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Fallout 76 Purified Water – How to Purify Water

In order to get Fallout 76 purified water, the player may need to purify the water themselves. It’s particularly important to retain a stock of purified water in Fallout 76, as in true Fallout fashion, the survival aspects of the game necessitate water consumption. Dirty water is… not ideal. Here’s a guide on how to purify water in Fallout 76, in case you can’t find purified water and want to convert your dirty water into something a little tastier.

Fallout 76 Purified Water – How to Purify Water

Fallout 76 purified water can be found as a stock item in Appalachia, but if you could find some, you likely wouldn’t be reading this guide. As a result, this guide is designed to teach you how to purify water when you can’t find any purified water.

In order to purify water in Fallout 76, you’ll need to at least have some dirty water. This is a lot easier to come by, and you probably have plenty of it if you haven’t thrown it away. (Don’t throw it away; that’s a waste).

Next, you’ll need a water purifier. You can find this after completing the Overseer’s quests in a chest, or you can find one behind the mayor’s office in Grafton. Failing this, you can buy a water purifier in the Atom Store, but you’ll need to at least have found a small purifier first in order to make use of this one.

You can also claim a workshop that offers water as a resource, which will cause the plans for a small purifier to unlock. If you’ve done this already, then you should have the plans in your inventory.

In order to purify water, use your water purifier and dirty water in conjunction with a cooking station and voila! You’ll have made yourself the purest water in all of Appalachia.