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Pokemon Go Mime Jr regional exclusive | Is Mime Jr EU only?

There’s been some confusion about the Pokemon Go Mime Jr regional exclusive since the game’s latest update. The baby form of Mr Mime is said to be coming to Pokemon Go shortly, but is Mime Jr EU only? Find out if the Pokemon Go Mime Jr regional exclusive is available around the world.

Is Pokemon Go Mime Jr regional exclusive?

pokemon go mime jr region exclusive


Let’s back up a bit first. Pokemon Go‘s latest update brought some new Gen 4 Pokemon to Niantic’s game. Those Pokemon all appear in the Sinnoh region of the Pokemon universe, including Mime Jr. With Mime Jr being the first evolutionary form of Mr Mime, it’s pretty much nailed on that Mime Jr will only be available from Pokemon Go eggs.

The bigger question here, though, stems from a possible Pokemon Go Mime Jr regional exclusive. Mr Mime is only available to catch in Pokemon Go in Europe. This means that, if players want him, they either have to be living in the EU or they’ll have to travel to a European nation and catch him.

If Mr Mime is a European exclusive, it stands to reason the Mime Jr will be too. Or does it?

Will Pokemon Go Mime Jr be EU only?

Pokemon go mime jr europe


Right now we’re expecting it to be, but nothing has been outright confirmed. The latest Pokemon Go patch has only been live for five hours at the time of writing, and so far there’s been no word on any player online hatching an egg with Mime Jr in it.

Mime Jr is only available in 7km eggs, according to this Silph Road Reddit thread, and other regions of the internet are convinced that Pokemon Go Mime Jr can only be obtained in Europe. This Pokemon Go GamePress thread suggests as much, and are using Mr Mime’s region exclusivity to back up those claims.

It would be strange for Niantic to make Pokemon Go Mime Jr available to everyone. People outside of Europe could simply just evolve it into Mr Mime after 50 candies if that was the case. This would defeat the purpose of region exclusive Pokemon, so it appears that Pokemon Go Mime Jr will only be available in Europe.