+4       Romero's Special
         f,N,D/F+1+4         Reverse Arm Hyperextension {1}
           1+2,1+2             Double Arm Snap {1}
           1+2,4,2+4           Russian Leg Sweep {2}
             4,3,4,3+4,1+2       Arm Crucifix
           2,1,1+2+3           Chicken Wing Face Lock {1+2}
     2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4       Reverse Guillotine Choke {1}
     1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3   Rolling Death Cradle {2}
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)        Argentine Backbreaker {1}
         SS+2+4             Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)        Knee Crusher {2}
         SS+2+4             Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {2}
(Back)   2+4                Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
         F+2+4              Half Boston Crab
         b,f+1+2            Octopus Slam
         SS+2+4             Cannonball Multistarter-(G)
(Tackle) (1,2,1)_(2,1,2)    Mounted Punches
           1+2,1+2            Armbar, Wristlock
           3+4                Knee Cross Lock
             :1+2               Elbow Lock, Necksnap
         1+2,1+2            Armbar, Wristlock
         3+4                Knee Cross Lock
           :1+2               Elbow Lock, Necksnap
(Air)    1+3                Inverted Leg Lace
         d+(1+3)_(2+4)      Catching Ankle Breaker
           1+2,1+2          Slingshot
           2,1,4,3          Giant Swing
         f,HCF+(1_2)        SWINGING POWERBOMB
         f,f,F+2+4          Running Powerbomb
(Wall)   (f_HCF+1)_(f,f,f+2+4)  SHINING TORPEDO

Ground Throws
Face Up/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Mini Swing {2}
  D/B+2+4                   Figure-4 Leglock {1+2}
  D/F+2+4                   Crotch Dive {2}
Face Down/Feet Towards
  d/b+2+4                   Half Boston Crab {1}
Face Up/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Crucifixion {1+2}
Face Down/Feet Away
  d/b+2+4                   Chicken Wing {1+2}
Face Up/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Flip Over (Right) {2}
Face Down/Side
  d/b+2+4                   Bow Break (Left) {1}
  d/b+2+4                   Camel Clutch (Right) {2}

Multithrow Link Table

  | `C--D        U--V--W--K--L
  |  |              |     |
  |  `--E           |     `--M
  |              T  |
  `--F--G--H       |
        |          |
           |        |  |
           P--Q     |  `--M
           |        |
           `--R--S  `--N--O--L

A. 3+4,(1+4)_(2+3)            Jaguar Step, Choke Sleeper Multistarter {1_2}
B. 2+4,1+2,1+2                Funeral Suplex {1}
C. 3+4,3+4,1+2                Pickpocket Sleeper {2}
D. 1,1,1+2                    Triple Mounted Punches {1}
E. 3,4,1+2,3+4                Stretch Muffler {2}
F. 1,4,2,3                    Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch
G. 2,1,(1+3)_(2+4)            Fallback Suplex {1_2}
H. 3,1,1+2                    Diagonal Turtleshell Snap {1+2}
I. 1+2,1,2,1+2+(3_4)          Twisting Armlock Suplex {1_2}
J. 2,2,1+2                    Cannonball {2}
K. 1,2,3+4                    Powerbomb {1}
L. 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4          Wishbone Powerbomb {1_2}
M. 2,1,3,4                    Giant Swing {1_2}
N. 3+4,1+2,1+2+4              Manhattan Drop {2}
O. 1,2,3+4,1+2                Superfreak
P. 3+4,1+2                    Backdrop
Q. 1+2,4,1+2,1+2+3            Rising Sun {1+2}
R. 1+2,3,4,(1+3)_(2+4)        Shoulder Rack Drop {1_2}
S. 2+4,3+4,1+3,1+2,1+2+(3_4)  Screwdriver {1_2}
T. d/f+1+2                    Double Elbow Lock Multistarter
U. f,d/f+(1+3)_(2+4)          Reverse Arm Clutch Multistarter {1_2}
V. 2,1,1+2                    Backdrop {1}
W. 3+4,1+2                    German Suplex {1}

1,2                         Double Punch String
  2+4                         Fallback Ankle Trip {2}
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
1,2,1                       Triple Punch String
  2+4                         Fallback Ankle Trip Throw
  d+2+4                       Low Powerbomb  {2} *Opponent Must Duck*
d+1~N+2                     Mid Punch, Uppercut
b+1                         Sprint Hook  *Stuns on CH*
  2                           UPPERCUT
  4                           HEEL KICK
f,f+1                       JAGUAR HOOK
d/f+1>2                     Elbow Smash, Side Swipe
(FC,d/f+1)_(f,N,d,d/f+1)    Ankle Swipe  *Juggles*
1+2                         Uppercut, (BT)
  1                           Backhand
  3                           Blind Thrustkick
d+1+2                       Elbow Drop
f+1+2                       Quick Jaguar Lariat
f,f,N+1+2                   Offensive Push
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles*
  *Hold down 1+2*             Burning Knuckle Bomb  *Unblockable*
f,N,d,D/F+1+2               Knuckle Duster  *Juggles on CH*
(f,N,d,d/f,f)_(WS)+1+2      Chin Shatter Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1+2                      Engish Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+1+4                       Mid Chest Thrust
b+2                         Black Arrow
  1+2                         HEADBUTT  *Juggles, Bounds*
  4                           TOE KICK  *Throws on CH*
f+2>2                       Roaring Elbow Rush
  1                           Left Layout
  >2                          Spinning Elbow
    ~b                          Spinning Elbow Cancel
f,f+2>1                     Elbow Scratch Attack
f,f,N+2                     Low Smash  *Stuns on CH*
  *stun* 1+2                  Jaguar Backbreaker  {1+2}
  *stun* 1+2,u,d,N+3+4        Jumping Powerbomb {3+4}
d/f+2,1                     Double Hook Impact
d/b+2                       BRAIN CHOP  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Sneak Uppercut
WS+2                        Uppercut
FC,d/f+2                    Dynamite Uppercut  *Stuns*
SS+2                        VICTORY PALM
f+2+3                       Black Shoulder
f,f+2+3                     Flying Body Splash
f+3                         Bad Attitude  *Stuns on CH*
  :1+2                        Cougar DDT  *Only on non-CH Hit*
b+3                         Back Thrust Kick
d/f+3                       Mid Side Kick
d/f+3~4                     High Mist Trap
d/b+3                       Low Kickout  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+3                       Rolling Wheel Kick
BK 3                        Dust Kick
  :1+2                        Stunner Throw
3+4                         Jaguar Step Stance
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)          Ali Kick
  2                           Middle Smash
  4,4                         Ali Kicks
CH (d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)       Counterhit Ali Kick
  2                           Middle Smash
  4,4                         Ali Kicks
    4,4                         Ali Kicks
    2                           Middle Smash
f+3+4                       Delayed Drop Kick
f,f+3+4                     Drop Kick
RN+3+4                      Satellite Drop Kick
d/f+3+4                     Frankensteiner  *Throws Close Standing Opponent*
u/f+3+4                     Mini Spinning Headboot
SS+3+4                      Spinning Headboot
4                           Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Jumping Reverse Kick
b+4                         Turnaround Kick, (BT)
f,f+4                       Convict Kick
d/f+4,3                     MINCER
  4                           SPINNING BACK KICK
    ~B                          (BK)
  d+4                         DROPPING SHIN KICK
(d/b+4)_(BK d+4)            Dropping Shin Kick  *If Misses, FD/FT*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               KNEE LIFT  *Juggles*
b+1+3                       Mid/High Right Punch Reversal
b+2+4                       Mid/High Kick Reversal
  :3+4                        Figure-4 Leglock  *Right Kick Reversal Only*
F+1+2  *Hold down 1+2*      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
BK 1+2                      Jaguar Lariat  *Unblockable, Can be Ducked*
1+4                         Twisting Moonsault Press  *Unblockable*
121.1..24.4.4..1.(1_3)      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring
121.1..      Tenstring

Jaguar Step - 3+4
(1+4)_(2+3)                 Choke Sleeper Multistarter  *See Throws Above*
1                           Jaw Straightener  *Stuns*
2                           Overhead Smash
3                           Spinning Savate  *Juggles*
  2+3                         BODY PRESS
3+4#                        Additional Jaguar Step Spins
4                           High Spinkick
*3-5 Spins*,4               Momentum High Spinkick  *Unblockable*
d/f+4                       Mid Spinkick

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
(FU/FT)_(FD/FA) 1+2         RUDE MASK

Sample Combos
u/f+4, d/f+2,1, 1, b+2,1+2 (B!), f+2+3 -=- 64 pts.
u/f+1+2, d/f+4,3, 1, f,f,F+2+4 -=- 88 pts.
FC,d/f+2, d/f+4,3, f+2,2,2 (B!), f+2+3 -=- 77 pts.
FC,d/f+1, WS+4, d/f+4,3, b+1,4 -=- 64 pts.
WS+1+2, f+2,2,2 (B!), d+1+2 -=- 56 pts.



Note:  Kuma can be selected by hitting 1 or 2 during the Character Select.
----  Panda can be selected by hitting 3 or 4 during the Character Select.

(Front) 1+3                 Bear Bite {1}
        2+4                 Bear Hug {2}
        f,f+1+4             Stone Head {1+2}
        HCB,f+1+2           Circus Roll {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Choke Slam {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Rag Doll {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Chew Toy

1,2                         ONE-TWO CLAW
f+1~1,1                     BEAR CANNON  *Juggles*
b+1                         BEAR SMASH
WS+1                        GRIZZLY UPPERCUT
  1                           KILLING PAW
  >2                          Megaton Claw
D/F#+1,2,1,2                Uppercut Rush  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f,1,2,1,1              Bear Wildmill, Backpaw
d/b+1,2                     DOUBLE WILD SLAP  *Bounds*
(u/b_u_u/f)+1               HORNET SWEEP
1+2                         Bear Knuckle
  >1+2                        Double Uppercut  *Juggles*
    1+2                         Bear Hammer
  3+4                         (PBS)
WS+1+2>1+2                  DOUBLE UPPERCUT  *Bounds*
  3+4                         (PBS)
f+1+2                       Claw Scissors  *Juggles*
f,f+1+2                     RABID BEAR
d+1+2                       Iron Booty
u+1+2                       BEAR SKIP
  3+4                         SKIP CANCEL, (PBS)
u/f+1+2                     Belly Flop
d/f+1+2                     ULTRA BEAR
SS+1+2                      SALMON SWIPE
FU/(FT_FA) d+1+2            Spring Hammerpunch, (Sit Down)
FU/(FT_FA) 1+2              Bear Backstroke
2,1                         Jab, Elbow
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Shinkick
b+2,1,1+2                   HOWLING BEAR
f+2,1                       WILD LUMBERJACK
f,f+2                       Demon Bearfist  *Juggles*
d/f+2,1                     KUMA MUSOU  *Juggles*
D/F#+2,1,2                  Uppercut Rush
d/b+2                       Low Fish Catch
b,d/b,d,d/f+2               Megaton Claw
  1                           DUAL CLAW
  2                           CLAW SMASH
FC,d/f+2                    Short Bear Rush
  (D_D/F_F)+1                 (L_M_H) Ending
WS+2                        MAD ANGLER  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+1+2                  Revolution Roll
  1                           Deathpaw
  1+2                         Rolling Bear
  2                           Upperswipe  *Juggles*
  3                           Butt Scoot
  3+4                         (PBS)
  4                           Flipper Bear
b,f+2+3                     Salmon Hunter
d/f+3,2                     HONEY TRAP
d/b+3                       Stubby Kick
u/f+3,4,1+2                 Grizzly Rush
WS+3                        SPINNING BEAR KICK
f+3+4                       Black Bear Kickout
  1+2                         BUTT CHECK
b+3+4                       Back Bear Cannon  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       (Sit Down)
u/f+3+4                     Hip Press, (Sit Down)
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
d+4                         Forward Dancing Bear  *Only on Fallen Opponent*
u/f+4                       Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       SPINNING BEAR  *Juggles*
1+3+4                       Backwards Dancing Bear
3+4                         Prowling Bear Stance - (PBS)
(FD/FA)_(FD/FT) 3+4         Prowling Bear Stance - (PBS)
b,f+2+3  *Hold Down 2+3*    Power Salmon Hunter  *Unblockable*
b,b+2+3+4                   Terrible Ghastly Fart  *Death Unblockable*
b+1+2                       Terrible Claw  *Unblockable*
  f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,U/F      Rolling Bear
  3+4                          (PBS)
FC,d/f+2.N+1.1+2.3.1+2.1+2.1+     Tenstring  *Stop at 8th or 9th
                                                       hit for (PBS)*
FC,d/f+2.N+1.1+2.3.1+2.3+4.1+       Tenstring

Prowling Bear Stance (PBS) - 3+4
F_B                         Crawl Forwards_Backwards
f,f                         Revolution Roll
b,b                         BEAR BACKROLL
  3+4                         (PBS)
(u/f)_(u)_(u/b)             Bear Low Parry
d/b                         CROUCHING BEAR
1                           Low Hunting Claw, (PBS)
1,2                         Low Hunting Claw, Bear Scratch, (PBS)
2                           Bear Scratch, (PBS)
d/f+2                       BIG TREE  *Juggles*
1+2                         Paw Lift  *Juggles*
f+1+2                       Chew Toy Throw {1+2}
d+1+2                       Bear Rush, (PBS)
b+1+2                       Grizzly Spin
  3+4                         (PBS)
  1+2                         2nd Grizzly Spin
3_4                         Sideroll, (FU/FA)
3+4                         Bear Tackle
b+3+4                       Hunting Hip, Sit Down
d+3+4                       Resting Bear
  F                           Revolution Roll
  1                           Sideroll
    D                           (FU/FA)
    B                           Backroll
    F                           Revolution Roll
  3                           Rising Lowkick
  3+4                         (PBS)
  4                           Rising Midkick

Sit Down - d+3+4
B                           Roll Backwards
  3+4                         (PBS)
F                           Revolution Roll
1                           Sweep Swipe
2                           Upperswipe  *Juggles*

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       TUTU

Sample Combos
f,f+2, u/f+1+2, d/b+1,2 (B!), f,f, u/f+3,4,1+2 -=- 77 pts.
CH 1~1,1, d/f+2, d/f+2,1 -=- 52 pts.
u/f+4, f+1, d/b+1,2 (B!), f,f, b+2,1,1+2 -=- 55 pts.
f+1+2, d/b+3, d/f+2,1 -=- 49 pts.
d/b+4, WS+1+2,1+2 (B!), f,f+2 -=- 49 pts.



