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Fallout 76 Login Failed This Account Lacks Required Entitlements Error Fix

Fallout 76 is going through something of a tumultuous time right now. After some hours of Fallout 76 server maintenance, people are now finding that their Fallout 76 login failed. Upon attempting to login to Fallout 76 servers, many people have been receiving a Fallout 76 account lacks required entitlements error. Is there a way to fix this? What does it mean? Read on to find out exactly what the Fallout 76 login failed account lacks required entitlements error is.

Fallout 76 Login Failed – What is the Account Entitlements Issue?

Unfortunately, with the Fallout 76 servers down for maintenance, people are failing to login to the game. It’s coming up with the message “Login Failed: Account Lacks Required Entitlements.” This has happened before, during the game’s beta, and it is happening again. Thankfully, however, all it means is that the game’s server is down for maintenance on PS4 and Xbox One. This is because Bethesda is currently adding in a new patch which should help make the game better.

If, however, you are reading this and you are still receiving the message once the servers are back up and running, you’ll likely want to know how to fix it.

Fallout 76 Login Failed – Account Lacks Required Entitlements Error Fix

Unfortunately, the issue is on Bethesda’s end, as if you are receiving this error message, it means that the servers are currently down. Because of this, there aren’t too many options for you in terms of fixing the problem. You can try resetting your console and restarting the game, but you likely won’t be able to login to Fallout 76 until the servers are back up and running normally.

Our advice? Simply, we advise that you monitor Bethesda’s social media feeds to learn exactly when the servers should be back online. If this doesn’t work, try logging back on in an hour or so. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too long before you can start playing Fallout 76 again.