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Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 Patch Notes PS4)

The Fortnite 7.20 update patch notes (Fortnite 1.98 update patch notes PS4) have now been shared by Epic Games. This the first Fortnite numbered update of 2019, following three substantial “Content Updates” over the winter holiday period. As you might expect, the developer had been teasing what the new patch would bring to the game, which includes the return of the controversial Glider Redeploy mechanic. The official Twitter account has warned players that downtime will begin at 5 AM ET (10 AM UTC), which will likely last 1-2 hours. Players will struggle to matchmake during this time and will need to download the latest patch to continue playing online. Scroll down to view the Fortnite 7.20 patch notes which apply to PCPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchiPhone, and Android.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – One Shot Limited Time Mode

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

Out goes the 14 Days of Fortnite and in comes the Fortnite One Shot Limited Time mode. This introduces low gravity and every player has 50 health. Only snipers are available as weapons, and only Bandages can be used for healing. Players of the mode will want to move quickly, as the Storm wait time has been greatly reduced for all phases.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – Gliders (Glider Redeploy item)

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

An important section of the Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) patch notes detail the changes made to the Glider Redeploy mechanic. The ability for players to jump from a height and redeploy their parachute has left the Fortnite community split on whether or not the mechanic is well-suited to the game. With the feedback received from the community, Epic Games is clearly hoping that the latest Glider Redeploy implementation is one that will please all.

As of Fortnite 7.20, players will be able to redeploy their gliders, but only when the special Gliders item is held in an inventory slot. The item has to be found in the world, then added to the player inventory, otherwise there will be no way to redeploy. What’s more, like the balloons and Rift-to-Go items, the new Glider Redeploy item will have a limited number of uses.

The Gliders item is Rare and comes with 10 charges in total. When all of the charges are used, the item disappears (is removed from the player inventory). The Gliders item does not consume a charge when using a Launch Pad, Rifts-to-Go, or respawning in a Limited Time Mode. It can be found via floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Llamas.

As Fortnite Battle Royale doesn’t have any kind of community test server, it remains to be seen whether or not players will embrace the changes.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – Scoped Revolver

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

As teased via an in-game “Coming Soon!” notification, the Fortnite Scoped Revolver has now made its way into Battle Royale. The teaser promised a “six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at long range.” The Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) now adds the Scoped Revolver to the game.

The Fortnite Scoped Revolver stats list it as available in both Epic and Legendary variants. It fires Medium Ammo and deals 42/44 damage per shot. Players will be able to find the weapon in floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – Wall placement changes

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

It looks like I’m not the only one who was frustrated with building on Fortnite‘s many uneven surfaces. With the game full of hills and rocky terrain, it can be incredibly annoying to try and build both quickly and accurately. Prior to Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4), players would often find themselves building a block beneath the ground, wasting precious resources. Well, with the new update, players will now discover that when the large majority of a wall is placed underground, the wall above will be built automatically and without using up any of the player’s materials.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – Balance changes (includes Minigun overheating)

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) patch notes also detail some big balance changes to weapons. One of the more significant adjustments is the addition of a Minigun overheating mechanic. When fired consecutively for six seconds, the weapon will require a moment to cool down. The wind-up time of the weapon has been reduced by 37 percent, and its audio has also been updated.

Balloons are now more likely to appear in the wild, with their rarity changing from Epic to Rare. Stink Bombs are also now more common, with their rarity changing from Epic to Rare. Also having its rarity changed is the Scoped AR which has had its rarity decreased from Rare/Epic to Uncommon/Rare. Expect to see these weapons and equipment popping up a lot more in-game.

If you’re a fan of the first-shot accuracy mechanic, you’ll be happy to learn that Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) enables an accurate first-shot while affected by icy feet and while also on ziplines.

Trap drop rates have also been adjusted and small shields max stack size has been decreased from 10 down to 6.

Fortnite 7.20 Update Patch Notes (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) – Zipline changes

Fortnite 1.98 Update Patch Notes

Ziplines are also getting some love in the Fortnite 7.20 update (Fortnite 1.98 PS4) update. Epic Games has now made it possible for players to change direction while going down a zipline, which is as easy as pushing the direction you want to go (no need to jump). This should help players avoid feeling trapped when an enemy suddenly opens fire at the other end!

Before the update, players would move at max speed as soon as the zipline was interacted with. After the patch, players will now accelerate over time to steadily reach that max speed. (Be mindful of this if enemies are nearby!)

For the remaining Fortnite 7.20 update patch notes, which are mostly comprised of Creative Mode and Save the World changes, as well as bug fixes and other minor (yet still very much appreciated) changes, you can head on over to the Epic Games page.

As always, you’ll want to stay tuned to our Fortnite hub for the latest game news, patch notes, and more!