(Front) 1+3                  Rhinoceros {1}
        2+4                  Close Thunder {2}
        u/f+1+2              Apocalypse {1+2}
        u/f+3+4 *Hold 3+4*   Avalanche Drop
        (RN 2+4)_(DE 2+3)    S.H.B {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Critical Knee {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)          Euthanizer {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)          Dynamite Shrinkage
(Air)   (RN 2+4)_(DE 2+3)    Rejection

1,1,1                        Delta Cutter
1,2                          1-2 Punch
1,4                          Region Attack
f+1,2                        Flash Claw
  F                            [SE]
f+1,2,3                      Flash Out
  D                            [DE]
b+1                          Chevron Slash
d/f+1                        Alert Jab
d/b+1,3                      Arc Combination
WS+1                         Streamer  *Juggles*
1+2                          Square Upper
f+1+2                        Rushing Current  *Stuns*
f,f+1+2                      Elbow Corona
d+1+2                        Ground Battery
b+1+2                        Window Liger
d/f+1+2                      X-Ray Shot
FC,d/f+1+2                   Summer Circle Beret
d/b+1+2                      Imaginary Number  *stuns on CH*
f+1+4                        Power Slug
2,1                          Suratsushi Fists
  3                            Midkick
  4                            Highkick
f+2,1                        Charge Factor
  F                            [SE]
f+2,4                        Death Mask
f,f+2                        Surge Bursting  *Juggles*
  F                            [SE]
f,b+2,1                      System Shock  *Juggles, Bounds*
d+2                          Takutei Fist
b+2,1                        Gill Bar Mash
d/f+2                        Knocking Fist  *Stuns on CH*
d/b+2                        Bead Shot
  F                            [SE]
  1                            Weaving Bead
  3                            Straight Bead
WS+2                         Lightning Starter
  F                            [SE]
  D                            [DE]
  1                            Ply Cutter
  F                            [SE]
BT 2                         Shiyotsu Fist
3                            Kickstart
f+3                          [DE] Stance
f,f+3                        Electric Shock
d+3,1                        Tesla Gravity Shot
b+3                          Impulse Kick
  F                            [SE]
  4                            Impluse Boot
d/f+3                        Outpost Kick
  D                            [DE]
  3                            Post Foot
(u/b_u_u/f)+3                Trigger DOS  *Juggles*
WS+3                         Tower Cannon
f+3+4                        [SE] Stance
f,f+3+4                      Double Action
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4              Avalanche
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4 *Hold 3+4*   Avalanche Drop Throw
RN 3                         Running Slashkick
4                            Cord Line
b+4                          Magnetic Knee
  1                            Banshee Somersault
  4                            Avalanche Fall
f,f+4,3                      Double Pluse
d/b+4                        Shadow Cutter  *Juggles on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4                Storm Heel  *Juggles*
1+2+3+4,2                    Rising Fourth  *Juggles*
b+2+3                        Zeus  *Unblockable*
u/f+1,2,1,1,2,2,Hit 3,3,3,1  Tenstring  *7th Hit must Connect*
u/f+1,2,1,1,2,2,3,3,3,1      Tenstring

Silent Entry Stance [SE] - f+3+4
1                            Lightning Thrust
2                            Arrest Shutting
3                            Storm Gear  *Juggles*

Dynamic Entry Stance [DE] - f+3
(u,N)_(d_N)                  Dynamic Sidestep
1                            Cocking
  F                            [SE]
    1                            Cocking Shot
2                            Rim Fire  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                          Elastance  *Juggles*
2+3                          S.H.B. Throw

Item Moves
b+1+2+3                      Sledgehammer
2+3+4                        Submachine Gun

Sample Combos
u/f+4, 2,1, f,b+2,1 (B!), d/b+2~f, SE 1 -=- 64 pts.
f,b+2,1 (B!), f+3, DE 2, f+2,1~f, SE 1 -=- 52 pts.
u/f+3, d+2, WS+2,1 (B!), f,f, d/f+1, d/b+2~f, SE 1 -=- 63 pts.
f+1+2, d/b+2, d/b+2,1, f,b+2,1 (B!), d/b+2~f, SE 1 -=- 69 pts.
WS+1~f, SE 3, d/b+2,1, f,b+2,1, (B!), d/f+3,3 -=- 68 pts.


| LAW (Marshall) |

(Front) 1+3                 Twin Dragonstrike {1}
        2+4                 Leg Grab Takedown {2}
        d/f+1+2             Chastisement Punch {1+2}
          1,2,1+2             Bulldog
        f+2+3               Dragon Dive {1}
        f,f+3+4             Dragon Knee  *Juggles* {1}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Headlock Kick {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Dragon Jewel Punch {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Throat Punch

1~[1],[1],[1]               Punch Rush
  1                           Punch
  2                           Rush Fist
    ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
    3                           Rush Knee
    u/f+3                       Fake Somersault, Skyscraper Kick  *Juggles*
      ~b,f                        Fake Step Stance
  2,2                         Rush Fists
  2,F+2>2                     Rush Fists
    ~b,f                        Dragon Stance
d+1,3                       Ducking Strike, Twist Kick
b+1                         Dragon Rain
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
  >2                          Dragon Thunder
    ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
    >2                          DRAGON STORM
QCF+1,2,1                   Flurry Fists
  2                           Whack Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+1,2                      DISORIENTED FISTS
2,2,1,2                     Dragon Fist Rage
2,f+2,2                     JAB, DRAGON KNUCKLES  *Bounds*
F+2>2>2                     DRAGON KNUCKLE COMBO  *Bounds*
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
(FC_d)+2,3                  DUCKING JAB, RISING DRAGON
f+2~1                       1-Inch Punch
b+2,2                       SLICK BACKFISTS  *Bounds*
b+2,3                       Junkyard Combo
  4                           Junkyard Kick  *Juggles*
    ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
  d+4                         Dragon's Tail
(FC_d)+2,3                  DUCKING JAB, SKYSCRAPER KICK  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Elbow, (BT)
  4                           Frogman
    ~D                          Lie Down FU/FA
F+2>2                       Dragon Knuckle
  1+2                         Spread Backfist
  >2                          Knuckle Combo
    ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
f,f+2                       Dragon Punch
  <1<3                        Dragon Strike
  3                           HEAD RINGER
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Gut Punch
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
  1                           Gut Strike
    ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
    2                           Third Strike
      ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
      >1                           Backfist
BT 2,2                      Elbow, Power Backfist
d+1+2                       (Dragon) Stance  *High/Mid Punch Parry*
f+1+2                       OVERHEAD SMASH  *Bounds*
BT 1+2                      DRAGON BACK BLOW
3,3                         FEINT STEP-IN KICK
3,4                         HIGH TAILS
d+3,3                       DRAGON LOW HOOK
b+3                         Rolling Right Kick
d/b+3                       Leg Hunter Kick
d/f+3                       Lunge Kick
f,f+3                       Fierce Lunge Kick
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
(u/f_u_u/b)+3,4             Hopkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
(U/F_U_U/B)+3,4             Fake Somersault, Skyscraper Kick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              Dragon Slide
FC+3,4                      Crouchkick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
WS+3                        Twist Kick
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
  N                           (Fake Step) Stance
  4                           Flipkick  *Juggles*
3+4                         STEPPING DRAKE
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
U/F+4                       Flip Kick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
(d+3+4)_(FC+4),3            SHIN KICK SOMERSAULT  *Juggles*
b+3+4                       LEANBACK THRUST
u/f+3+4                     UHARA STOMP
SS+3+4                      Bicycle Kick
CH 4                        Knockdown Highkick  *Juggles*
FC,u/b_u_u/f+4              Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
  3                           Double Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,U/B_U_U/F+4              High Flipkick
FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4            Super Flipkick  *Falls FU/FT*
4,(u_u/f)+3                 Roundhouse, Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
4,3,                        High Kick, Spin Kick
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
  4                            High Kick
    ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
b+4,3                       Tiger Fang Kicks
d+4,3                       STEPPING RAZOR
WS+4,3                      Rising Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Dragon's Tail
  4                           Flipkick  *Juggles*
d/f+4,3                     Thrust Kick, Flipkick  *Juggles*
BT 4,3                      Wolf Fang Kicks
BT d+4                      Mule Sweep  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
d/b+1+2                     Dragon Fang  *Unblockable*
  u,u                         Cancel, (Dragon) Stance
b+1+2                       High/Medium Punch Parry  *If Punch is Caught*
  1                           Tricky Trap  *Turns Opponent Around*
  2                           Tricky Fist  *Stuns*
  3                           Tricky Step-In Kick
  4                           Tricky Lowkick
b+2+4                       High/Mid Parry
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance  *Only if Parry Connects*
d/f+             Tenstring
d/f+122.13.3.D+3.D+3.(3_4).4.4   Tenstring
d/f+          Tenstring
d/f+  Tenstring

Dragon Stance - d+1+2 - *High/Mid Punch Parry*
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           THE KICK
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         1-INCH BACKFIST
2                           SKULL ROCKER  *Bounds*
f+2,2>1>2                   DRAGON JUDGEMENT
f+2~1                       ONE INCH PUNCH
f+2>f+2                     RAVE COMBO
  >1+2                        RAVE FANG
  >2                          RAVE WAR  *Bounds*
2+4                         3x Facekick Throw {2}
3                           WHIPPING KICK
f+3                         DRAGON CANNON
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
3+4                         The Kick
4,3                         Junkyard Kicks  *Juggles*

Fake Step Stance
[1],f+1                     Killer Backfist[s]
2~1                         One-Inch Punch
2,2>1>2                     Dragon Judgement
2+4                         3x Facekick Throw
3                           Fake Step Cannon
3+4                         The Kick
4,3                         Junkyard Kicks  *Juggles*

Taunting Stance - b+1+2 (Missed)
1                           Dragon Knuckle
  >f+1                        Dragon Rave
  4                           THE KICK
f+1                         Dragon Rave
1+2                         1-INCH BACKFIST
2                           Gut Punch
  ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
  1                           Gut Strike
    ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
    2                           Third Strike
      ~b,f                        (Dragon) Stance
      >1                           Backfist
3                           WHIPPING KICK
f+3                         DRAGON CANNON
  ~b,f                        (Fake Step) Stance
3+4                         The Kick
4,3                         Junkyard Kicks  *Juggles*

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+3~b                       BEAR KILL BANDAGE

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 1, b+2, 1,2, f+2,{2},2 (B!), f,f+2,1,3 -=- 54 pts.
U/F+4,3, 1,2, f+1+2 (B!), f,f, U/F+4,3 -=- 72 pts.
CH d+2,3, b+2, 1,2,3, b+2,2 (B!), f,f+2,3 -=- 74 pts.
WS+2, 4, 3+4, u/f+1, f+2,{2},2 (B!), f,f, d+1,3 -=- 67 pts.
f,f+3+4, 3+4, 3+4, b+2,2 (B!), f,f+2,3 -=- 55 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Neck Fracture {1}
        2+4                 Neck Twister Toss {2}
        f,f+3+4             Knee Bash {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Harassment {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Stunner {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Bulldog

f,N                         Mist Step
  b,N                         Reverse Mist
    4                           SILVER AXE  *Juggles on CH*
  3,4                         INVERTED AXLE  *Juggles*
  b+3+4                       (Hitman) Cancel
(b+1,1)_(b+1:1)             (Fang Rush)_(Precision Fang Rush)
  ~f,N                        Mist Step
  2                           Triple Fang
  3+4                         (Hitman)
1,2                         1-2 Punches
  ~f,N                        Punch Cancel, Mist Step
  2                           Violet Knuckle
  4                           Violet Kick  *Stuns on CH*
    ~3                          (Hitman)
  *Hold 4*                    Power Violet Kick  *Stuns on CH*
    ~3                          (Hitman)
1+2                         Schwartz Rose Hook
2,1                         Violet Rush
  1                           Schwartz Rose Hook
  ~3+4                        (Hitman)
  4                           VIER REVOLUTION
2,2                         Rave War
f+2,1                       DOUBLE SIGNAL
d+2                         GUT POLISHER  *Stuns on CH*
b+2                         REAR CROSS PUNCH
  ~f,N                        Mist Step
  4,3                         SUPER HIGH
ws+2,3                      ROCKET HEEL  *Juggles*
3                           MIST WOLF KICK
  ~3                          FEINT MIST WOLF
    :4                          MIST TRAP
  >3                          MIST WOLF COMBO
  ~4                          (HITMAN)
b+3,4                       AXE KICKER
d+3                         Spinning Low Slip Kick
  ~4                          (Hitman)
f+3,3,3,3,3,4               Acid Storm
f,f+3                       Spinning Mid Roundhouse
u+3                         EVASIVE BACKFLIP
  3+4                         (HITMAN)
u/f+3                       QUICK SILVER STING
  1                           BRILLIANT ROSE
  4                           Double Mazurek
d/b+3                       Low Slice Kick
d/f+3                       Step-In Kick
  2,3                         MERCURY DRIVE  *Juggles*
u/b+3                       WHEEL OF FATE
WS+3,3                      Axe Kicks
  (d/f+3)_(D+3)               Mid_Low Infinite Starter
    3,3,3,3...                  Infinite Kicks
    u+3,3,3...                  Infinte Kicks Mid
    d+3,3,3...                  Infinite Kicks Low
SS Right+3+4                LEE SCREW
  ~4                          (Hitman)
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3              Dragon Slide
RN 3,4                      SHREDDER KICKS
  >4                          HIGH SHREDDER
  >d/f+4                      MID SHREDDER
  >d+4                        LOW SHREDDER
3+4                         (Hitman) Stance
f+3+4                       FEATHER LANDING
u/f+3+4                     Silver Sting
f,f,N+3+4                   Falling Dragon Slide
b,b,N+3+4                   Handspring Backflip, (Hitman)
4,3,3                       Violet Spin Hammer
4,3,4                       Shaolin Spinkicks, Flipkick
4,4,4                       Machine Gun Kicks
4,u+3                       Roundhouse, Somersault
f+4,3                       SILVER WHIP  *Bounds*
f,f+4                       Violet Heel  *Stuns on CH*
b+4                         SILVER HEEL  *Bounds - Juggles on CH*
  ~3                          (Hitman)
b,b+4                       Cutter
  ~3                          (Hitman)
u/f+4                       Violet Knee  *Juggles*
U/F+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       Compass Sweep
WS+4                        Rising Kick
  ~3                          (Hitman)
SS Left+3+4                 LEE SCREW
  ~3                          (Hitman)
FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4            Low Flipkick  *Juggles*
  ~3                          (Hitman)
FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4            High Flipkick
FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4          Rainbow Flipkick
d,d/b+4                     Blazing Kick  *Juggles*
D#+4>4>4>4                  Low Turdkicks, Midkick
  ~3                          (Hitman)
d+4                         Lowkick
  >N+4,3,3                    Violet Spin Hammer
  >N+4,3,4                    Shaolin Spin Kicks
  >N+4,4,4                    Machine Gun Kicks
  ~N+4~3                      Silver Cyclone  *Unblockable*
  >N+4,u+3                    Roundhouse, Flipkick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+4                    Silver Tail

b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BK)  *Against Wall*
d+3+4                       Silver Cyclone  *Unblockable*
d/b+1+2, [u,u]              Silver Fang, [Cancel]  *Unblockable*
b+1+2                       Taunt Punch Parry
d/f+        Tenstring

Hitman Stance - 3+4
u_d                         Sidestep
f                           Mist Step
b                           Hitman Cancel
1,1,1,1                     Jabbing Fists, [Hitman]
1~3                         Trapping Kick Feint  *Throws on Hit*
1,4                         Jab, Violet Kick
  ~3                          (Hitman)
1+2                         GUT PUNCHES
2                           Spinning Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Trapping Kick  *Throws on Hit*
u/f+3,                      SHOUTING SILVER STING
4                           Shin Slicer
u/f+4                       SPINNING JUMPKICK  *Juggles on CH*

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
b+1+4                       RAPIER

Sample Combos
WS+2,3, f,f+3 -=- 54 pts.
u/f+4, 4, b+1,1, f+4,3 (B!), f,f, d/f+3,2,3 -=- 62 pts.
d/f+2, 1, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~n, f+4,3 (B!), f,f, b+3 -=- 50 pts.
d,d/b+4, U/F,4, b+1,1,f~N, 2, f+4,3 (B!), f,f, d/f+3,2,3 -=- 79 pts.
[Hitman] 2, f,f,f, 2,1, 1,2,f~N, 1,2,f~N, 3,4 -=- 64 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Sleeper Hold {1}
        2+4                 Flying Sky Kick {2}
        f,f+1+2             Thai Trip {1+2}
        u/f+1+2             Falling Elbow Trip {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Sailboat Stretch {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Closing Fan {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Helicopter Kickup

