Diner Dash PS3 Cheats


Unlock Trophies

When You complete each condition set here You'll get the allotted Trophies.

Workin' nine to five... (Silver) - Win 20 Team Dash Games with at least three other teams.

"I ate the whole thing!" (Silver) - Complete all four restaurants in Flo's career.

That's what I call team work! (Bronze) - Win 10 Team Dash Games.

Will Flo please stand up?! (Bronze) - Win 10 1v1 Head to Head Games.

There's no time like the present (Bronze) - Win 10 Online Time Wars Games.

Here's a tip for you... (Bronze) - Win 10 Online Tip Wars Games.

Now we're cookin'! (Bronze) - Earn Five Stars over the course of Flo's career (any difficulty).

That's what I call an upgrade! (Bronze) - Unlock the full version of Diner Dash?

Endless, Schmendless (Bronze) - Last 10 minutes in single player Endless Mode on any difficulty.

There's always tomorrow Flo (Bronze) - Lose all your stars in Endless Mode on any difficulty.