Pirates of the Caribbean Online PC Cheats



Here are all of the weapons that You are able to unlock on Pirates Of The Caribbean Online.

Voodoo Doll - Get Level 5 Notoritey, visit Tia for a mission to unlock the Voodoo Doll.

Dagger - Get Level 10 Notoritey, visit Elizebeth Swann for a mission to unlock the Dagger. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!

Gernade - Get Level 20 Notoritey, visit Jack Sparrow for a mission to unlock the Gernade. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!

Staff - Get Level 30 Notoritey, visit Tia for mission to unlock the Staff. MUST HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS!!!

Cutlass - Do the tutorial or skip it.

Pistol - Visit Captian Barboose.

How to Win Battle Easily as a Basic Member

Cutlass: The basic one

On Undead Gravediggers(about 4-5 strikes), Cadets(3-4 strikes), Swamp Alligators(5-7 strikes sometimes more), Bayou Aligators(6-8 strikes sometimes more, and other small enemies.

Combo 1: Cutlass first/ Gun second

Dont do this. In order for the gun to work its highest it has to be a distance. If you attack with a cutlass the enemy will always be on you.

Combo 2: Gun first/Cutlass second

Excellent for Scorpions and Undead. Rabid Bats is and Only-gun situation. Wait for the precise moment to begin with the cutlass.

Combo 3: Vodoo Doll/Anything

The Vodoo Doll should be done at a distance because the victim with be randomly attacked in their minds and it'll hurt them more for some reason. *shrug*

Pistol: The Basic one.

Anything except humans(that means animals and Undead)

Voodo Doll:

Anything. You just have to retreat sometimes because the action takes time. It's worth it. Kills Cadet and Undead Gravediggers with 1 poke. Almost knocks out any alligator.

Avoiding Attacks/Making the enemy miss of lessen damage.

1. To avoid fighting go into a corner and wait til the health is green. Or take a Tonic.

2. Don't run into enemies.

3. Scorpions/Undead with daggers: Jump when the pincer/blade is about to hhit you. It will lessen/diminish the damage.

4. The Gun and cutlass will become most handy.

Tagteams: Groups of pirates fighting one enemy.

You should use this on the Undead Witchdoctors, the Bosses, and the huge ships. More people on your crew, the better. DEFINATELY GET A TAGTEAM FOR VETERANS,OFFICERS, and MARINES.