1,1                         Double Snake Jabs
  F                           (Snake)
1,2                         1-2 Punches
d/f+1,1,1                   DANCING COBRA
u/f+1                       SONIC STRIKE
SS+1                        Snake Punch
  f                           (Tiger)
  u_d                         (Dragon)
f,N+1                       1 Rushing Punch
  u_d                         (Snake)
f,N+1>2                     2 Rushing Punches
  u_d                         (Dragon)
f,N+1>2>1                   3 Rushing Punches
  u_d                         (Panther)
f,N+1>2>1>2                 4 Rushing Punches
  u_d                         (Tiger)
  3                           Sweeping Kick
  >4                          Midkick
    u_d                         (Crane)
1+2                         Turning Punch, (BT)
  2                           Spiral Uppercut  *Juggles*
b+1+2                       Headbutt
f+1+2                       Double Snake Punch
  f                           (Crane)
  u_d                         (Panther)
u+1+2                       IMMORTAL FLIGHT
  ~D                          (FU/FT)
d/f+1+2                     China Splitter
d/b+1+2                     Butterfly Palm Strike
2,1                         HIGH/MID FISTS
  ~F                          (DRUNKEN)
  3+4                         STEPPING FEET
d+2                         CHINESE HAMMER  *Bounds*
  2                           SPARE RIBS
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
  ~F                          (SNAKE)
FC,d/f+2,1                  Thousand Bird Flower, (BT)
  4                           Phoenix Rising, (Eagle) Stance
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
f,F+2                       Tiger Claw  *Juggles on CH*
WS+2,1                      Swingover Punches
SS+2,2                      Drunken Punches
  f                           (Drunken) Stance
f,N+2,1,2                   Guard Melting Punches *Must Block 1st Punch*
  1                           Guard Melting Punch, (BT)
f,N+2>1>2                   Break Punches  *Must Whiff or Hit 1st Punch*
  3_4                         Low Kick, Mid Kick
    u_d                         (Crane)
3,3                         Crescent, Low Sweepkick, (BT)
3~4                         Jumping Crescent Kick (BT)
  ~D                          (FU/FA)
  4                           2ND CRESCENT
    ~D                          (FU/FA)
    4                           3RD CRESCENT
      ~D                          (FU/FA)
f+3,1                       HOWLING DOG
f,N+3                       Lightning Crescent
  4                           Stunkick  *Stuns*
  d+4                         Lowkick
f,f+3                       Launching Cyclone  *Juggles*
  4                           Flutter Kick
d/f+3                       SIDE KICK
u/f+3                       Crane Hopkick, (Crane)  *Juggles*
u/f+3+4                     Leaping Twistkick, (BT)  *Juggles*
  4                           2nd Twistkick
d/b+3+4                     MULE KICK, (FD/FT)
f,f+3+4                     FALLING CHESTKICK  *(FU/FT) on Miss*
SS+3+4                      TURNING BACKFLIP, (BT)
4~4,3                       Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT)
  3                           Lifting Kick  *Juggles*, (FD/FT)
4~3                         Cartwheel Kick, (FD/FT)
b+4                         TURNING STOMP
  ~B                          (BT)
  1                           LEI GONG ELBOW
d+4                         Low Kick
  ~D                          (Snake)
  4                           DOUBLE STAB
    ~F                          (DRUNK)
f,f+4                       Standing Spinning Right Kick
  3+4                         Jumping Spinning Dropkick
d/b+4                       RAVE SWEEP  *Juggles on Close Hit*
  4                           Rave Spin
  d_u                         (Snake)
  f                           (DRUNKEN)
u/f+4                       Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
u/b+4                       BLADE DROP
  ~F                          (CRANE)
  ~B                          (EAGLE)
f+4,2,1>2,3                 Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Low Kick
f+4,2,1>2>4                 Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Mid Kick
  u_d                         (Crane)
f,N+4~1,2                   Rush Combo
  2                           Snake Midpunch
    F                           (Dragon)
    2                           Snake Lowpunch
      F                           (Panther)
    4~4,3                       Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT)
      3                           Lifting Kick  *Juggles*, (FD/FT)
  3                           Lightning Crescent
    4                           Stunkick  *Stuns*
    d+4                         Lowkick
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b+3+4                       (BT)
d+1+4                       (FD/FA)
d+1+2                       (FD/FT)
d+2+3                       (FU/FA)
d+3+4                       (FU/FT)
b+1+4                       (Eagle)
f+3+4                       (Drunken)
f+2+3                       (Snake)
(SS+1+4)_(SS+2+3)           (Snake)
1+3+4                       PROVOCATION, (DRUNKEN)
f+3+4                       Mid/High Punch Drunken Parry, (Drunken)
b+121.3+4..2..     Tenstring
b+121.3+4..2..     Tenstring
b+121.3+4.3+4.3+4..1..1..2  Ninestring

Backturned Position - (BT) - (b+3+4)
F#                          BACKTURNED WALK
f,f                         BACKTURNED DASH
1                           BLIND CUP, (BT)
  1                           BLIND RIBS, (BT)
    3,2                         DANCING SPEAR
FC_d+1                      LOW BACKFIST, (BT)
1+2,2                       BACKFIST ELBOW DROP, (FD/FA)
2                           HEAVY HAND
(u/b_u_u/f)+2               Elbow Drop, (FU/FA)
3+4,[3+4],[3+4]             Backflip(s), (BT)
4,3                         REVERSE DOUBLE KICK
FC_d+4                      Rave Sweep  *Floats*
  d_u                         (Snake)
u/f+4                       Turn Around Liftkick  *Juggles*
d+1+3                       (FD/FA)
d+2+3                       (FU/FA)
d+3+4                       (FU/FT)

Face Down/Feet Away Position - (FD/FA) - (d+1+4)
u                           Stand Up
1_(d+1)                     Roll, (FU/FA)
1+2                         STARTLED DRUNK, (DRUNKEN)
2                           BREAK STANCE
3                           Sweep
(f_b),(3_4)                 Roll Forward_Back
  3                           Sweep
  4                           Rising Midkick
3+4                         Scorpion Kick
d+3+4                       DEADLY CURRENT, (FD/FA)
4                           Rising Midkick
4~3                         Slide, (FU/FT)

Face Up/Feet Away Position - (FU/FA) - (d+2+3)
u                           Stand Up
f_b                         Roll Forwards_Backwards
  3                           Sweep
  4                           Rising Midkick
1_(d+1)                     Roll, (FD/FA)
1+2                         STARTLED DRUNK, (DRUNKEN)
1+2+3                       HANGOVER, BREAK STANCE
2                           BREAK STANCE
3                           Rave Sweep  *Juggles on Clean Hit*
3+4                         FLAIR SPIN
4                           MULE KICK  *Juggles*

Face Down/Feet Towards Position - (FD/FT) - (d+1+2)
u                           Stand Up
f_b                         Roll Forwards_Backwards
  3                           Sweep
  4                           Rising Midkick
1_(d+1)                     Roll, (FU/FT)
1+2                         STARTLED DRUNK, (DRUNKEN)
2                           BREAK STANCE
3                           LOTUS CUTTER
3~4                         Sweep, (FU/FA)
3~4,4                       Rave Spin
3+4                         SHANGHAI SPINNER
4                           Rising Mid Kick
4~3                         Cartwheel Kick, (FD/FT)

Face Up/Feet Towards Position - (FU/FT) - (d+3+4)
u                           Stand Up
1_(d+1)                     Roll, (FD/FT)
f_b                         Roll Forward_Backwards
  3                           Low Sweep
  4                           Rising Midkick
1+2                         STARTLED DRUNK, (DRUNKEN)
1+2+3                       HANGOVER, BREAK STANCE
2                           BREAK STANCE
3                           WHIPPING TRIP
3+4                         Spring Up  *Damages on Counter*
4                           RISING KIDNEY KICK

Eagle Stance - (b+1+4)
1                           Drunken Fist
  F                           [Drunken] Stance
1+2                         [DRUNKEN] STANCE
2                           Dragon Palm  *Juggles*
3,3                         Crescent, Low Sweepkick
  ~B                          (BT)
b+3>3>3>3...                Hawk Claw Kicks, (Eagle)
4                           EAGLE CUTTER, (SNAKE)
f+4                         Phoenix Kick  *Unblockable*
b+4                         Jumping Crescent Kick (BT)
  ~D                          (FU/FA)
  4                           2ND CRESCENT
    ~D                          (FU/FA)
    4                           3RD CRESCENT
      ~D                          (FU/FA)

Drunken Stance - (f+3+4)
f                           DRUNKEN SWAGGER, (DRUNKEN)
  b                           BALANCE BACKSTEP, (DRUNKEN)
b                           Drunk Baby Steps, (Drunken)
d                           SOBERING SIDESTEP
1                           Drunken Fist
  F                           (Drunken)
1+2                         DRUNKEN SWILL *Recovers Health*, (Drunken)
  1+2,1+2                     GETTING WASTED, (FU/FT)
b+1+2                       SPINNING HEADBUTT, (FD/FA)
u/b+1+2                     CHUG THE POT,  (FU/FT)
  1                           STUPOR FAKE JAB
u/f+1+2                     DRUNKEN FALL, (FD/FA)
(1+3)_(2+4)                 OUT oF CONTROL
  1+2                         Drunken Swill  *Recovers Health*, (Drunken)
2,2                         Drunken Punches
  F                           (Drunken)
3                           Shin Punting
  F                           (Drunken)
  2                           FOX COMBO  *Bounds*
    F                           (DRUNKEN)
    4                           BACKFLIP
      F_B                         (CRANE)
3+4                         Donkey Kick, (FD/FT)
4                           Drunken Mule Kick  *Juggles*
  F                           (Drunken)

Snake Stance - (f+2+3)_(f,N+1~d)
1,1,1,1,1                   Stabbing Punches
  ~F                          (SNAKE)
1,2,1,2                     SNAPPING SNAKE, (SNAKE)
1+2                         Snake Bite
1+3                         DRAGON NECK SNAP THROW
  ~B                          NECK SNAP CANCEL
2                           Snake Midpunch *Stuns on CH*
  F                           (Dragon)
  2                           Snake Midpunch
    F                           (Dragon)
    2                           Snake Lowpunch
      F                           (Panther)
    4~4,3                       Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT)
      3                            Lifting Kick  *Juggles*, (FD/FT)
4                           Low Jab Kick, (Snake)
3                           Lifting Kick, (FD/FT)
SS Right                    (Panther)
SS Left                     (Dragon)

Dragon Stance - (f+2+3,u)_(f,N+1,2~d)
1                           DRAGON NECK SNAP THROW
  ~B                          NECK SNAP CANCEL
1+2                         DRAGON'S SPITE  *Stuns*
F+1+2                       DOUBLE ARM STRIKE
  F                           (Tiger)
2                           Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
  F                           (Tiger)
3                           CUJU KICK
  F                           (Crane)
4,1,2                       Rush Combo
  2                           Snake Bite
    ~f                          (Dragon)
    1+3                         (Tiger)
    2                           Twin Snake Bite
      ~f                          (Panther)
    4,3                         Ankle Kickdrop, [FU/FT]
      >3                          Lift Up Cannon  *Juggles*
  3                           Razor Kick
    4                           Mid Stun Kick
    d+4                         Tripkick  *Juggles*
SS Right                    (Snake)
SS Left                     (Tiger)

Panther Stance - (f+2+3,d)_(f,N+1,2,1~d)
1~2                         Low/High Punch Combo
2                           Uppercut  *Juggles/GMP if Blocked*
2,1,2                       GuardMelt Punches *Must Block 1st Punch, Juggles*
  1                           Guard Melting Punch, (BT)
3                           PANTHER HOP, (PANTHER)
  b                           (Eagle)
4,2,1>2                     Crescent Kick, 3 Punches
  3                           Lowkick
  >4                          Midkick
F                           Low Parry
SS Right                    (Crane)
SS Left                     (Snake)

Crane Stance - (f+2+3,d,d)_(f,N+1,2,1,2,4~d)
N                           Crane Defense  *Auto-Hops Over Low Kick Attacks*
1                           Crane Bill  *Lei turns (BT) if Blocked*
1+2                         CRANE SMASH
2                           Backfist, BK  *Connected Hit Turns Opponent (BT)*
4                           Hop Forward Low Kick
3>4>2>3                     Crane Fishing  *Juggles*
SS Right                    (Snake)
SS Left                     (Panther)

Tiger Stance - (f+2+3,u,u)_(f,N+1,2,1,2~d)
1                           Overhead Swipe  *Bounces On CH*
1+2                         DOUBLE TIGER PALMS
2                           Tiger Claw  *Stuns on CH*
3                           Leaping Tiger
  ~F                          CROUCHING TIGER, (FU/FT)
    1+2                         CROUCHING SNAKE
    4                           COILED SNAKE
4                           Fast Sweep  *Juggles*
F                           High/Mid Parry
SS Right                    (Dragon)
SS Left                     (Snake)

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
f,f+1+2                     LEATHER JACKET  *Throw must KO Opponent*

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 4, f+3,1, f,f+2 (B!), f,f+3,4 -=- 64 pts.
u/f+4, f+2, f,N+4,1~f, TGR 1 (B!), f,f+3,4 -=- 60 pts.
f,f+3~b, BT u/f+4, 1, f,N+2, f,f+2 (B!), f,f+2 -=- 58 pts.
Close d/b+4~f, Drunken 2,3 (B!), f,f+3,4 -=- 47 pts.
FU/FA 4, u/f+4, 1, f,f+2 (B!), f,f+4,3+4 -=- 64 pts.


| LEO |

(Front) 1+3                 Gut Palmer {1}
        2+4                 Swing Latch Strikes {2}
        f+f+1+2             Setting Strike {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Rib Displacer {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Tumble Dry {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Chiropractor

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  ~B                          [KNK]
  1,1                         Elbow Chain
  1,4                         Roundhouse Chain
  4                           Shincrack
1,4                         Jab, Highkick
d+1                         Hammer Fist  *Juggles on CH*
  ~D                          Full Crouch
b+1                         Gut Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
  4                           Rising Knee, [KNK]
d/f+1                       Gut Upper
u/f+1,2                     Advancing Mountain  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Advancing Mountain hits*
WS+1,4,1                    Short Up, Shincrack, Elbow
QCF+1                       Toe Strike
f+1+2                       Flying Barge
d+1+2                       [BOK]
d/f+1+2,1+2                 Spinning Barges
  QCF+2                       Extended Palm Strike
d/b+1+2                     Axe Splinter
  ~D                          [BOK]
  1                           Axe Thrust
WS+1+2                      Chang Elbow
SS+1+2                      Advancing Palm
b+1+4                       Twin Heights
2,1                         Twin Lancers
2,2                         Straight High, Elbow
f+2,2                       Right Hook, Mid Backfist
f,f+2                       Lunging Mach
d+2                         Overhead Punch  *Bounds*
b+2                         Elbow Stab
  1                           Left High Poke
  1+2                         Hammer Strike  *Bounds*
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles Standing Opponents*
d/b+2,2                     Right Palm, Overhead  *Bounds*
u/f+2,1                     Leaping Uppercut, Backhand
WS+2                        Rising Uppercut  *Juggles*
QCF+2                       Lunging Palmstrike
2+3                         Gut Wrench
f+2+3                       Axis Palm
d/f+2+3                     Toe Cruncher
3,2                         High Combo
  3                           Orbit Boot
  4                           Rising Knee, [KNK]
f+3                         Swing Kick
  ~D                          [BOK]
f,f+3                       Wolf Flip
  ~D                          [BOK]
b+3,1                       Mid Kick, Mid Punch
  ~B                          [KNK]
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
d/f+3                       Tracking Roundhouse
FC,d/f+3                    Wolf Tail
u/f+3                       Leaping Chestkick
WS+3,1,2                    Crashing Mountain
RN 3                        Leaping Facekick
b+3+4                       [KNK]
d+3+4                       Groundstomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
4                           Standing Highkick  *Juggles on CH*
f+4                         Rising Knee, [KNK]
f,f+4                       Spinning Rise  *Juggles*
  3,4                         Reverse Kick, Floor Sweeper
d+4,2                       Shinkick, Straight Palm
  1+2                         Shan Dian  *Only if Straight Palm hits*
d/b+4,1                     Floor Sweeper, Mid Punch
  2                           Final Punch  *Only can be done if Charged Up*
u/f+4                       Hopkick  *Juggles*
u/f,N+4                     Delayed Hopkick  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Snapkick
b,b~u/b                     Leaping Punch  *Against Wall*
b,b+1+2                     Fury Elbow  *Unblockable*
1+2+3+4                     Shan Dian Charge
u/b+1                       Lion's Jaw  *Parries High Punches*
  4                           Layout Kick, (BT)  *After Successful Parry*
b+1+2                       Lion's Mouth  *Parries High/Mid Attacks*
  2                           Elbow Revenge  *After Successful Kick Parry*
  2,2                         Axe Revenge  *After Successful Punch Parry*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               High/Mid Attack Reversal
2,1,3,2,1,2,3,1,2,1+2       Tenstring
2,1,3,2,1,3,2,4,2,1+2       Tenstring

Bokuho Stance [BOK] - d+1+2
1                           Advancing Fist  *stuns on CH*
2                           Launching Fist  *Juggles*
3                           Leaping Roundhouse
4                           Rising Knee, [KNK]

Kinkei Stance [KNK] - b+3+4
1                           Midstrike
  ~D                          [BOK]
  2                           Gut Palm
2                           Power Backhands *Turns Opponent BT - Stuns on CH*
3                           Hopkick  *Juggles*
  4                           Snap Hopkick  *Juggles*
4                           Low Stomp

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
f+1+2+3                     Mace

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 3,2,4~df~u/f+1, d/b+2,2 (B!), b+2,1+2 -=- 63 pts.
WS+2, b+1,4~d/f~u/f+1, d/b+2,2 (B!), d/f+1+2,1+2,QCF+2 -=- 68 pts.
f,f+4,3, d/f+1, b+2,1+2 (B!), d~d/f~N (iWS)+3,1,2 -=- 63 pts.
u/f+4, 3,2, b+2,1+2 (B!), f,f, d/f+1+2,1+2,QCF+2 -=- 62 pts.
BOK 2, u/f+2, 1, 1,2, b+2,1+2 (B!), f,f+4,3 -=- 70 pts.



