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Metro Exodus Teddy bear location

One of Artyom’s most critical missions is to retrieve the ever-important Metro Exodus teddy bear. You are charged with this task by the adorable little girl Nastya. She asks you, most sincerely, if you could retrieve her beloved teddy bear for her. Unfortunately, her favorite plush toy is currently in the hands of a demon. This Metro Exodus teddy bear guide will tell you how to safely retrieve Private Teddy from behind enemy lines (and some other neat stuff along the way, too!)

Metro Exodus teddy bear | How to get to the teddy bear

Metro Exodus teddy bear

The route to take

After Nastya requests that you retrieve her teddy bear, an icon for its location will pop up on the map. It’s practically on the opposite side of the map from the Aurora and there are plenty of hazards and interesting sites to see along the way. The route has been highlighted with a red line on the above map. Bear in mind that the above map is from early in the level and doesn’t show absolutely every icon of interest!

Point A | Mutants, radiation, and the underpass

The area around Point A on this map can be incredibly dangerous even if you’re stealthy. To start, there are Watchmen crawling absolutely everywhere. If you get into a fight with one, kill it stealthily or you’ll quickly find yourself dealing with a whole pack of the creatures.

Secondly, the area around the underpass is also swarming with Demons—just because your life was not difficult enough. The underpass itself will even serve as a roost for a sleeping demon at night! Your only real options here are to be stealthy and watch the skies or run like hell and try to keep from getting snatched up.

Finally, the general area near the underpass has some severe radiation issues. If you stray too far to the East, you’ll quickly find yourself getting overwhelmed. You cannot avoid the enemies, you’ll have to sneak past them or take them down.

Points B & C | Buildings and looting opportunities

The buildings at Point B and Point C are filled with good opportunities for gathering up loot. It’s a perilous journey to the Metro Exodus teddy bear and you may as well grab as much ammo and supplies as you can along the way. You may also be able to grab some new gun attachments from the human enemies stationed in this general area.

Metro Exodus teddy bear | Retrieving the bear

Metro Exodus teddy bear

You should be looking for the above building as you approach the icon on your map. The teddy bear is on top of the building in a Demon nest. Said nest also happens to have a sleeping demon in it, so you should approach as quietly as possible. I’ve done this quest a couple of times and the Demon was asleep both times, but be prepared to fight an airborne enemy just in case!

Metro Exodus teddy bear

Once you get to the top of the tanks, you’ll see a crude tent-like structure. This is the Demon nest. You can’t see it, but there is definitely a sleeping demon on the other side of that thing. You really don’t want to wake it up—if it grabs you and drops you from this height, it will at best do a lot of damage when you hit the ground. The worst-case scenario is, as always, a painful death.

Metro Exodus teddy bear

Finally, you can see the teddy itself a short distance away from this terrifying monster. If you’re like me and you don’t like to take chances, I was able to kill the Demon with a couple of throwing knives on Normal difficulty. You can likely get at least two knives into the creature point blank before it has a chance to get airborne, although there may be wisdom in simply leaving things be. There was only a single Demon here every time I’ve visited

Aside from the teddy bear, this location also has a few pieces of materials and chemicals to loot in the general area. Make sure not to miss them—there’s not really any reason to return to this building after you’ve retrieved the teddy bear.

Metro Exodus teddy bear

Once the precious plush is in hand, you can return it to Nastya at your leisure. You won’t get any specific reward from returning the bear other than the thanks of an adorable little girl. Private Teddy becomes an invaluable member of the Aurora crew and it just goes to show why Spartans leave no man (or bear) behind.