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Is Anthem 60fps on Xbox One and PS4?

Anthem‘s release date draws ever nearer, and we’re learning more about how the game will look visually on all platforms. There’s one major query that console owners will want to know – namely, is Anthem 60fps on consoles? Find out if there’s Anthem 60fps support on Xbox One and PS4 with our guide.

Is Anthem 60fps on Xbox One and PS4?

anthem 60fps ps4 pro

Anthem won’t be supporting 60fps or 1080p resolution on Xbox One or PS4. The news came courtesy of Bioware lead producer Michael Gamble, who revealed as much to one inquisitive fan on his personal Twitter account.

After he was quizzed over whether Xbox One X and PS4 pro players would be able to play Anthem with those visual settings, Gamble explained that they wouldn’t be an option. Revealing exactly why, Gamble stated that Bioware had given priority to the game’s visuals, rather than a greater resolution factor or a much smoother frame rate.

However, he declined to rule out ever patching 60fps or 1080p into Anthem on consoles down the line, so there’s always a chance we’ll see it supported.

Why is there no Anthem 60fps support on consoles?

anthem 60fps xbox one x

It does seem a bit strange that Anthem won’t support 60fps or 1080p, especially on the higher end consoles. The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have the capabilities to run games at these native settings, but Bioware has chosen not to support them at this time.

It’s a fair explanation that Bioware would want the game to look stunning above anything else, but it would look more beautiful if it ran at a higher resolution and with a greater frame rate. If there’s no support for these top of the line consoles, then the normal Xbox One and PS4 platforms certainly won’t run Anthem at these settings. Here’s hoping that Gamble’s hint that a future update may patch this in turns out to be true.