(Front) 1+3                   Devotion Kiss {1}
        2+4                   Descending Spine Twister{2}
        d/f+1+2               Pendulum Snapper {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)           Arm Winder Toss{1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)           Armbar Orbiter{2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)           Judgement Signal
(Wall)  (1+3)_(2+4)_(d/f+1+2) LARKSPUR

1,2                           1-2 Punch
  3                             Low Trap
  4                             Arch Screw
b+1                           ELYSEE LE BRAS ALLONGE
d/f+1                         Diffusion Hand
d+1,2                         Paddling Beat
  ~B                            (BT)
  4                             Languish Kick
QCF+1>2                       ROSE PIQUE
WS+1                          En Garde  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+1                      VINE SLASH  *Juggles*
1+2                           Triange Spread
f+1+2                         KITTY CLAWS
b+1+2                         Dendorobium
SS+1+2                        Minuet Strike
2,3                           Low Trap Combo
2,4                           Arch Kick Combo
f+2                           Pendulum Punch
  3                             MARS SWORD  *Juggles*
f,f+2                         Aronjebra Pierce  *Stuns*
d/f+2                         Rose Upper  *Juggles*
  ~B                            (BT)
d+2,2                         Bloody Masquerade
  3                             Hurricane
  4                             Lance Kick
b+2,1                         Heliotrope Fists
  ~b                            (BT)
QCF+2                         Shanze Strike  *Stuns on CH*
WS+2                          Rising Baton  *Juggles*
  ~B                            (BT)
3                             PEACOCK KICK, (BT)
  1                             PEACOCK WALTZ
  2,3                           PEACOCK JIVE
f+3                           Circle Knee
f,f+3                         Alstomeria  *Juggles*
  3+4                           Reverse Wheel  *Only if Alstromeria Hits*
d+3                           TWIST OF FATE
d/f+3                         Hooking Heel  *Juggles on CH*
d/b+3                         CIRCLE CUTTER  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+3                         Honey Hopkick  *Juggles*
SS+3                          SHIRIN DART
FC,d/f+3                      Horizon Slide  *Juggles on CH*
(WS_QCF)+3                    Backarc Wheel  *Juggles*
  4                             Forward Wheel  *Juggles*
3+4                           Vertical Axis  *Throws on Clean Hit*
f+3+4                         Clock Kick
  3                             Delayed Clock Kick  *Juggles*
    4                             Clock Rewind
f,f+3+4                       Spine Shot
d/f+3+4                       Spinning Edge  *Juggles*, (BT)
  3+4                           Backwheel, (BT)
d+3+4                         Matterhorn Launch  *Juggles*
b+3+4                         (BT)
d/b+3+4                       FRESSIA THRUST
(u/b_u)+3+4                   MOONSAULT  *Juggles*
  ~f                            CROUCHDASH  *Can Chain any Crouchdash Move*
  3,3+4                         ALSTROEMERIA
u/f+3+4                       Angel Knees
  3                             ANGEL KICK
  3+4                           Wing Cannon  *Juggles*
QCF+3+4                       CLOISONNE
f+4                           Arch Kick
f,f+4                         Alto Rodeo Stomp
d/f+4>4                       Shut Up Stomper
d/b+4                         Edelweiss Sweep   *Juggles*
b+(3_4)                       RABBIT AIRSTEP
  ~f                            Crouchdash  *Can Chain any Crouchdash Move*
  ~3                            Rabbit Tail  *Juggles*
  ~4                            Rabbit Spine Shot
u/f+4,3                       Mustang Lance
WS+4                          Rising Lance
b+(1+3)_(2+4)                 Mid/High Punch Reversal
u~u/b                         Backflip
b,b~u/b                       Run-Up Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
b+1+4                         Final Spine Shot  *Unblockable*          Elevenstring  *Bounds on 3rd Hit*
4.1.3.(3+4)3..4.3.1.(3+4).4   Tenstring  *Bounds on 3rd Hit*

Back Turned (BT) Stance - (b+3+4)
1,2                           CANCER UNE-DEUX
2                             ROMPEZ FLEURET
1+2                           Temptest  *Juggles*
d+3,4                         Antelope Kicks
3+4                           TWIST FLEURET, (BT)
  2                             DAISY SWITCH
b+3+4                         DIVINE AXIS, (BT)  *Throws when Close*
d+3+4                         Flat Trip  *Juggles*, (BT)
  ~f                            Face Forward
4,3+4                         Spinning Edge, (BT)

Item Moves
b+1+2+3                       Naginata
d+1+2                         Impish Shorts

Sample Combos
u/f+3, d/f+1, 4,1,3 (B!), f,f+3,3+4 -=- 53 pts.
d/f+2, b+2,1, 1,2, d/f+3 (B!), d/f+3+4,3+4 -=- 70 pts.
WS+2~b, BT u/f+4, d/f+1, 1,2, f+1+2 (B!), QCF+1,2 -=- 70 pts.
d/f+3+4, BT d+1, WS+2, 1,2, d/f+3 (B!), f,f, 3,2,3 -=- 73 pts.
d/b+4, d/f+2, d/f+1, 1,2, f+1+2 (B!), f,f, 3,2,3 -=- 75 pts.


| MARDUK (Craig) |

(Front)  1+3                   Coat Roll {1}
         2+4                   Leg Compressor {2}
         QCF+1+3               NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX
           1+2                   (Mount) Position
         QCF+2+4               POWERSLAM
           1+2                   (Mount) Position
         f,f+1+2               Windmill Toss, Rubber Bounce  *Juggles*
         QCB+1+2               Back Breaker {1+2}
         f,HCF+1               Jackhammer {1+2}
         d+1+3                 Pickup Backslam  *Catches Ducking Opponents*
         d+2+4                 Silva Knee  *Catches Ducking Opponents*
(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)           Waist Drop {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)           Gorilla Press {2}
(Back)   1+3                   Back Suplex
         2+4                   Pancake Flipper
(Air)    1+3                   Whip Slam
         2+4                   Whiparound Toss
         f,f+1+2               Scoop Suplex
(Ground) d/b+(1+3)_(2+4)       Elevator Toss  *Juggles*
         FD/(FA/FT) d/b+2+4    NHB Knee
(Wall)   (1+3)_(2+4)_(f,f+1+2) ANGRY APE

1,2                         1-2 Punches
  >f+1                        Crossing Elbow
  3,1+2                       Midkick, Delayed Headbutt
  3+4                         (Vale Tudo) Stance
1,d+2                       Jab, Gutpunch
QCF+1                       BLISTER ELBOW  *Juggles*
  2                           Knuckle Duster  *Hold 2 to Charge*
b+1                         Earthquake Fist
  2                           DOUBLE DUNK
d+1                         Elbow Basher
d/f+1                       Uppercut Lift  *Juggles*
WS+1                        Quick Face Hit
  2                           Blurring Eve  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         Face Lift
f+1+2                       Cyclone Knuckles
b+1+2                       EARTHQUAKE
b,b+1+2                     HEAVE HITTER
d/f+1+2                     Headbutt
d/b+1+2                     Spinning Exploder Axe  *Juggles*
u/f+1+2                     Face Smush  *Stuns*
FC+1+2                      Rising Headbutt
[2],d+1+2                   [Punch], Lifting Tackle  *Juggles*
SS+1+2                      Spinning Axe Handle
f+1+4                       BLITZ, (FD/FA)
b+2                         Whirlwind Fist  *Stuns on CH*
d+2                         Ranged Low Jab
f+2                         Hook Smash  *Stuns*
  1                           Meat Hook  *Stuns*
  d+1                         Downward Hook
    2                           HAMMER SMASH  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Windmill Backhand
d+2,4                       Alligator
f+2,1                       Beserker  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+2,1                     DOUBLE IMPACT
d/b+2                       Forearm Bash
f,f+2                       Elbow Sting
WS+2                        TORNADO HOOK
QCF+2                       BABEL SMASHER
(FD/FA)_(FD/FT)+2           Grounded Ankle Cut
(FD/FA)_(FD/FT)+d+2         Grounded Ankle Trip
(d_d/b)+3                   Shin Kick
f+3                         Knee Lift  *Juggles on CH*
  2                           MAMMOTH CHARGE  *Bounds*
f,f+3                       Lunging Knee
b+3                         SASQUATCH CANNON
RN+3                        Power Dropkick
d/f+3                       Left Knee
  1,2                         1-2 Punches
    >f+1                        Crossing Elbow
    3,1+2                       Midkick, Delayed Headbutt
    3+4                         (Vale Tudo) Stance
  D/F+1,2                     Upperchop, Overchop
  1+2                         Headbutt
d/b+3                       REVOLVER
  1,1                         DOUBLE BARREL
  4                           TRAP KICK
u/f+3                       KNEE SLING
WS+3                        Massive Launch  *Juggles*
3+4                         (Vale Tudo) Stance
(d/b_b)+3+4                 BACKUP, (VALE TUDO) STANCE
d+3+4                       Sidestep, Vale Tudo Stance
u/f+3+4                     Leaping Stomp
b+4                         QUICK BAZOOKA
d+4                         Ali Kick
f,f+4                       Windmill Kick
d/f+4,2                     COMPRESSOR  *Bounds*
d/b+4                       Trip Takeout
d/b+4                       Ground Stomp  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
u/f+4                       Diagonal Kick
FC,d/f+4                    Ogre Sweep
d/b+4                       Falling Ankle Sweep  *Trip Takedown on CH*
SS+4                        THOR KICK
WS+4                        Rising Knee
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Diagonal Kick  *Against Wall*
b+(1+3)_(2+4)               MID/HIGH REVERSAL, (Mount) Position
f+3+4                       HELL HEAD  *HIGH UNBLOCKABLE*
b+2+3                       Craig Cannon  *Unblockable*
  b,b                         Cannon Cancel
  1+2                         (VALE TUDO) STYLE CANCEL         Tenstring        Tenstring

Vale Tudo Stance - 3+4
u_d                         Sidestep
d/f_d/b                     Full Crouch Position
1                           Quick Face Hit (WS+1)
  2                           Blurring Eve  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         (Mount) Takedown  *Spear From Far Distance*
d+1+2                       PYTHON EXPLOSION
1+3                         One-Handed Choke Slam {1}
2                           TORNADO HOOK (WS+2)
f+2                         Power Straight
2+4                         Body Slam {2}
3                           Massive Launch (WS+3)  *Juggles*
3+4                         Stance Cancel
4                           Rising Knee (WS+4)  *Juggles on CH*

Mount Position
1                           Face Punch, Triple Facepunches  {2}
1~2                         Fake Punch, Triple Gutpunches, Facepunch  {1}
1+2                         Face Punch, Sakaraba Chop  {N}
1+3                         Face Punch, Twin Gutpunch, Neck Crank  {2}
2                           Face Punch, Triple Gutpunches, Facepunch  {1}
2~1                         Fake Punch, Twin Gutpunch, Facepunch  {2}
2+4                         Face Punch, Twin Gutpunch, Leglock  {1}
3+4                         Dismount

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+3+4                       GRIDIRON HELMET

Sample Combos
d/f+1, 1, d/f+3,d/f+1,2 (B!), f,f, d/b+3,1,1 -=- 62 pts.
WS+3, 1, d/f+3,N+1,2, 3+4~3+4, d/f+4,2 (B!), d/f+2,1 -=- 65 pts.
QCF+1, 2,d+1+2, d/f+4,2 (B!), b+1+2 -=- 67 pts.
d/b+1+2, 1, f,f+1+2-=- 72 pts.
f,f+1+2, d/f+3,d/f+1,2 (B!), u/f+3+4 -=- 63 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Enhancer {1}
        2+4                 Bottleneck {2}
        d/f+1+2             Exciter {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Slash Beat {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Blast Beat {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Shock Howling

1,2                         Punch, Back Knuckle
  1+2                         Hammering Attack  *Juggles, Bounds*
  4                           Upper Stroke
    F                           [SAV]
1,3                         Punch, Low Kick
b+1                         Rimshot
  F                           [SAV]
  4                           Low Rimshot Joint
b,f+1                       Obligarde
d/f+1                       Choking
  F                           [SAV]
  2                           Body Blow
d/f+1,1                     Double Choking
  F                           [SAV]
  2                           Body Blow  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Kick
    F                           [SAV]
d/b+1                       Down Picking  *Juggles*
  *Hold 1*                    Charged Picking  *Juggles*
WS+1                        Brass Upper
  F                           [SAV]
u/f+1                       Staccato Dunk
  F                           [SAV]
1+2,1+2                     Double Hammering
d+1+2                       Blockbust
f+1+2                       Inductance  *Juggles*
b+1+2                       Arming  *Stuns on CH*
  F                           [SAV]
ws+1+2                      Wide Freight
2,1                         Separation Hook
  F                           [SAV]
f+2                         Buzz Strike
f,f+2,1                     Loud Upper Combo
b+2,2                       Pulling Off  *Bounds*
d+2                         Tapping  *Bounds*
d/f+2,1                     Beat Upper  *Juggles*
d/f+2,2                     Beat Chopping  *Bounds*
WS+2,2                      Distortion Slash  *Juggles*
  2                           Slashfist  *Bounds*
FC,d/f+2                    Bucking, (FU/FA)  *Stuns on CH*
3,4                         Power Cord
f+3,4                       Escassion
d+3                         Low Kick
d+3                         War Pedal  *Only on Fallen Opponent*
b+3                         Vibe Roller
  F                           [SAV]
d/f+3,2                     Brushing
d/b+3                       Heel Down
  F                           [SAV]
  4                           Double Heel Down
u/f+3                       Inlay Kick
ws+3                        Bridge Kick
RN 3                        Running Kickstart
3+4                         [SAV] - Savage Stance
b+4                         Phase Boots
f+4,2                       Cyclone Slap
d/f+4,1                     Cutting
  F                           [SAV]
  1                           Cutting Edge
d+4,1+2                     Sanding and Bunking
  F                           [SAV]
d/b+4                       Ankle Biter
(u_u/f)+4                   Rear Kick  *Juggles*
FC,d/f+4                    Decay Sweep  *Juggles*
b,u/b~b                     Wall Jumpkick  *Against Wall*
1+4                         Chouhatsu Taunt
f+3+4                       Dead Point Taunt
  ~F                          Death Point  *Unblockable*
WS+1+2,4,1,1,2,1,4,1,2,1    Tenstring

Savage Stance [SAV] - 3+4
d/f_d/b                     [SAV] Cancel
1                           Blister Knuckle
  F                           [SAV]
  1                           Twin Blister  *Stuns on CH*
  >2                          Blister One-Two
    F                           [SAV]
    >1                          Blister Binding  *Juggles*
  4                           Blister Crunch
b+1                         Fade Slash
  F                           [SAV]
  2                           Choke Down
  4                           Choke Up  *Stuns on CH*
d/f+1                       Pick-Upper
  F                           [SAV]
1+2                         Hammer Gut  *Juggles - Hold down 1+2 to Charge*
f+1+2                       Bunking
  F                           [SAV]
2                           Down Stroke  *Hold down 2 to Charge*
b+2                         Rocknut  *Parries Mid/High Punches*
d/f+2                       Upstroke  *Juggles*
3                           Torn Knee
  F                           [SAV]
  3                           Double Torn  *Stuns on CH*
    F                           [SAV]
b+3                         Sandburst
  F                           [SAV]
d/b+3                       Tail Piece
  F                           [SAV]
4                           Resonance Spin
d+4                         Side Low
  F                           [SAV]
  3                           Side Jack
    F                           [SAV]
d/b+4                       Grand Winder

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
2+3+4                       FLAMENCO GUITAR

Sample Combos
d/f+2,1, d/f+4,1, d/f+4,1, d/f+2,2 (B!), f,f+2,1 -=- 71 pts.
FC,d/f+4, f,f+2,1 -=- 44 pts.
f+1+2, d+1+2 -=- 51 pts.
d/b+1, WS+4, d+4,1+2-=- 41 pts.
u/f+4, 2,1, 1,2,1+2 (B!), d/f+4,1,1 -=- 65 pts.




