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Fallout 76 How to Cook

You’ll need to cook in order to survive in Fallout 76. With slowly depleting thirst and hunger meters, you’ll need to make sure that you’re stocked up on delicious snacks and meals. If you manage to keep both meters at 75% or higher, you’ll be granted bonuses. The trouble is, people are struggling to figure out how in Fallout 76 how to cook. This guide will tell you all you need to know about how to cook in Fallout 76, including how to find recipes.

Fallout 76 How To Cook

To cook in Fallout 76, you’ll need to either craft or find and use a Cooking Station. You may be lucky enough to stumble upon a Cooking Station in any settlement you come across, but for real quick access, you’ll want to create your own. Crafting a Cooking Station is simple. All you need to make one is two pieces of Steel and two pieces of Wood. Once you have these materials, simply head over to a C.A.M.P. unit and choose to create the Cooking Station. Once you have built the Cooking Station, walk over to it, choose to use it, and pick from the list of your available recipes. Bon appetit.

You will find Steel and Wood in any number of items you may pick up. Simply deconstruct them to get the materials you need.

Fallout 76 How To Cook – Where to Find Recipes

What good is a chef without recipes? In Fallout 76, you need to find and own recipes before you can create the finest cuisine. Thankfully, Bethesda has given you a handful of base recipes to play with at the start of the game. If the base recipes aren’t enough for your demanding palate, however, you can always find more throughout Fallout 76’s map. Below is a list of places where you will likely find new recipes:

  • Robot Merchants usually found in Train Stations
  • Ingredients (such as plants and meat)
  • Containers
  • On tables near cooking equipment and kitchens

You should find recipes aplenty looking for these items and places. Of course, each recipe requires ingredients, but you’ll have to find those on your own. Killing enemies and harvesting plants is always a good place to start.