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Smash Ultimate Robin – How To Unlock

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a heck of a lot of fighters, and it’ll take you a while to unlock them all. If you’re after a specific character though, you’ll need a guide to work out exactly how to do it, since the game itself doesn’t offer any clues. There are plenty of characters for the Fire Emblem fans, but what if you specifically want Smash Ultimate Robin? We’re here to help.

Who is Robin?

Robin, also known as Daraen or Avatar, is a character who was introduced to the Fire Emblem series in 3DS title Fire Emblem Awakening. He’s apparently best known as being the only character in the game who can support and marry anyone, and can change their gender based on player choice. Both male and female versions of Robin are available. In Smash Bros, the character first appeared in the previous game, Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS.

How to Unlock Smash Ultimate Robin

The simplest, easiest way to unlock Robin just for regular play is by playing and completing Classic Mode on any difficulty. Just play as Kirby several times and you’ll eventually get to Robin, since they arrive just after Zelda. Alternatively, if you’ve got her unlocked already (or want a change) you can play as Zelda in Classic Mode instead. Complete it, and beat Robin in battle to unlock them. Otherwise, if you’re playing regular VS matches they’ll be the 53rd character you’ll unlock, shortly after Mewtwo.

Alternatively, if you’re playing through the World of Light single-player campaign you’ll need to unlock Robin there to play as him/her in the campaign, and they’ll be unlocked for play in the rest of Smash Bros Ultimate too. You’ll have to wait until later though, since you have to reach the World of Dark area, specifically Dracula’s Castle. Beat the Werewolf’s Spirit and you’ll have the chance to face Robin, and unlock them.