Gravity Crash PS3 Cheats


Unlock Trophies

When You complete each condition set here You'll get the allotted Trophies.

End-Of-File (Silver) - Finish the single player campaign game.

Retro Fitted (Bronze) - Have rear, side and 3-way fire simultaneously.

Shiny Trinkets (Bronze) - Collect a total of 10 purple gems across different levels.

System Analyst (Bronze) - Find 5 user created levels you like, and rate the creators.

00101010 (Bronze) - Collect all artifact pieces.

Hyperlink (Bronze) - Activate every node in the game, including those in secret levels.

Power Saving Mode (Bronze) - Complete 'Norova' level without refuelling or dying.

I Made This! (Bronze) - Create and publish a level then have it rated by 5 users.

8 Bits of Destruction (Bronze) - Kill 255 gun or missile turrets.

Cache Hit (Bronze) - Find all gems in every level.

Data Miner (Bronze) - Unlock any secret level.

Passive Resistor (Bronze) - Complete 'Vectora' level without firing a single shot.

Obsolete Technology (Bronze) - Defeat any boss.

Overclocked (Bronze) - Beat the recommended time on 10 levels.

Exception Handler (Bronze) - Refuel your ship after the fuel depleted warning message is displayed.

Guidance Software Approved (Bronze) - Complete all training lessons.