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Apex Legends Titans | Can you unlock Titans?

Apex Legends, the free-to-play Titanfall battle royale has just been announced. EA and Respawn are returning to the world of Titanfall hoping for a slice of the lucrative Battle Royale pie. However, with the official name of the game dropping “Titanfall,” it seems possible that the big mech giants featured in the main series, will be gone, with only pilots left fighting for survival. But can you unlock Titans in the FPS?

Apex Legends Titans | Can you unlock Titans in Apex Legends?

Titanfall Apex Legends Titans

As the name does indeed suggest, Apex Legends does not appear to feature any Titans. At least at launch, this will be a human-only game. As this is a battle royale title, it’s pretty much expected that all players would begin in a balanced state, with no significant advantage over the others. While it’s possible in theory to have a huge number of players inside of their own Titan, it might be more easily said than done.

Regardless of the reason why, Apex Legends does not have Titans.

Will there ever be Titanfall Apex Legends Titans?

Titanfall Apex Legends Titans

While there won’t be any Titans in Apex Legends at launch, this isn’t to say that the oversized mechs won’t become part of the Battle Royale at a later date. Battle Royale games are always updating, constantly adding in new features, map changes, weapons, and more. Who’s to say that Titans won’t become a part of Apex Legends sometime after launch? Perhaps they will be included in a new mode or added in as a new feature.

We can think of multiple different ways in which Titans could work in a Battle Royale game, however. We’d like to think that during matches, Titans will come careering down onto the map at set intervals. This would no doubt send everyone across to that area in order to get inside the giant mech. Perhaps they might come to the game eventually.

Whatever the reason for the lack of Titans in Apex Legends, there is always the hope that they will be added in further down the line.