SAW PS3 Cheats


Unlock Trophies

When You complete each condition set here You'll get the allotted Trophies.

Congratulations (Platinum) - Acquired all trophies.

I Can Stop Anytime (Silver) - Used 20 Health Syringes.

Duress (Silver) - Kill 20 minions.

Kill Or Be Killed (Silver) - Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.

Merciless (Silver) - Stomped five Minions to death.

Professional (Silver) - Unlock 20 locked doors.

Grave Digger (Bronze) - First kill with a Shovel.

Hatchet Job (Bronze) - First kill with a Hatchet.

Homerun (Bronze) - First kill with a Bat.

Surgeon (Bronze) - First kill with a Scalpel.

Wait For The Boom (Bronze) - First kill with an Explosive Mine.

Would You Like To Know More? (Bronze) - Find your first Asylum File.

You'll Need This Afterwards (Bronze) - First kill with a Crutch.

I'm In Charge (Bronze) - Fought first NPC.

It Was An Accident (Bronze) - Kill first minion.

Just Experimenting (Bronze) - Used Health Syringe for the first time.

Choked Up (Bronze) - First kill with a Gas Mine.

Cleaning Up (Bronze) - First kill with a Mop Handle.

Curb Stomp (Bronze) - Stomped first Minion to death.

Darwin Would Be Proud (Bronze) - Died once.

Fire Hazard (Bronze) - First kill with fire.

Who Is The Jigsaw Killer? (Bronze) - Find your first Patient File.

You've Been Served (Bronze) - First kill with a Table Leg.

You've Wasted Your Life (Bronze) - Idle for five minutes.

Give Me Five! (Bronze) - First kill with a Mannequin Arm.

Say Hello To My Little Friend (Bronze) - First kill with a Gun.

Whoops! (Bronze) - First kill with a Stun Mine.

Forced Entry (Bronze) - Unlocked first door.

Self-Defense (Bronze) - Kill 10 minions.

Sometimes It Sticks (Bronze) - First kill with a Nail Bat.

Splitting Headache (Bronze) - First kill with Scissors.

Penetrated (Bronze) - First kill with a Syringe.

Pipe Dream (Bronze) - First kill with a Pipe.

Treasure! (Bronze) - Unlock first container.

Lights Off (Bronze) - First kill with a Table Lamp.

Locksmith (Bronze) - Unlock 5 locked doors.