     Mokujin randomly takes on the complete moveset of any one fighter
for an entire round.  After each round, Mokujin will randomly take on a
different character's moveset.  You can discover the identity of the
fighter by watching the stance and posture of Mokujin.

Item Moves
b+1+2+3                SLEDGEHAMMER
*Auto*                 EXHAUST PIPES  *Automatically triggers in Rage mode*



(Front) 1+3                 Wrist Flip {1}
        2+4                 Lifting Toss {2}
          1,2,1               Falling Elbow
            2,1,3               Arm Lock
        d/f+1+3             Stomach Elbow, Wrist Flip {1}
        d/f+2+4             Hammer Lock, Guillotine Snap {2}
        d/f,d/f+1           Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2}
        u/f+1+2             Overhead Toss {1+2}
        QCF>1+2             Palm Grab {2}
          3,4,3,1+2           FLIP-OVER ARMBAR {1+2}
          2,3,4,2,2           Enbracing Knee/Neck Snap {2}
            1,3+4,1,2,1+2       Falling Neck Snap {1}
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3       Turtleshell Flip {1+2}
          1,3,2,1             Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2       Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
            2,1,3,4,1+2         Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
        QCB,1+4             Knee Bash
          1,3,2,1             Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1}
            3,1,4,1+2,1+2       Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2}
            2,1,3,4,1+2         Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1}
          2,1,1+2,1+2+3       Octopus Special {2}
            1,3+4,1,2,1+2       Falling Neck Snap {1}
            1,2,4,3,1+2+3       Turtleshell Flip {1+2}
        QCF>3+4             Crab Claw {1}
          3,4,1+2             Rolling Arm Bar {1+2}
          4,2,1+2             Achilles Tendon Lock {2}
            3,1,4,2+4           Knee Cross Lock {1}
            1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2     Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock {1+2}

Note: The throws after the Achilles Tendon Lock can also be done after
        the Bone Cutter (RN+3) or (u/f+3+4) connects on a Clean Hit.
      The throws after the Embracing Knee/Neck Snap can also be done after
        a sucessful 1+2 after a Spider Knee.
      The throws after the Palm Grab can also be done after Nina b+2+4
        Attack Reverses an opponent's Left Punch (1).

(Left)   (1+3)_(2+4)              Rolling Groin Hyperextension {1}
(Right)  (1+3)_(2+4)              Whipping Toss {2}
(Back)   (1+3)_(2+4)              Jumping Overhead 3-Limb Break
(Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2    [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
         [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 3+4    [Mounted Punches,] Knee Cross Lock

1_(d/f+1)_(BT 1)_(BT 2)>2   1-2 Punches
  >f+1+2                      Double Palm
  1>2>f+1+2                   2 Punches, Double Palm
  >1>4                        Punch, Lowkick
  >3                          Spider Knee
    :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
  >4                          Roundhouse
1,4                         Jab, Highkick
  1                           Spinning Knifehand  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Low Sweep
b+1                         Killing Blade  *stuns*
u/f+1                       Jumping Spinslap  *Juggles*
QCF+1                       DASHING UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
SS+1                        Snake Shot
  ~F                          Forward Crouchdash
    1+2                         Palm Grab Multithrow Starter
    d/b,d/b+2+3                 Sleeping Breath  *Unblockable*
    3                           SABLE SLIDE
    3+4                         Craw Claw Multithrow Starter
    4                           Flipstomp  *Techroll to Avoid Damage to Nina*
  ~B                          Backward Crouchdash
    1+4                         Knee Bash Multithrow Starter
  2                           Double Shot
1+4                         IVORY CUTTER  *Bounds*
b+1+4                       Reverse Ivory Cutter  *Juggles*
(d+1~N+4)_(FC_d+2,4)        S-Mid Jab, Frontkick
d_FC+1,2,4                  TWIN S-MID JABS, SIDEKICK
WS+1,1+2                    FLUTTERING BUTTERFLY
f_WS+1+2                    Double Palm
f,f+1+2                     BOMBSHELL BLAST
b+1+2                       Lunging Double Palm Press
d/f+1+2                     Cross Blade  *Stuns on CH*
SS+1+2                      Spinning Double Palm
2                           Jab
  >1>4                        Twin Jab, Lowkick
  f+1+2                       Double Palm
  >3                          Spider Knee
    :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
  >4                          Roundhouse
b+2,2,2                     BACKHAND COMBO
  ~u_d                        SIDESTEP CANCEL
f,f+2                       Heart Crusher
d+2,3                       CUTTHROAT
QCF+2                       SHUT UP
d/b+2                       FOREARM CHOP  *Stuns On CH*
d/f+2                       Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
u/f+2>1                     SLAP UPPERCUT, BACKHAND  *Bounds*
WS+2                        Lifting Uppercut  *Juggles*
SS+2                        Palm Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Left Standing Kick
  SS Left                     Evasive Roll
3,3                         Highkick, Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
3>4                         Twin Highkick
f+3                         Twin Flicker Face Kicks  *Stuns on CH*
f,f+3                       BAD HABIT  *Stuns on CH*
FC_d+3                      Low Kick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  N+4,3                       EASY PREY
  d+4                         Lowkick
b+3,4                       Mid/High Cutter
  3+4                         Cartwheel
  4                           Scythe Sweep  *Juggles*
WS_(b,f)+3                  Spider Knee
  :1+2                        Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter
RN+3                        Bone Cutter  *Clean Hit - Achilles Tendon Lock*
QCF+3                       SABLE SLIDE
d/f+3                       Sidekick
  >1                          Jab
    ~U_D                        Sidestep Cancel
    >2>f+1+2                    Punch, Double Palm
  >2                          Jab
    >1>4                        Jab,Lowkick
    >3                          Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
    D+3                         Lowkick
      2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
      4                           Highkick
    4                           Roundhouse
  >3>3>4                      Sidekicks, Highkick
  >4                          Roundhouse
d/b+3                       STILETTO HEEL
(u/f)_u_(u/b)+3             CAT HOPKICK
u/f,N,d+3                   Hopping Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  3                           Sidekick
  d+3                         Lowkick
  4                           Roundhouse
d/b+3+4                     DIVINE CANNON  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       Foot Stomp  *Opponent Must Be Grounded*
u/f+3+4                     Bone Cutter  *CH Links to Achilles Tendon Lock*
4                           Right Standing Kick
  SS Right                    Evasive Roll
4,3                         Highkick, Lowkick
  2                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
f+4                         High Heel Lance
  3                           JIGSAW HEEL  *Juggles*
    3                           DROPPING HEEL *Bounds*
  >4                          Lance Flick
SS+4                        Sidestep Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
FC,d/f+4                    Dragon's Tail
(u_u/b)+4                   Tsunami Axe Kick  *Juggles on CH*
u/f+4,3,4                   Leaping Hunting Kicks
U/F+4                       TSUNAMI KICK  *Bounds*
d/b+4                       Falling Ankle Kick (FD/FA)
  3                           Divine Cannon  *Juggles*
WS+4,3                      FLASHING ESCAPE
(d+4>1)_(FC+4,1)            Low Kick, Spinchop
  ~U_D                        Sidestep Cancel
b+4                         Stinger Frontkick
(f,f)_QCF+4                 Flipstomp  *Techroll to Avoid Damage to Nina*
QCB+4                       Jigsaw Heel  *Juggles*
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BK)  *Against Wall*

b+2+4                       Mid/High Reversal
  *Reversing a Left Punch Chains into the Palm Grab Multithrow Starter*

d/b+1+2                     Hunting Swan  *Unblockable - u,u to Cancel*
HCF,D/B+2+3                 Sleeping Breath  *Unblockable*

1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>  Tenstring
1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>  Tenstring
1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>2..4.3.. Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
1+3+4                       BAZOOKA

Sample Combos
d/f+2, d/f+3,2, d/f+3,2, 1+4 (B!), f,f, d+2,3 -=- 62 pts.
QCF+2, d+4,1, u/f+2,1 (B!), d/f+3,2,3 -=- 68 pts.
d/b+3+4, d/f+3,2, f+4,3,3 (B!), d,d/f,f,u/f+1,1+2 -=- 72 pts.
u/f+1, WS+1, 1, d/f+3,2, 1+4 (B!), f,f+3 -=- 63 pts.
b+1+4, d/f+3,2, u/f+2,1 (B!), d/f+3,2, f,f+3 -=- 66 pts.



(Front) 1+3                      Shoulder Toss {1}
        2+4                      Shoulder Popper {2}
        2+4~b                    Bloody Palm {2}
        d/f+1+2                  Striking Shiho-Nage {1+2}
        f,f+1+2                  Shoulder Ram {1+2}
        b+1+4                    Stomach Throw {2}
        d/f+1+3:QCF+2            KONGO BLAST {1}
(Left)  (2+4)_(F+2+4)            Dragon Screw {1}
(Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4)            Tripping Hip Toss {2}
(Back)  (2+4)_(F+2+4)            Reverse Neck Throw {2}
(Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2   [Mounted Punches,] Armbar
 (2,D+1,1),(N+4~1~1+2)   Ultimate Punishment {1}

1,2                         1-2 Jabs
1,4                         Punch, Lowkick
d+1                         Tile Splitter
  2                           Deathfist
  *Hold 2*                    Chaos Fist  *Throws on Hit*
  4,2                         Falling Leaf
b+1,2                       DOUBLE STRIKE  *Bounds*
b,f+1                       T-Elbow
d/f+1                       Quick Body Hook
  ~b                          Backsway
  1,2                         Jishi Combo
QCF+1                       Elbow Rush  *Juggles on CH*
SS+1                        Hammer Smash  *Stuns on CH*
f+1+2                       OVERHEAD SMASH  *Bounds*
b+1+2                       HASSOU STRIKE
d+1+2                       Iron Mountain
FC,d/f+1+2                  Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
  D/B                         Leg Punch Cancel
(FC_d/b)+1+2                Ultimate Tackle
(FC,d/f)_(QCF)+1+2          GUNBA
f+1+4                       Sidestepping Shoulder Ram
2,3_(d+3)                   Punch, Kick_(Lowkick)
f+2,3                       Quick P-K Combo
d+2                         Stone Splitter  *Opponent Must be Grounded*
b+2                         Stunstrike  *Stuns on CH*
f+2,3,1                     QUICK P-K SMASH
f,f+2                       Dashing Elbow
  1                           Lungefist
  :1                          Holy Dragon Claw
  2                           Lifting Leg Punch  *Floats*
d/f+2                       Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       OUHA
u/f+2                       MORTAR PUNCH
WS+2                        Thunder Liftpalm  *Juggles*
QCF+2                       Deathfist
QCB                         Backdash
  1                           Bounce Tile Splitter  *Bounds - Juggles on CH*
  2                           Smoking Palm Strike
  3,2                         Low Sweep, Elbow
    >1                         POWER CUTTER
    >3                         LIGHTNING BOLT
(FC,d/f+2)_(D/F,2)          Elbow
  >1                          Lungefist
  >2                          Lifting Leg Punch  *Juggles*
    D/B                         Leg Punch Cancel
3,2                         PISTON FIRE
SS+3                        Ankle Kickout
QCF+3                       GENGETSU
b+3                         Knee Headstrike  *Stuns*
d/f+3,4                     PHOENIX WINGS
u/f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks
f,f+3,4                     2 Jumping Kicks  *Juggles*
  >4                          Highkick
  >(f+4)_(d+4)                Midkick_Lowkick
QCF+3+4                     MOUNTAIN RAZE  *Juggles*
b+4                         Ankle Bite
d/f+4                       Mid Stomach Kick  *Stuns on CH*
u/f+4                       Jumping Boot  *Juggles*
SS+4                        Low Anklekick
f,f+4                       Somersault Flip  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Ankle Kickout
d+4,2                       Falling Leaf
d+4:2                       Precision Falling Leaf
  :1+2                        Spread Backhand
D#(2 second)                Restless Taunt  *Auto-Powerup*
  u+2+3+4                     Idiot Flip Kick (FD/FA)  *Paul Takes Damage*
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Kick  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Reversal

b,b+1+2                     BURNING FIST  *Unblockable*

1232..1.2..          Tenstring
1231..           Tenstring
1231..2                     Fivestring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       DOJO SIGN

Sample Combos
d/f+2, 2, d/f+1,1, b+1,2 (B!), f,f+2,1 -=- 61 pts.
u/f+4, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f+1+2 (B), f,f+3,4 -=- 50 pts.
f,f+4, WS+1, 1,2, f+1+2 (B!), QCF+3+4 -=- 57 pts.
QCF+1, b+3, 1, b+1,2 (B!), d+4:2:1+2 -=- 77 pts.
WS+2, d/b+2, b+1,2 (B!), f,f+2,1 -=- 66 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Grave Digger {1}
        2+4                 Salamander {2}
        d/f+1+4             Curse Shoot {1}
        HCB,f+1+2           Shadow Kidnapping
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Head Rider Toss {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Necksnapper Bomb {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Falling Axeblade

