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Fortnite Malcore leaked skin – How to unlock guide

One of the more curious ones outfits to be introduced to Epic’s battle royale is the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin. What is it exactly, and when could it be released? Find out what’s what with our Fortnite Malcore leaked skin unlock guide.

What is the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin?

fortnite malcore leaked skin guide

Found in the game’s files by places such as, the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin takes its inspiration from demonic creatures. As it can be seen from the images on fnbr’s website, the outfit shows a character that has blue skin, black scales adorning their body, horns growing out of their head, and wings on their back.

The outfit itself isn’t too shabby either. A giant black neckerchief is wrapped around the neck and upper torso, alongside a dark gray vest. Black trousers with a chunky black belt cover the midriff and legs. The outfit is finished off with knee high black boots that come equipped with three orange spikes added to the back of them.

When is the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin release date?

fortnite malcore leaked skin unlock

We’re not entirely sure right now. Leaked skins like this one will definitely be part of a future update, but there’s no official word on when that may be. Which isn’t surprising, given that this skin has been leaked ahead of time.

There are still plenty of weeks of Fortnite season 7 left to go, so the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin – and many others – have time to be actually patched into the game, especially as it’s just been introduced as part of the January 15 update’s files. It could be that this outfit comes as part of any weekly challenges that Epic has in the works as part of season 7 and, given that it’s an epic skin, that seems about right. We’ll have more on the Fortnite Malcore leaked skin when it’s officially part of the game.