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Pokemon Go Double Candy – How to Get

Pokemon Go double Candy is now available for players to take advantage of in Pokemon Go. For a limited time only, players will be able to earn twice as much candy from catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go, making it much easier to evolve your Pokemon and power your Pokemon up. If you want to get in on the action, you’ll need to be quick, though, as this event isn’t going to be around for long. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get double Candy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Double Candy – How to Get

Pokemon Go double Candy is part of the Pokemon Go Winter event. The event kicked off on December 18 and some aspects of it will run right into January, but Pokemon Go double Candy won’t be around for long. In fact, players will only be able to earn double Candy until December 22, making this one of the more short-lived aspects of this year’s event.

However, players can still earn double Candy until that end date, meaning that you can head out today and earn twice as much Candy from every single Pokemon you catch. You can stack this with the fact that more Ice-types are appearing than usual, meaning that you’ll encounter more Ice-type Pokemon as well as earning double Candy for every single one of them.

Also, some new Pokemon have come to Pokemon Go in another wave of Sinnoh Pokemon, most of which have evolutions. Expect to see Bronzor, Croagunk, Snover, and more, all of which you can evolve and power up easily thanks to Pokemon Go double Candy.

There’s only two days left to make the most of this event, so take to the streets and stock up on Ultra Balls. Remember that you also gain double Candy from every Pokemon you catch, not just the new ones.