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Fallout 76 Camp Budget Problem – How Do I Get More Budget?

Like Fallout 4, Fallout 76 camps have a building budget that limits that amount of objects you can construct. The problem is, you just have a vague little meter to go by which doesn’t let you know exactly how far you are from maxing out the budget, or how much budget each item takes up. Instead, you just have to watch the meter and sweat, hoping you don’t fill up your camp budget in Fallout 76 while you’re trying to build your dream home.

How Does Camp Budget Work in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Camp Budget Meter

When you lay down your C.A.M.P. unit for the first time in Fallout 76 and access the build screen, you’ll notice a little meter in the top right part of the screen that says “Budget.” This meter indicates how far you are from the max amount of items you can build. Fill the meter up, and even if you have the materials, you can’t construct more things until you get rid of some.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t let you know how much budget each constructed item takes up. When building it’s evident that some items take up more than others, but you’re left to experiment on your own to find out just how it works. In Fallout 4, this wasn’t as much of an issue because the allotted budget was higher in most settlements and there were mods to let you modify how much you could build. In Fallout 76, though, your building budget is relatively low in comparison and can quickly be filled if you’re not careful.

Also, it appears that items that you’ve built and then stored in your C.A.M.P. also contribute to your building budget, so even if you haven’t deployed them, they still fill the meter.

How to Get More Camp Budget in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Camp Budget Turret

There’s no way to get more than your initial allotment of camp budget in Fallout 76. However, one thing you can do is build smarter. The camp budget seems to be based on an item’s polygon counts. So, a wall, which is just a flat, basic shape, will take up less budget than a workbench or turret. The more complex an item looks, the more polygons it will likely have in its model and the more budget it will take up in your settlement.

One of your best places to find some savings is turrets. It can be tempting to build a ton of these and surround your base with them. However, if you want to maximize your budget, plan out your turret’s fields of fire in advance and stick with the lowest number you feel will offer you adequate protection. A handful of carefully placed turrets will be more effective than a bunch just scattered around anyway.

Other than keeping the number of complex items to a minimum, there’s no special way to get more camp budget in Fallout 76. Hopefully, Bethesda will allot more to each player in a future patch, but for now, using the tips above will allow you to maximize your building space.