1,2                         1-2 Punches
f+1,2                       Left Chop, Spinning Overhead Chop
b+1                         SMASH HAMMER  *Bounds*
d/f+1                       Dagger Blow
WS_(d,d/f,N)+1              Rising Upper  *Juggles*
u/b+1                       Gate Keeper
  f                           DOPPLEGANGER
  2                           GATE CRASHER  *Bounds*
QCF+1                       Mortal Elbow  *Stuns on CH*
1+2                         Crusader
b+1+2                       Labyrinth
  2                           SLIDE HAMMER  *Bounds*
  3                           Slide Fencer  *(BT) on Hit*
b,b+1+2                     Spinning Backfists
f+1+2                       SWITCHBACK
  ~B                          (BT)
d/b+1+2                     Ultimate Tackle
d/f+1+2                     SPINNING LEFT SLUG
QCF+1+2                     Double Slugs
2,3                         Punch, Spin Lowkick
2,4                         Punch, Highkick
f+2,3                       TARTAROS
f,f+2                       SALT STAB
d/f+2                       Uppercut
D/F+2                       Power Uppercut  *Juggles*, (BT)
  3                           Shadow Kick
  4                           BOLT STUNNER
d/b+2,1                     Assassin Stinger
D/B+2                       Assassin Sting, (BT)
b+2,2                       Dual Fists
  ~B                          (BT)
  1+2                         Low Sweep Fists
  3                           Unicorn Tail  *Juggles on CH*
b+2,4,3+4                   DOUBLE VISION
QCF+2                       SPINNING ANKLE SWIPE
  1                           MID FAKEOUT
b,b+2                       War Hands
WS_(d,d/f,N)+2              Jackknife Elbow  *Juggles on CH*
3,3,4                       Twin Leftkicks, Backkick
3~4                         Chariot, (BT)  *Juggles*
f+3                         Stepping Roundhouse  *Juggles*
f,f+3                       Vampire Knee  *Juggles*
f,f,N+3                     Poison Needle  *Juggles*
d+3                         Low Shinstrike
FC+3                        Low Slipper
b+3                         Hades Heel
d/f+3                       Face Snapper *Juggles on CH*
d/b+3                       Jumping Lowkick
(u_u/b)+3                   Death Bringer, (BT)
  d+3                         Low Death
    ~D                          Summon Charge
    ~B                          (BT)
    3                           DEATH SHADOW
  3                           Mid Death
  4                           High Death
u/f+3                       Splitkicks  *Juggles*
QCF+3                       FLICK KICK  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Sideboot
WS+3                        Trident Kick
3+4                         (HAZE) STANCE
*While Getting Hit* d/f+3+4 KAGE GHOST KICK
f+3+4                       Cartwheel Kick, (BT)
  N+4,2                       Raver
  f+4,2                       Heavy Raver
  3+4                         Tornado Disaster
f,f+3+4                     Spinning Splash
b+3+4                       (BT) Position
u/b,b+3+4                   Pandora Spin
d/f+3+4                     Kage Ghost Kick, (BT)
FC,d/f+3+4                  TORNADO DISASTER
FC,d/f,d,d/f+3+4            Tornado Disaster
WS+3+4                      HELL HOOK
4~3                         Hydra  *Juggles*
  >1                          Low Sweep Punch
  >3                          Blind High
  >4                          Leg Bind
f+4                         Lance Kick
f,f+4                       IRON MAUL
f,f,N+4                     Vampire Knee
b+4                         Crusher Knee
  N+4                         KICKER  *Bounds*, (BT)
  B+4                         Force Kicker, (BT)
    3                           Kicker Fake, Lowkick
      3+4                         Rave Spin
      4,2                         Skull Rave
      f+4,2                       Delayed Skull Rave
      f+4,3                       CHAKRAM SHADOW
d+4                         Turning Sweep
d/f+4>4                     Cutting Axekick
(u/b_u_u/f)+4,4             Storm Bringer
d/b+4                       Sweeper
FC,f+4                      Backwards Thrust Kick
WS_(d,d/f,N)+4              Rising Snapkick
QCF+4                       Cartwheel Strike  *Juggles*, (BT)
QCF [~u_~d]                 Sprint Mirage [Cancel]
FC,d,d/f,d,d/f              Mirage Step
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Wallrun Jumpkick,   *Against Wall*, (BT)
d+1+2                       Summon Force  *Powerup*
  d,d/b,b,u/b,u,u/f,f+1+2     Dead End  *Unblockable*
*While Getting Hit* 1+2     Kage Ghost Strike  *Unblockable*
u/b+ Tenstring

1                           FATAL BLOW
  F                           DOPPLEGANGER
  3+4                         (HAZE) STANCE
1+2                         CROSSING PATHS
2                           DEATH FROM ABOVE  *Unblockable*
3                           AQUA SPIDER, (BT)
3+4                         ALTER EGO
4                           BLIND GHOST

Backturned (BT) Position - b+3+4
f,f,f                       Kage Flip
1,4                         BLIND LANCE
f+1                         Stolen Life
1+2                         Power Punch
f+1+2                       Back Bared  *Reverses Mid/High Attacks*
  ~b                          (BT)
2,1                         BACKFIST STRAIGHT
  ~b                          (BT)
2,2                         Back Knuckles
f+2,3                       COLD MASSACRE  *Bounds*
f+2,4,3+4                   COLD GRAVE
b+2                         ABYSS BLOW
  3                           ABYSS CANNON
  4                           LABYRINTH
    ~F                          PHANTOM ROLL
3>4                         Blind Beserker
    3                         CRESCENT MIRAGE
    4                           Labrinth
    ~F                          Phantom Roll
f+3                         Demon Knee, (BT)
f,f+3                       Gremlin Kick
d_d/b+3                     Sweep
3+4                         Gremlin Kickup  *Juggles*
f+3+4                       Backwards Flipkick, (BT)
f,f+3+4                     Vermillion Slide
b+3+4                       Face-Forward
f+4,3                       Lowkick, Highkick     Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+4                       CROSS SHURIKEN

Sample Combos
WS+1, f,f+3, d/f+2,1, u/b+1,2 (B!), f+3+4,3+4 -=- 62 pts.
f,f+3, f,f+3, f+1, f+1, b+1 (B!), d/f+1+2 -=- 62 pts.
QCF+2, f+2, b+4,N+4 (B!), f+2,3,3+4 -=- 55 pts.
QCF+3, b+2,2, BT 2,1, b+1 (B!), f,f+3 -=- 60 pts.
QCF+4, BT 2,1, f,f+3, 1, b+1 (B!), f+3+4,3+4 -=- 64 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Cocked Hammer Foot {1}
        2+4                 Gatling Feet {2}
        QCF+1               Animal Driver {1}
        f,HFC+1             Animal Swing {1}  *Tech Roll for 1/2 Damage*
        d/b,d/b+1+2         DDT {1+2}
        d/b,f+2+4           Tombstone Piledriver {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Running Bulldog {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Neck Swinger {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Neck Toss

1,2                         Double Punch
  1                           Body Blow
  b+1+2                       ROCKET STANCE
  2                           ROO ARROW
  3                           Kicker
d/f+1                       Elbow Smash
  >2                          Sidesweep
f,N,d,d/f+1                 Animal Godfist
(f,N,d,d/f+1+2)_(FC+1+2)    Animal Smash
d+1~N+2                     Low Jab, Uppercut
f,N+1                       Windmill Punch  *Stuns on Blocked hit*
f+1,2,1,2,1                 Animal Rush, Wind-Up Punch
f+1,2,d/f+1                 Animal Rush, Uppercut
1+2                         Double Spin
  3+4                         Jumping Animal Sweep
f+1+2                       Power Straight
f,f+1+2                     Flying Cross Chop
d+1+2,1+2,2                 Animal Storm
u/f+1+2                     Knuckle Bomb  *Juggles*
b+1+2                       Rocket Stance
d/f+1+2                     ROO HEADBUTT  *Bounds*
d/b+1+2                     Kangaroo Dasher
2,1                         Jab, Uppercut
d+2                         Diving Low Punch
d/f+2                       BANDICOOT BOMB
f,f+2                       Dynamic Smash
WS+2,2                      BOOMERANG PUNCH  *Bounds*
FC,d/f+2                    Crouching Uppercut  *Juggles*
(u/b_u_u/f)+2+4             Elbow Drop
3~4                         Flipper Roo  *Juggles*
f+3                         Promenade Kick
b+3                         BICYCLE KICK
d/f+3                       TAIL FLAIL
d/b+3                       Tail Cutter  *Juggles*
(u_u/f)+3,3                 HELICOPTER KICKS
u/b+3,[1]                   ANIMAL YO-YO, [Side Roll]
  3>4>[1]_B                   Kick Rushes [Side Roll]_Roll Back
    3>4,B                       Kick Rushes, Roll Back
WS+3                        Rising Foot
  3                           Stomper
  3#                          POWER STOMPER  *Bounds*
BT d+3                      DINGO KICK
(u/b_u_u/f)+3+4             Bomb Stomp
SS+3                        Shrimp Kick
RN 3                        BAIAME'S SPEAR
3+4                         Castanet Kick
f,f+3+4                     ANIMAL DROPKICK, (FD/FT)
RN_(f,f,f)+3+4              Satellite Dropkick
d/f+3+4                     Rogersteiner  *Throw on Close Standing Opponent*
(d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4)          TAIL MOPPING
f+3+4,[1]_B                 LUNGE ANIMAL KICK, [Side Roll]_Roll Back
  3>4>[1]_B                   Kick Rushes [Side Roll]_Roll Back
    3>4,B                       Kick Rushes, Roll Back
b+3+4                       BOBBIN DANCE
  N                           CHARGE-UP
  1                           WINDMILL PUNCH
  2                           GALAXY UPPERCUT  *Juggles on Charge-Up*
f+4,3                       Roo Rage  *Juggles*
  2                           HOPPER FIST  *Bounds*
f,f+4                       Jail Kick
b+4                         Low Snap Shot
b,b+4                       Rolling Torpedo
d/f+4                       Lunge Midkick
SS+4                        Animal Sweep  *Juggles*
d/b+4,[1]_B                 Animal Kick, [Side Roll]_Roll Back
  3>4>[1]_B                   Kick Rushes [Side Roll]_Roll Back
    3>4,B                       Kick Rushes, Roll Back
RN 4                        Ali Kick
  2                           Mid Smash
  4,4                         Ali Kicks
RN CH d+3+4                 Counterhit Ali Kick
  4,4                         Ali Kicks
    2                           Mid Smash
    4,4                         Ali Kicks
u~u/b                       Leaping Body Splash  *Against Wall*            Tenstring        Tenstring

Rocket Stance - b+1+2
f                           Road Runner
D/F                           Crouchdash Cancel
  1                             Animal Godfist
1                           Rocket Hammer  *Juggles*
1+2                         ROAD ROLLER  *Bounds*
  3+4,[1]                     ANIMAL KICK, [Side Roll]
    3>4>[1]_B                   Kick Rushes [Side Roll]_Roll Back
      3>4,B                       Kick Rushes, Roll Back
2                           POWER STRAIGHT
3                           Flying Lowkick
3+4                         Flying Hip Attack
4                           Flying Midkick

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
2+4~b                       RIDING HOOD

Sample Combos
u/f+4, 1+2, 1+2, d/f+1+2 (B!), f+1+2,2 -=- 62 pts.
3~4, b+3+4~1, f+4,3,2 (B!), f,N,d,d/f+1 -=- 82 pts.
SS+4, d+1, WS+2,2 (B!), f+1+2,2 -=- 52 pts.
u/f+1+2, 1+2, d/f+1+2 (B!), f,N,d,d/f+1 -=- 82 pts.
3+4, 1+2, f+4,3,2 (B!), f,N,d,d/f+1 -=- 79 pts.



(Front) 1+3                     Stomach Gutter, Tossaway {1}
        2+4                     Rabbit Punch {2}
        f,f+1+2                 Lifting Arm Snap, Arm Suplex {1+2}
        (Flicker) b+1+2         Gryphon Throw {1+2}
        (PKB) 1+2               TEN COUNT {1+2}
        QCB+2+4                 Hip Toss, Falling Elbow
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)             Gut Slugger Toss {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)             Neck Takedown, Neck Snap {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)             Hugging Slam

1,1                             Snap Jabs
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
  2                               Shining Fist
1,2,1                           British Rush
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               British Edge
    3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
  d+2                             British Sweep
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
d+1                             Ankle Chaser
b+1                             Rushing Punch
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2,1                             FRIGATE EDGE  *Juggles*
f,f+1                           Power Body Blow
u/f+1                           Dashing Fist
d/f+1,2                          Uppercut, Straight Punch  *Stuns on CH*
  1                               Straight Punch Feint, Left Hook
    ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               Straight Punch Feint, Body Hook
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
d/f+1+2                         Overhead Punch, Uppercut
WS+1,2                          Uppercut, Overhead Punch
f+1+2                           POWER RIGHT
SS+1+2                          FOUL PLAY
2,1                             SHORT BRITISH EDGE
  ~B                              (FLI)
  ~F                              (PKB)
  2                               EDGE UPPER
2~1                             Quick Straight, 1-2 Punches
f+2,1                           Dashing Midpunch, Body Hook
  ~B                              (FLI)
  2                               Hook Feint, Delayed Blow
f+2~1                           Forward Dash, 1-2 Punches
f,f+2                           EAGLE CLAW  *Bounds*
b+2                             BODY BOMB
d+2,1,2                         Low Punch, Uppercut, Right Hook
u/f+2                           Jumping Uppercut  *Juggles*
RN 2                            SUPERMAN PUNCH  *Bounds*
WS+2                            RISING UPPERCUT  *Juggles on CH*
  3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition
d/f+2                           CRESCENT HOOK  *Stuns on CH*
[FC,]d/b+2                      Low Sweep Punch
3                               Left Sway Stance
d/b+3                           Low Knee Check
  2                               Left Hook
u/f+3                           Hopping Stomp
f+(3_4)                         DUCKING STANCE
F+3_4 *Hold F+3_4*              POWER DUCKING STANCE
b+(3_4)                         BACK SWAY STANCE
f+3+4                           PEEKABOO STANCE - (PKB)
b+3+4                           FLICKER STANCE - (FLI)
3+4                             Albatross Spin
4                               Right Sway Stance
u/f+4                           Hopping Snapkick  *Juggles*
b,b~u/b                         Jumping Overhead Bomb  *Against Wall*
2+3+4                           PROVOCATION
b+1+2                           HIGH/MID PUNCH PARRY
QCB,f+2                         Mach Wick  *Unblockable*
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,2   Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,2,1,f+2 Tenstring
d/f+1,2~f+1+2,1,1,2,1,1,3,2,3+4 Tenstring

Flicker Stance - (FLI) - b+3+4
1,[1],[1],2                     Left Punch[es], Overhead Punch
1,[1],f+1                       Left Punch[es], OVERHEAD LEFT  *Bounds*
1,[1],(u_d)+1                   Left Punch[es], Left Body Hook
2                               Overhead Punch
b+2                             Trident Lunge
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

f                               PEEKABOO WALK
1,2,1                           ALBION RUSH, (PKB)
d/f+1                           ARGOS HOOK, (PKB)
  1,2,1                           ARGOS RUSH
  2                               CROSS CUT
d+1                             PATELLA SMASH, (PKB)
b+1,1,2,1                       LANCASTER RUSH  *Bounds*
  ~B                              (FLI)
f+1+2                           BREAK, (PKB)
2                               SPITE HOOK, (PKB)
f+2                             GAZELLE UPPER, (PKB)
d/f+2                           CUTTING ELBOW, (PKB)
(u_u/f)+2                       DREADNOUGHT UPPER  *Juggles*
d/f+3+4                         COBRA WEAVE
  F+2,1,2,1,2...                DEMPSEY ROLL
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             SWAY STANCE TRANSITION

Left Sway Stance- 3
1                               Left Shot
  ~b                              (FLI)
  >1                              Gut Hook
  f+1,1                           Centurion Rush
    ~b                              (FLI)
2                               Short Shoulder
  ~F                              (PKB)
  1                               BILLY CLUB
b+3                             Back Sway Stance
f+3                             Ducking Stance
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Right Sway Stance - 4
1                               Short Shoulder
  ~F                              (PKB)
  2                               DASHING CUT  *Juggles*
2                               Right Body Hook
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Back Sway Stance - b+3_4_(3+4)
1                               Overhead Bomb
2                               Limbo Uppercut  *Stuns*
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Ducking Stance - f+3_4
1                               Stomach Uppercut
2                               Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                             Right Hook
1+2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1           Tenstring
3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4)             Sway Stance Transition

Power Ducking Stance - F+3_4 (Hold F+3_4 until Grunt)
1                               Spark Gazelle Punch  *Juggles*
N+2                             Spark Sea Hawk Uppercut  *Juggles*
f+2                             Spark Sea Hawk Hook  *Stuns*

