Call of Cthulhu Voice Cast – Who Are the Actors?

Call of Cthulhu is the latest attempt to bring the iconic worlds of HP Lovecraft to the world of video games, and it has numerous weird and colorful characters to interact with. But who plays those characters? Is the full Call of Cthulhu voice cast available to view anywhere? Yes it is, because we have the full credits list right here. Want to know who played Detective Pierce, and why he sounds familiar? We’ve got the answer.

Here is the Full Call of Cthulhu Voice Cast

Below you can find the complete Call of Cthulhu voice cast in the game. There aren’t any massive name actors in there, but there may be a few familiar ones, particularly to fans of other Focus Home Interactive games. For example, main character Detective Pierce is played by Anthony Howell. Anyone who heard his voice in the trailer may have recognized him as the actor behind Dr Jonathan Reid, the protagonist in Vampyr, the supernatural RPG released earlier this year by Focus and Life is Strange developer Dontnod. Christina Cole also appeared in Vampyr, but she also had roles in Casino Royale and Jupiter Ascending.

  • Detective Edward Pierce: Anthony Howell
  • Sarah Hawkins: Christina Cole
  • Marie Colden: Emerald O’Hanrahan
  • Officer Bradley: Antony Byrne
  • Catherine Baker: Kirsten Foster
  • Algernon Drake: Graham Vick
  • Thomas Fuller: Wolf Kahler
  • Silas Winchester: Bill Roberts
  • Charles Hawkins & Leviathan: Tim Watson
  • James Fitzroy: Allan Corduner
  • Stephen Webster: Bill Champion
  • Dominic Murphy: Colm Gormley
  • Henry West: Martin McDougall
  • Francis Sanders: Gerald Kyd
  • Roy Mitchell: Glenn Wrage
  • Officer Andrews: Derek Hagen
  • Nurse: Rosie Jones

Where to Find the Call of Cthulhu Credits

Want to see the full credits list for yourself, along with all the people who made the game? Sadly the full list isn’t available online at the present time, but if you own Call of Cthulhu you can simply access the credits from the main menu. Alternatively, just get to the end of the game and they will roll then too. Make sure to watch the whole thing now, a lot of people worked on this game and they all deserve credit!