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Kingdom Hearts 3 Find Hamm | Where is Hamm?

If you can’t find Hamm in Kingdom Hearts 3 you’ve come to the right place. While finding everyone’s favorite slotted pig is simply a part of the game’s story during the Toy Box world, actually figuring out the Hamm location is proving a little tricky for some. Read on to figure out how the Kingdom Hearts 3 find Hamm Toy Story mission isn’t one you need to spend ages on.

What is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Find Hamm mission?

As part of the Toy Story World’s story, you will be tasked with finding Hamm. The trouble is, the smart-mouthed musical hog is tricky to find. Below, however, we’ve given a detailed description of all you will need to do in order to find Hamm in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Why can’t I find Hamm in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Despite it being part of the game’s story, it is quite difficult to find Hamm based on the information you’re given. Thankfully, that’s why we’re here. Pay attention now, though, as it’s about to get a little complicated.

You will need to begin your search for Hamm on the second floor of Galaxy Toys. From here, head into the Action Store.

find hamm

Once inside, defeat the Dragon Boss. Once you have defeated the boss, head into the back of the store, by the figure of the red hand smashing through the wall. Climb up the boxes there and up into the vents.

Head through the vents and into the Babies and Toddlers: Dolls section of the store. There are enemies here, so you’ll need to beat them. After you have beaten all the enemies, again, head to the back of the store. You should now be in the Musical Toads section.

find hamm

Here, run on top of the record player (a la Toy Story 2) and you’ll find a Green Army Man hidden inside one of the Toads.

find hamm

After speaking to the Green Army Man, you will need to head over to the shaking dollhouse by the window. Hamm will be inside the dollhouse. You really saved his bacon.

find hamm