Albatross Spin - 3+4
~[U_D]                          Sidestep Spin
  ~F                              (PKB)
  1                               Spinning Gutpunch
  d+1                             Spinning Low Punch
2                               Spin-Around Left
d+2                             Low Punch

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                         SLEDGEHAMMER
b+2+3                           HUGE GLOVES

Sample Combos
u/f+2, 2,1~b, FLK 1,1,f+1 (B!), u/f+3,2 -=- 64 pts.
WS+1+2, f+(3_4),1, 1, f,f+2 (B!), f,f, d+2,1,2 -=- 64 pts.
f+(3_4),2, 2,1~f, PKB d/f+1,1,2,1 (B!), d/f+1+2 -=- 64 pts.
PKB d/f+2, PKB 1,2, PKB d/f+1,1,2,1 (B!), f,f+2 -=- 64 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Headlock Toss {1}
        2+4                 Throwdown Slam {2}
        d/f,d/f+2+4         Waning Moon {1+2}
        d/f+1+3+4           Whirlwind Toss
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Crushing Dragon {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Golden Mountain {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Neck Toss

1,1,2                       DRAGON GUN
1~4                         Jab, Highkick
b+1                         Parry Stance  *Parries High/Mid Attacks*
  ~1                          Sweeping Fist  *After Successful Parry*
  ~2                          Noodle Fist  *After Successful Parry*
  ~3                          Codger Kick  *After Success Parry - Juggles*
  ~4                          Snapper Low  *After Successful Parry*
d/f+1,1                     CLUBFIST CRANK  *Bounds*
d/b+1                       Cobra Fang  *Stuns*
WS+1,1                      SHADOW FISTS
QCF+1,1                     STEALING THE PEACH
f+1+2                       Double Palm
f,f+1+2                     NOMA PALMS  *Stuns*
1+2                         HEADBUTT  *Bounds*
d+1+2                       Double Dukes  *Juggles*
b+1+2                       Cycle Palm
d/f+1+2                     Bowling Ball Fist
d/b+1+2                     Tiger Palms  *Stuns on CH*
u/f+1+2                     INVISIBLE SWORD  *Throws on Hit*
WS+1+2                      POWER PUSH
SS+1+2                      Wang Headbutt  *Stuns on CH*
2~b                         JAB WHIPAROUND
2~3                         Jab, Highkick
f+2                         Tiger Fist
  2                           DAI SHOU FIST
f,f+2                       Knife Reach
b+2,1                       Fisting Rush
  1+2                         JAGGED BLAST
d+2,1+2                     Ancient Roller
WS+2,2,2                    Stairway Fists
d/f+2,1                     Push, Sky Uppercut  *Juggles*
d/b+2,4                     DUKE UPPER, FRONTKICK
  1                           STOMACH FIST
  2                           HIGHFIST
QCF+2                       Deathfist
f+3                         FAN CHUN KICK
d+3,4                       Loafer Kick, Roundhouse
d/f+3                       ANKLE PUNT
d/b+3                       Spin Sweep
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               LEAPING FRONT KICK  *Juggles*
WS+3,2                      ANCIENT DRAGON
SS+3                        SNAKE KILLER
d+3+4                       Mad Stomp
u/f+3+4                     Earthquake Stomp
FC,d/f+4,3                  Lowsweep, Arc Slicer
4,4                         Kick, Spin Sweep
  1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
d+4                         Spin Sweep
  1                           Uppercut  *Juggles*
  4                           Highkick
  d+4                         Lowkick
f+4,1+2                     ADVANCING KNEE, DUAL MID FISTS
  2                           ELBOW STAB
f,f+4                       Roundabout Boot
b+4                         Sidestepping Kick  *Stuns on CH*
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               POWER HOPKICK  *Juggles*
d/f+4,1                     ADVANCING STRIKES
d/b+4>2                     Midkick, False Lift  *Juggles*
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
SS+4                        Parting Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
b~u/b                       Leaping Punch  *Against Wall*

b+(1+3)_(2+4)               Mid/High Attack Reversal

f+1+2+3                     DIVINE KNOWLEDGE  *Unblockable - Juggles*
f+1+4                       Heaven Cannon  *Unblockable - Juggles*
  ~d/b                        Cannon Cancel
b,b+1+2                     Indigo Punch  *Unblockable*

211.44.1.(1+2).3.4.2        Tenstring            Tenstring

Item Moves
b+1+2+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
1+2+3                       SUMMONER'S WAND

Sample Combos
d+1+2, U/F,4, 1, d/f+1,1 (B!), QCF+1,1 -=- 73 pts.
u/f+3, 4, b+2,1, 1+2 (B!), QCF+2 -=- 60 pts.
f,f+1+2, d/b+2, d/b+2,4,2 -=- 52 pts.
u/f+4, f+4, 1, b+2,1, 1+2 (B!), d/b+4,2 -=- 67 pts.
d/f+2,1, f,f+2, 1, d/f+1,1 (B!), f,f, d/b+2,4,1 -=- 79 pts.


| XIAOYU (Ling) |

(Front) 1+3                 Slap, Forearm Chop {1}
        2+4                 360 Degree Flip {2}
        F+2+4               Slap, Forearm Chop {2}
        d/f+1+2             Wristlock Flip {1+2}
        f+2+3               HUMAN HURDLE {1+2}
        D/F+2+4             Shoulder Flip  {2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Arm Hook Toss {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Reverse Flip {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Spinning Leg Trip

1,2,1                       Double Jabs, Storming Flower
1,d+2                       Jab, Uppercut, (BT)
  ~f                          Face Forward
  1+2                         Bird Flock
f,f+1                       POISON FLOWER  *Bounds*
  3                           White Moon Kick
  4                           White Moon Axe
b+1_2                       Knifehand Reversal, (BT)
  ~f                          Face Forward
d+1                         Windmill Slaps
  D                           (Phoenix)
d/b+1                       Storming Flower  *Horizon Taunt on CH*
f+1+2                       CLOUDED PEAK
d/b+1+2                     Crouching Jab
u+1                         Upward Slap, (BT)
  ~f                          Face Forward
d/f+1                       Turning Palm, (BT)
  ~d/f                        Face Forward
1+2                         Bird Flock
f,f+1+2,1+2                 Wing Strikes  *2nd Hit Bounces on CH*
u+1+2~3+4                   Overhead Slaps, Spin Cancel, (BT)
u+1+2,2>1                   Overhead Slaps, Midpunch, Storming Flower
u/f+1+2                     RED SPARROW STRIKE  *Bounds - Juggles on CH*
1+4                         High/Mid Parry
d_FC+1+4                    Low Parry
2,1                         Jab, Palmslap, (BT)
  ~f                          Face Forward
b+2,2                       SEVEN STAR FIST, (BT)
d/f+2~1                     Twin Lifting Palms  *Juggles*
WS+2                        Rising Slap, (BT)  *Juggles on CH*
  ~f                          Face Forward
WS+2 *Hold Down 2*          Slow Rising Slap, (BT)  *Juggles*
  ~f                          Face Forward
FC,d/f+2                    Lotus Twist
  ~d/f                        (BT)
  1                           Lotus Slap
    ~d/f                        (BT)
f,f+2>1                     Midpunch, Storming Flower
3                           FORWARD CLOUD KICK
b+3                         Overhead Footstrike, (BT)
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Piroette Kick
  d+1+2                       (Phoenix)
d+3,4                       Low Sweep, High Roundhouse
f+3,1                       RISING KNEE, SPINNING SLAP, (BT)
  1+2                        WINGS OF FURY
f,f+3                       Raccoon Kick, (BT)
d/f+3                       AXE STOMP
  ~D                          (Phoenix)
  4                           SKYSCRAPER KICK
FC,3,2                      Sweep, Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
d/b+3                       Offensive Shove
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               BOLTING RABBIT  *Juggles*
SS+3                        Power Sweep  *Juggles*
  ~b                          Sweep Cancel, (BT)
RN 3                        DIVING FALCON, (Phoenix)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position
u/f+3+4                     Descending Stomps  *(BT) if Misses*
u/b+3+4                     Layout Flipkick  *Juggles*
4                           Skyscraper Foot
4~3                         Flipstomp  *Juggles on CH*
  d+1+2                       (Phoenix)
SS+4                        Wang Sweep
f+4,4                       HIGH/LOW MIXER
f,f+4                       Lunging Kick
  ~4                          Blocked Kickoff  *If Opponent Blocks Kick*
    d+1+2                       (Phoenix)
d/b+4                       Kneecap Kick
(u_u/f)+4                   OVERHEAD KICK  *Bounds*
  d+1+2                     (Phoenix)
b+4,4                       RIBKICK, MOUTH KNOCKER
FC,d/f+4                    Spin Sweep, (Phoenix)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
WS+4                        Skyscraper Kick
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Runup Backflip, (BT)  *Against Wall*
u+41.2.(1+2).   Tenstring  *Stopping after 6th hit - (BT)*
u+41.244..2.1+2.1.4..2      Tenstring  *Stopping after 4th hit - (Phoenix)*

d+1+2                       (Phoenix) Stance
f+1+2                       Clockwise Cartwheel
b+1+2                       Clockwise Circle Walk
  1+2                         COUNTER-CLOCKWISE CIRCLE WALK
  b+1+2                       Circle Walk Contiuation
  2+3                         POWER SPINSTRIKE  *Unblockable*
  >2                          Spinstrike
3+4                         Axis Spin In
d+3+4                       Axis Spin Out
f+3+4                       Counter-Clockwise Dive
b+3+4                       (BT) Position, Small Step Counter-Clockwise
f,f+3+4                     Overhead Flip
FC,d/b+3+4                  Crouching Backturn, (BT)
1+3+4                       Horizon Taunt
2+3+4                       Waving Taunt

Backturned (BT) Position - b+3+4
1                           Reverse Elbow
  4                           HIDDEN FORTUNE
f,f+1                       SILVER NEEDLE, (Phoenix)
d+1_2                       Low Punch
1+2,1+2                     BATTERING WINDS
f,f+(1+3)_(2+4)             Reverse Dash Grab
2                           Backhand (BT)
  1>4                         Lifting Flurry  *Juggles*
  2                           WINDMILL SLAP  *Bounds*
    1                           Windmill Slaps
      ~D                          (Phoenix)
3                           Horse Kickout, Forward Tumble
f+3                         Turning Midkick
d+3                         Reverse Ankle Kick, (BT)
  ~D                          Face Forward
f,f+3                       Skip Midkick, (BT)
4                           Reverse Hook Kick  *Juggles*
d+4                         POWER SWEEP  *Juggles*
(d/f_d/b)+4                 OFFENSIVE SHOVE
d+1+2                       (Phoenix) Stance
3+4                         Backturned Axis Spin In
b+3+4                       RAIN DANCE DODGE, (BT)
d+3+4                       Backturned Axis Spin Out
u+3+4                       Evasive Spin Away
f+3+4                       Roll Towards Opponent
  ~3+4                        Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
f,f+3+4                     Reverse Overhead Flip  *Throw on Clean Hit*

Phoenix Stance - d+1+2
d_u                         Phoenix Duck_Stand Up
1,2                         DOUBLE SERVING, (BT)
2                           Hard Stomach Strike
  >1                          Storming Flower
d+1                         Phoenix Lowstrike  *Throw on CH*
1+2                         Phoenix Uppercut  *Juggles*
d+1+2                       Power Uppercut  *Juggles*
3                           Low Kick, (Phoenix)
u/f+3                       Jumpkick  *Juggles*
  1                           PHOENIX WING  *Bounds*, (Phoenix)
  3                           Thrustkick
  4                           Hopkick
(u/b_u_u/f),3               Piroette Kick  *Turns Opponent BK when Hit*
  d+1+2                       (Phoenix)
U/F#,3                      Phoenix Hopsweep  *Floats*
3+4                         Chang Cannon  *Juggles*
4                           Roundhouse
  B                           (BT)
f+4                         Spin Sweep, (Phoenix Stance)
  4                           2nd Spin Sweep
u+4                         Twirling Kick
  d+1+2                       (Phoenix)
  4                           2nd Twirling Kick
4~3                         Scissorleg Sweep [FU/FT]

1+3 [~U_D_F_B]              Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel]
2+4 [~U_D_F_B]              Counter-Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel]
f+3+4                       Forward Roll
  ~D                          (Phoenix)
b+3+4                       (BT) Position

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
b+1+4                       MAGICAL WAND

Sample Combos
d/f+2~1, f+3,1, BT 2,1, f,f+1 (B!), f+3,1,1+2 -=- 67 pts.
BT f+3+4~3+4, U/F,4, f+3,1, BT 2,2 (B!), BT 1+2,1+2 -=- 69 pts.
SS+3, b+3, BT 2,2 (B!), d+1+4, f+3,1,1+2 -=- 65 pts.
Phoenix U/F#,N+3, d+3,2, 2, 2,2 (B!), BT 1,4 -=- 60 pts.
Phoenix d+1+2, U/F,4, f+3,1, BT 2, BT 2,2 (B!) BT 1,4 -=- 79 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Flip Slam, Gut Sword Impale {1}
        2+4                 Hilt Smashdown {2}
        QCB+1+2             Rainbow Drop {1+2}
        QCF+2               Life Siphon  *Yoshi Drains Energy*
        QCB,F+2             Reverse Siphon  *Yoshi Gives Energy*
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Spin-Around Bulldog {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Cartwheel Roll {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Spinning Missle Press
(Tackle) 1_2                Chest Stab  *Unblockable*

