Heroes of Annihilated Empires PC Cheats

Cheat Mode

While playing press [Enter] to bring up the chat window, and then type any of the following codes (codes are CASE SENSITIVE):

beasts - Place units on map using P hotkey

farseer - Reveal entire map

GiveMoney # - Gives # money

GiveExpa # - Gives # experience points

fastupg - Instant Upgrades (for units)

slowupg - Normal upgrade speed


Glitch: Unlimited stat points for current level

When you get a potion that gives you permanent bonus (e.g. potion of endurance for +1 resistance), pause your game and click on the potion as many times as you want. The additional bonus will last till you complete the current level. I've checked this for health, resistance, attack rate and damage bonus potions. Works for the EU release of the game. Dont know about US, JP or AU releases.