Star Ocean The Last Hope: International PS3 Cheats

Pause Cut Scenes

To pause a cut scene, just push the "PS" button in the center of the controller. The music will continue to play but the cut scene will freeze, once you press the button again to exit the XMB and the cut scene will resume as normal.

Unlockable Difficulties

Unlockable         How to Unlock
Chaos ModeBeat the game on Universe mode
Universe ModeBeat the game on Galaxy mode


Battle Trophy Unlockables

Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
Additional Battle Voices, Set 1Obtain 30% of the character's Battle Trophies
Additional Battle Voices, Set 2Obtain 75% of the character's Battle Trophies
Level cap increaseObtain 50% of the character's Battle Trophies
More CPObtain 100% of the character's Battle Trophies


Unlockable                                 How to Unlock
Advanced Battler (Bronze)Obtain 75% of all battle trophies.
Arms Addict (Bronze)Collect 100% of all weapon data.
Aspiring Architect (Bronze)Create 40% of all possible items.
Creative Craftsman (Bronze)Create 60% of all possible items.
Creature Collector (Bronze)Collect 50% of all monster data.
Dilettante Designer (Bronze)Create 20% of all possible items.
Dutiful Deliverer (Silver)Compelte 100% of all quests.
Errand Boy (Bronze)Complete 50% of all quests.
Inspired Inventor (Bronze)Create 80% of all possible items.
Master Battler (Silver)Obtain 90% of all battle trophies.
Monster Master (Silver)Collect 100% of all monster data.
Practiced Battler (Bronze)Obtain 30% of all battle trophies.
Rookie Battler (Bronze)Obtain 15% of all battle trophies.
Seasoned Battler (Bronze)Obtain 60% of all battle trophies.
Ship Savant (Bronze)Collect 100% of all spaceship data.
Skilled Battler (Bronze)Obtain 45% of all battle trophies.
STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Congratulations! You've collected every last STAR OCEAN® THE LAST HOPE® -INTERNATIONAL- trophy!
Treasure Hoarder (Silver)Open 100% of all treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Open 50% of all treasure chests.
Ultimate Battler (Silver)Obtain 100% of all battle trophies.
World's Biggest Welch Fan (Silver)Create 100% of all possible items.