1,1                         JAB, SLICE
b+1,[1],[1],[1],[1],[1]     Spinning Hilt Strikes  *Dizzy after x6*
  d+3+4                       Spinning Sidestep  *Yoshi takes Damage*
b+1,[1],[1]                 Spinning Hilt Strikes
  D/B#+3,3                    Leg Sweeps
     3_(f+4)                    Leg Sweep_(Front Kick)
d+1                         SWORD SLICE
  *Hold 1*                    DELAY SLICE  *Unblockable- Release 1 to Slice*
d/f+1                       QUICK GUTPUNCH
WS+1                        DOOR KNOCKER
  1>1>1                       Sword Pommel Strikes
  2                           Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
    D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2]          Crouching Fist Spin[s]
      2_(4)                       Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick)
d/b+1,1                     OVERHEAD SLICE, BACKHAND SLICE
SS+1                        Hilt Smash Uppercut  *Juggles on CH*
f,N,d,d/f+1                 GEHOSEN  *Juggles*
  1+2                         (KIN)
BT 1                        BLIND ELBOW
  2                           SCOWLING ARATAMA
  3                           SCOWLING SPIRIT
BT d+1                      MINI SAMURAI CUTTER
(1+2)_(FC+1+2)              KINCHOU STANCE - (KIN)
d+1+2                       FLEA STANCE
WS+1+2                      Quick Uppercut
f+1+2                       TSUKA SPLITTER  *Bounds*
f,f+1+2                     Shark Attack
  N                           (BT) Position
  (1+4)_(2+3)                 Life Siphon  *Yoshi Drains Energy*
  F+(1+4)_(2+3)               Reverse Siphon  *Yoshi Gives Energy*
  d+1+4                       Standing Suicide  *Unblockable*
  d/b+2,[2],[2],[2],[2]       Evasive Crouching Fist Spins
  QCF+2                       Backturned Life Siphon  *Yoshi Drains Energy*
  u+2+3                       Samurai Stab  *Unblockable*
  u+2+3~1                     Saw Blade  *Unblockable- b,b to Cancel*
  u+2+3~1+2                   Dashing Sword Snap  *Unblockable*
b+1+2                       Manji Stunpunch
d/f+1+2                     Kashira Lowstrike
  >2                          Flowing Strike  *Turns Opponent Around on CH*
u+1+2                       Dragonfly Stance - (DFS)
1+2+3                       Spinning Sword Shield
1+4                         SWORD FLASH
f,f+1+4,N                   Suicide Feint, (BT)
2,1                         JAB, SPINNING SLICE
2>3                         Punch, Highkick
2,d+3                       Punch, Lowkick
d+2,2                       IAIDO GUT DRAW, SWORD UPPERCUT
b+2,1                       TSUBA MASH, BLADE WHEEL
  1+2                         (KIN)
d/f+2,2                     SHOULDER SPINNER, CUTTER MEN  *Stuns*
D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2],[2]      Crouching Fist Spins  *Yoshi Dizzy after 6x*
  2_(4)                       Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick)
u/f+2                       TRICKY ACHILLES  *Juggles on CH*
  ~D                          CANCEL
f+2                         Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
  D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2],[2]      Crouching Fist Spins  *Yoshi Dizzy after 6x*
    2_(4)                       Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick)
f,f+2                       Elbow Smash  *Sword Run Through On CH*
  d+3+4                       (SIT)  *Only After CH Hit*
WS+2                        GUTPUNCH, (BT)
  1                           BLIND ELBOW
    2                           SCOWLING ARATAMA
    3                           SCOWLING SPIRIT
SS+2                        Dodging Uppercut  *Juggles*
2+3                         NO SWORD STANCE - (NSS)
3                           HIGH FACEKICK
3~4                         TRAVELLER KICKS
  ~U                          (DFS)
f+3                         HIGH ROUNDHOUSE
  3                           Low Sweep  *Juggles*
    d+3+4                       (SIT)
  4                           JUMPING KNEE
f,f+3                       SPINNING BLIND ROUNDHOUSE  *Stuns on CH*
b+(3,3,3,3,3)_(4,4,4,4,4)   MANJI EVADE  *Hurts Yoshi - Dizzy after 6x*
d/f+3,1                     LUNGING STEP, SWORD SLICE
  *Hold 1*                    DELAY SLICE  *Unblockable- Release 1 to Slice*
u/f+3                       Dark Samurai Knee  *Juggles*
D/B#+3,3,[3],[3]            Spinning Leg Sweeps
  3                         Spinning Leg Sweep  *Dizzy after 5x*
  d+3+4                     (SIT)
  4                         FRONT KICK
WS+3,2                      RISING BOOT, WHITE ARC  *Bounds*
RN+3                        Slash Kick
FU/FT 3+4                   Sit Stance - (SIT)
d+3+4                       Sit Stance - (SIT)
u+3+4                       Kuni Flipstomp
f+3+4                       Bull Rush
  b                           Manji Retreat, (BT)
f,f+3+4,1+2                 Shark Attack, Shark Dive
 3+4                          Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
3+4_(BT 3+4)                MEDITATE POSITION - (MED)
u/f+3+4                     Poison Wind Flipstomp
  b+1,3+4                     Spinning Hilt Strike, Flipstomp
  b+1,4,d+1                   Spinning Hilt Strike, Backflip, SWORD SLASH
    1#                          DELAYED SLICE  *Unblock.- Release 1 to Slice*
  ~1+2                        Stomp Cancel, (DFS)
  d+1+2                       (FLE)
  3+4                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
  d+3+4                       (SIT)
  u+3+4                       Eight Crows Flipstomp
4,4,4                       3 High Kicks
4~3                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
f+4                         DOOR BREKAER
d/f+4                       Savior Boot
FC,d/f+4                    LUNGING SWEEP  *Juggles*
d/b+4                       KNEE REPLACER
SS+4                        Whirlwind  *Stuns on CH*
  3+4                         (MED)
(u/b_u_u/f)+4               Twisted Foot
f,f+4                       JUMPING KNEE  *Juggles*, (BT)
u~u/b                       Backflip
b,b~u/b                     Twisting Poison Wind, (BT)  *Against Wall*
121.4..4.4..1..1.1.1        Tenstring
121.4..4.4..1..3+4          Eightstring
121.4..2..224.1..1          Tenstring
44.2..2..4..4..1..1.1.1     Tenstring
44.2..2..4..4..1..3+4       Eightstring
44.2..2.1                   Fivestring
44.2..2.11                  Fivestring

Unblockable Arts - (Cannot Be Blocked)
QCF+1                       Sword Somersault
b,b+1+4                     SAMURAI STAB
  N+1                         Sawblade Shield
  N+1+2                       Dashing Sword Snap
(FC,b+1)_(D/F,1)            Samurai Cutter
b,b+1+2                     Decapitator Slice
u/f+1+2                     Copter Blade
  N                           Flying Coast, Falling Cut
  D                           Immediate Falling Cut
  B                           Mid-Air Turn Around, Falling Cut
  1+2                         (DFS)
d/b+1+2                     Bad Breath Stance  *D/B# to Hold Stance*
  1_2                         Bad Breath
  3_4                         Evasive Flip  *Blockable*
d+1+4                       Standing Suicide  *Hurts Yoshi*
  b+1,1,1,1,1                 Blood Dance  *Hurts Yoshi*
f,F+1+4,[f,f]               Turning Suicide, [Second Stab]  *Hurts Yoshi*

Flea Stance (FLE) - d+1+2
F#                          WALKING FLEA
  3                           SWINGSTRIKE, (FLE)  *Throws on Hit*
  4                           UNDERSCOOT
f,f                         Forward Flea Slide
u/f_u_u/b                   Flea Hop  *Unblockable*
d                           Sword Sinking Crouch
1                           ROLL OUT
1+2                         SKULL SPLUTTER
u+1+2                       (DFS)
2                           MANJI MOLE SLIDE
3_4                         Side Spin Left_Right
3+4                         Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
d+3+4                       (SIT)
u+3+4                       FLEA FLOP

Dragonfly Stance (DFS) - u+1+2
1                           Short Sword Slice  *Unblockable*
2                           Copter Punch  *Juggles*, (DFS)
3                           Low Copter Sweep  *Juggles on CH*
3+4                         Hidden God  *Throw*
4                           Spinning Midkick  *Stuns on CH*

KINCHOU STANCE (KIN) - 1+2 or FC+1+2
F#                          KINCHOU WALK
1,1                         X DICER
1+2                         LEAPING ARCS, (BT)
b+1+2                       BRANDISH  *Unblockable*
u+1+2                       (DGF)
2>1+2                       RISING BLADE, DESCENDING BLADE
3                           SCOOT KICK
4                           REVERSE ROUNDHOUSE
  3+4                         (MED)

d+1                         THUNDER HAMMER  *Bounds*
FC,(d/b,b)_(D/F)+1          FIST CUTTER  *Juggles*
  2                           SPINNING CUTTER
d/b+1                       CROUCHING JAB
1+2                         UNARMED (KIN) STANCE
  1                           UTSUSEMI
f+1+2                       JAIL GATE
d+1+2                       SWORDLESS (SIT)
u+1+2                       BUTTFLOP, SWORDLESS (SIT)
u/f+1+2                     YOSHI BUNNY
1+4                         UNSHEATHING SWORD FLASH
2,1                         JAB, HAND SPINNER
d/f+2                       RISING UPPERCUT  *Juggles*
2+3                         UNSHEATH SWORD

Sit Stance (SIT) - d+3+4
u                           Stand Up
~D                          Yoga Stillness
f_b                         Teleport
N                           Rejuvenation  *Regains Life*
1                           TELEPORT SWORD FLIP
2,[D/B#+2],[2],[2]            Crouching Fist Spin[s]
  2_(f+4)                       Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick)
3,3+4                       Dive Attack, Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*
3+4                         Hover Mode
  Release 3, Hold 4, 1_2      Yoshi Taunt
  F_B_D_U                     Manji Hovercraft
  N                           (SIT)
4                           Kangaroo Kick  *Juggles*

Meditate Stance (MED) - 3+4 or BT 3+4
(b_f)+1                     BLIND ELBOW
1+2                         Rejuvination  *Unblockable, Regains Life*
f_b+2                       Backhand  *Turns Opponent Around*
1+3                         Flip Slam, Gut Sword Impale Throw
1+4                         Standing Suicide  *Unblockable*
  B+1,1,1,1,1                 Manji Blood Dance
(b_f)+2                     Backfist
2+4                         Hilt Smashdown Throw
3                           TROUBLED SOUL
3+4                         (BT)
b,3+4                       Full Back Spin
b~3+4                       Half Back Spin
(b_f)+4                     Meditation Sidekick
U/F+4                       Twisting Hopkick  *Juggles*

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     SLEDGEHAMMER
2+3+4                       HO-1 BODY
1+2+4                       SPIRIT GUN

Sample Combos
u/f+3, b+1,1, b+1,1, b+1, f+1+2 (B!), d+2,2 -=- 57 pts.
f,f+4, BT 1, BT d+2, WS+3,2 (B!), b+2,1 -=- 70 pts.
NSS d/f+2, f+3+4, 1, b+1, d+1 (B!), f+3+4, f+1+2 -=- 61 pts.
4~3, U/F,4, 1, f+1+2 (B!), b+2,1 -=- 76 pts.
d/f+2,2, f+1+2 (B!), b+2,1,1+2, KIN f+2 -=- 72 pts.



(Front) 1+3                 Biabolos {1}
        2+4                 Trapdoor Spider, [MAN] {2}
        f,f+1+2             Dumuzi's Fate {1+2}
(Left)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Labartu {1}
(Right) (1+3)_(2+4)         Juggular Break {2}
(Back)  (1+3)_(2+4)         Namtar

1,2                         One-Two Punch
  3                           Flash Kick, [SCR]
    ~B                          [SCR] Cancel
1,3                         Jab, Anzu Kick
1,4                         Jab, Spider Wheel, [TRN]
d+1,1                       Hunting Shots
b+1                         Cursed Crow
d/f+1                       Gut Upper
  2                           Bloody Saif
  4                           Val Monk
u/f+1                       Lapis Dagger
WS+1                        Rising Slap  *Stuns*
  2                           Alraune
1+2                         Manticore  *Bounds*
  4,4                         Manticore Pendulum
f+1+2                       Gugal-Ana
b+1+2                       Inanna's Fury
d/f+1+2                     Kur  *Stuns*
d/b+1+2                     Sirrush Sweeper, [MAN]  *Juggles*
  1+2                         Sirrush Rise  *Stuns*
SS+1+2                      Adramelech
2,1,3                       Widow's Bite, [MAN]
2,2,1+2                     Anamael Flurry
f+2                         Vuaruchi  *Stuns on CH*
  3                           Flash Kick, [SCR]
f,f+2                       Panther Crow
b+2                         Burishingamen Backfist  *Stuns on CH*
d+2,4                       Mysteryian, [MAN]
  3                           Rosette Midkick
d/f+2                       Lamashtu Claw  *Juggles*
d/b+2                       Bundeidaga Hand
WS+2                        Rising Claw  *Juggles*
  ~D                          Backroll, [MNT]
f+3                         Scarecrow Highkick, [SCR]
  ~B                          [SCR] Cancel
f,f+3                       Clipping Kick, [SCR]
  ~B                          [SCR] Cancel
  1                           Sagaris Smash
b+3                         Ereshkigal Stomp
d/f+3                       Scimitar Kick, [SCR]
  ~B                          [SCR] Cancel
  4                           Dueling Scimitars
  d+4                         Pukku Sweep
FC,d/f+3                    Sukiyura Sweep
  ~D                          [MAN]
d/b+3                       Acinaces Sweep, [SCR]
(u/b_u_u/f)+3               Arali Kick
RN 3                        Headhunter
f,f+3+4                     Beruhuegoru Flip
  ~D                          [MAN]
f+4                         Aqrabuamelu
f,f+4                       Dantarion Slice Kick
b+4,4                       Tiamat's Tail
d+4,3                       Can-Can Kicks  *Juggles*
d/f+4,1                     Mikku String
d/b+4                       Euphrates Sweep
  ~D                          [MAN]
  2                           Lift Cannon  *Juggles*
u/f+4                       Snap Hopkick  *Juggles*
RN 4                        Tarantula Slide
  ~D                          [TRT]
b,b~u/b                     Jumping Wallpunch  *Against Wall*
b+2+3                       Spear of Alu  *Unblockable*
d+1+2                       [TRN] Stance
3+4                         [SCR] Stance
(d/b_d_d/f)+3+4             [MAN] Stance
d/f+     Tenstring
d/f+ Tenstring

Tarantula Stance [TRN]- d+1+2
f                           Spider Crawl
d/b_u                       [TRN] Cancel
1                           Leg Bite, [TRN]
1+2                         Spider Lunge  *Bounds*
d+1+2                       Scimitar Bite, [MAN]
2                           Rising Fangs  *Juggles*
3                           Body Bite, [TRN]
  ~U                          [TRN] Cancel
  ~D                          [MAN]
4                           Tarantula Sting, [MAN]
  3                           Deep Fang

Scarecrow Stance [SCR] - 3+4
f_b                         Scarecrow Hop
(u~N)_(d~N)                 Scarecrow Sidestep
1                           Zumei Fist, [SCR]
1+2                         Huwawa Slamdown  *Bounds*
2                           Ekidona Shot, [SCR]
  2                           Ekidona Finish
3                           Kicking Scarecrow, [SCR]
  3                           2nd Kick, [SCR]
    4                           Scarecrow Sweep
      ~D                          [MAN]
  f+3                         Agitation Kick, [SCR]
d+3                         Sag Scythe, [SCR]
  N+3                         Giga Scythe, [SCR]
  d+3                         Shin Scythe, [SCR]
d/f+3                       Abzu Abyss  *Juggles*
3+4                         Baruka Flip  *Bounds*
d+3+4                       Rollback, [MAN]
4                           Nagarajiya Kick  *Juggles*, [SCR]
  ~B                          [SCR] Cancel
d/f+4                       Scarecrow Scythe
  ~D                          [MAN]
d+4                         Scarecrow Slide
  ~D                          [MAN]

Mantis Stance [MAN] - (d/b_d_d/f)+3+4
f_b                         Mantis Crawl
f,f                         Mantis Dash
(u~N)_(d~N)                 Mantis Sidestep
1                           Butterfly Capture
d+1,4                       Mantis Scythe
2,1,4                       Mantis Sting, [MAN]
d/f+2                       Enlil Fist  *Juggles*
2+3                         Turn Around
3,4                         Double Low Thorns, [MAN]
  N+4                         Mid Thorn
  d+4                         Triple Low Thorn, [MAN]
d+3,1                       Sweeping Claw, [MAN]
d/f+3                       Negal's Lance, [MAN]
u/f+3                       Enki Kick, [MAN]
4                           Neti Sweep, [MAN]
  3                           Neti Sting  *Juggles*
d+4                         Mantis Slide
  ~D                          [MAN]

Item Moves
b+1+3+4                     Naginata
f+1+4                       Bastet Hand
f+2+3                       Scimitar

Sample Combos
d/f+2, d/f+1, f+2,3, [SCR] 3+4 (B!), d/f+4,1 -=- 60 pts.
[SCR] d/f+3, WS+4, d/f+1,4 -=- 49 pts.
u/f+4, 1, 1+2 (B!), f+2,3, [SCR] 3+4 -=- 58 pts.
WS+2, 1, u/f+1, f+2,3, [SCR] 3+4 (B!), f,f, d/f+4,1 -=- 73 pts.
d/f+1+2, d/f+2, d/f+1, f+2,3, [SCR] 3+4 (B!), d+1,1 -=- 71 pts.


Major Contributors- Castel, MarkMan, RedDragon, Syxx, Jordyce, JURASSIC
                    and kayuza-.

Other Contributors- KaNE, !!Sazabi!!, Kazamarant, Dreamkiller, yip_noob,
                    Brahma, insomnotek, desiprince11, tade, adipati,
                    fast_handsCODY, Catfish, Bhupinder Jassal, Heat
                    and Doppelganger.


Special Thanks
EFNet IRC channel #tekken and all the crew there
Castel at http://tekkenzaibatsu.com
MarkMan at http://sdtekken.com
Crizl at http://crizl.com
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