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Far Cry New Dawn How to Heal | Get More Medkits

We bet you’re wondering how to heal in Far Cry New Dawn. You’ll take plenty of bullets and melee damage during your playthrough, so Medkits will be your best friend in Ubisoft’s shooter. Find out how to heal in Far Cry New Dawn, as well as how to upgrade your health items, with our guide.

How to heal in Far Cry New Dawn | Medkits

how to heal in far cry new dawn medkits

Medkits can be found all over the map. Places to look out for them specifically include enemy outposts, back at your homebase, and exploring during the game’s expeditions. To use them, you will have to hold down the triangle or Y button on your PS4 or Xbox One controller respectively.

How to heal in Far Cry New Dawn | Crafting medkits

how to heal in far cry new dawn crafting medkits

You can also craft medkits if you’re out of health supplies. To do this, open up the pause menu, and navigate to the inventory tab. Scroll down until you see the medkits icon. Craft them by holding down the action button on your platform of choice.

You’ll need three items to craft them. The first is the blue Bougainvillea plant, which can be found near lakes and rivers. Next, the yellow Cistanche plant is found in caves and by roadsides. Finally, you need a piece of meat. Once you have one of each item, you can craft health packs.

How to heal in Far Cry New Dawn | Upgrading medkits

how to heal in far cry new dawn health pack upgrade

You can increase the strength of your medkits, which will give you better bang for your buck, so to speak. To do this, you need to keep an eye on your Healing Garden in your homebase of Prosperity. You can improve this area by using ethanol and this will give you better medkits. Ethanol can be picked up across the map too, so keep an eye out for supplies.

You can also upgrade how many health packs you can carry at any one time. You do this by purchasing the “More Medkits” perk on your upgrade tree. This will set you back three perk points, so tally them up until you have enough.