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Apex Legends Wraith guide | How to play as Wraith

Apex Legends is the hottest game around right now, but if you want to get good you’ll need to know all the ins and outs of the characters, particularly if you’ve picked the teleport master Wraith. If you like hearing voices in your head or want to get thinking with portals, you’ll need to check out our Apex Legends Wraith guide. Just try not to lose yourself in the void.

Apex Legends Wraith guide | Tips and Tricks

Wraith is a tough character to get used to, as her skill set is based on quick movements and stealth, which isn’t for everyone. She can hide from enemies, create portals for herself and allies to travel through to escape if necessary, and receives audio hints on whether she’s been spotted or not, which can both help and hinder you.

Once you’ve got used to Wraith and her abilities, it’s straightforward to get the jump on any opponent, catch them unawares, take them out, and then disappear in the confusion. As usual with all the best Apex Legends players, it’s important to utilize your team correctly, especially when it comes to putting down portals with Wraith’s Ultimate ability. Downed players can actually use her portals, so you may be able to save your team if you use this correctly.

The most important thing to realize is that while Wraith can indeed become faster, basically invisible, and invincible for a while with her tactical ability, this is used exclusively for escape or getting to teammates quickly. You’re not completely invisible, so it’s hard to truly get the drop on enemy players with it, and enemies can still track you. Worst of all, you can’t actually see allies or enemies when you’re in the void, so you should really just be taking advantage of the temporary invincibility and speed boost to get away quickly.

Apex Legends Wraith guide | Wraith abilities

Into the Void (Tactical Ability)

On the surface, an ability that gives you super-speed, partial invisibility and invincibility sounds like a recipe for an overpowered character. Fortunately for opponents and unfortunately for a beginner Wraith player, there is a big catch with this seemingly Superman-like power: you can’t see anyone or fire weapons while Into the Void is active.

When you activate the ability you slip into the void, a grey mist-like dimension, similar to what happened when Frodo slipped on the One Ring in Lord of the Rings. You’ll see the map, but otherwise you’ll only see shadows of players, and the most important thing to know is that these aren’t actual players, it’s only cosmetic. In other words, don’t go hunting shadows.

So if you can’t see anyone to hunt them or even tell where your team is, what good is it? It can be an excellent ability for flanking, if your teammates can point out where enemies are through the ping system (or just verbally telling you, if they have voice chat). Most likely, however, you’ll be using it to escape, especially with the 20 percent bonus to move speed. Just be careful that an enemy doesn’t spot you slipping into the void, otherwise it’ll make you easy to track and they’ll pounce when it runs out.

Voices from the Void (Passive Ability)

Wraith’s passive ability “Voices from the Void” can be both a blessing and a curse. Basically what happens is that a creepy voice will warn you about certain situations, such as if an enemy is looking or aiming at you, or if there’s a trap nearby such as Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap. Once you get this audio warning you can relay it to the rest of team with the press of a button.

If you’re just exploring the world and haven’t started fighting with an enemy, it’s an absolute godsend, since this ability essentially means that it’s impossible for an enemy player to get the drop on you. It even works if you’re being targeted with a sniper rifle, so you can dodge to cover quickly, or just get out of the way before you get your head blown off. If you’re quick on the mark, particularly with your other two abilities, enemies will never be able to catch you by surprise.

The downside of Voices from the Void is if you haven’t been caught unawares, and you’re fighting with enemies. Having an annoying voice tell you you’re being targeted while you’re in a frantic shootout can be off-putting, and while it allows you to avoid sniper fire, it doesn’t tell you where the shot is coming from. If possible, make use of this ability best by having voice chat on, so you can instantly tell your teammates you’re about to be under attack.

Dimensional Rift (Ultimate Ability)

“Dimensional Rift” is an extremely powerful and incredibly useful Ultimate ability, even compared to the ones for the other Apex Legends characters. It allows Wraith to create two connected portals, a fair distance apart, which you and your teammates can use to travel between instantaneously. These portals last for 60 seconds, which is a massive amount of time for such a fast-paced game. Downed or embattled players can use them to escape to safety, or you can use them to quickly warp to an enemy team and catch them by surprise.

While it’s a great ability with many uses, it has its drawbacks. You’re pretty vulnerable while placing them, so it’s best not to use it in the middle of a firefight. You really need to place one before the fight in a safe spot, so the second one can be your escape portal if you need it. Bear in mind that enemies can also use your portals, so feel free to set a trap for them. If you’re very clever you can even trick them and put a portal off the map somewhere, so they spawn to their deaths!

Apex Legends Wraith guide | Best team comp for Wraith

By far the best team mix to use Wraith in is with Gibraltar and Mirage. Gibraltar can head through any portal and soak up plenty of damage while unleashing hell. The combination of his Shield Bubble tactical ability with Wraith’s ultimate can be devastating, as it’ll keep you both covered while you make your escape. Mirage is another stealth character, so if you mix him in your team can quickly disappear from a fight, use his abilities to cover your approach with holograms – then hit the enemy team from behind. A devastating mix.