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Apex Legends Auto-Run | How to automatically sprint

In Apex Legendsit’s important to keep moving, or enemies will easily pick you off from a distance. This is where the Apex Legends auto-run sprint ability becomes essential. While you’re accessing your map and inventory, whether sorting through your items or finding a new location to loot, you become an easy target for enemy squads. It’s difficult enough to survive in the arena of Apex Legendsso read on to find out how to automatically sprint and make it safely into the next ring.

Apex Legends Auto-Run | How to automatically sprint

Apex Legends auto-run sprint

Similar to other battle royale arenas, there’s a lot of distance to cross in Apex Legends, and you’ll often find yourself moving across long stretches of the map as the ring continues to close. Of course, enemy squads will also be moving towards the same circle on the map, so there’s inevitably going to be some confrontation on the way. Players can enable the auto-run sprint ability in Apex Legends by sprinting and then opening either their inventory or map. This will keep your character running forward, and make it more difficult for other squads to ambush you while you’re distracted.

Sprinting in Apex Legends is enabled by pressing in the left stick on a controller, or left-shift on a keyboard. To disable the auto-run sprint, simply come out of the map or inventory, and you will be free to move in a different direction or take cover. The Apex Legends auto-run sprint isn’t accessible outside of this method, so if you want to cross long distances with auto-run, you will have to stay in the map or inventory while you’re running. However, this probably isn’t the best idea; you won’t be able to see the enemy coming, and you might miss out on some of the best weapons from care packages across the map.