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Fallout 76 Xbox One X Overheating Issue

Fallout 76 Xbox One overheating issues have been reported by players in several forums across the internet. In particular owners of Xbox One X, consoles have had massive problems with the system just shutting down when attempting to do specific things in Fallout 76. These aren’t just random bugs either. Multiple players have correlated what actions, in particular, will reproduce the shutdowns.

What is Causing the Fallout 76 Xbox One Overheating Issue?

While some players are reporting other instances where their consoles are overheating, there are a few actions that remain consistent throughout the complaints. When trying to perform these actions in Fallout 76, the Xbox One X will either rev up its fans to 100% or shut off entirely.

The most common causes of Xbox One X overheating when playing Fallout 76 are:

  • Fast Travel
  • Accessing the Level Up screen
  • Loading a Holotape into a console

It seems like the majority of the players making the complaint about lockups and crashes in Fallout 76 due to overheating are owners of the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition. The official Bethesda response so far has been underwhelming. Community Manager Valseek had the following statement in response to complaints on the Bethesda Fallout 76 forum:

“Hi everyone,

Sorry, you’ve had trouble with your consoles shutting down during the B.E.T.A. I know technical issues can be frustrating to deal with, and we appreciate your reports here on the forums.

If the issue persists through Fallout 76 launch, Microsoft has a support article that may help you troubleshoot the unexpected shutdowns, can you please try following the steps listed there?”

In response to complaints that it felt like Bethesda was shrugging off the problem by linking to a Microsoft support page. Valseek said this:

“Just to clear things up, my only intent with that reply was to point toward a resource in hopes that it could provide some additional help for players who have encountered this issue. We haven’t stopped investigating player reports about this.”

That post, which is three days old as of the time of writing, is the last reply from a Bethesda representative to overheating Xbox One X claims on the Bethesda forum. Right now there’s no official explanation of why the crashes keep happening and whether it’s exclusively a hardware problem, a software issue, or both.

There’s no fix for this problem as of yet, but when we find one we’ll be sure to add it here.