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Anthem Legendary Contracts | How to unlock Legendary Agent Contracts

If you’re looking to get best the best weapons and equipment in the game, you’ll be wanting to complete Anthem Legendary Contracts. Players who successfully complete the Legendary Contracts have a better chance at finding powerful loot, when compared to the standard Agent Contracts. As you might imagine, the Legendary Contracts are a lot tougher, cranking the difficulty up to really challenge a squad. If you feel like you’re up to the task, read on for our guide on how to unlock Legendary Contracts in Anthem, and what you get as a reward for completing them.

How to unlock Anthem Legendary Contracts

Anthem Legendary Contracts

To unlock the Anthem Legendary Contracts, you’ll first want to finish all standard Contracts available from the various Agents in Fort Tarsis. Head to your map and look for Agents/Faction Boards that are available for interaction. Keep completing each Faction’s respective Missions and Contracts until no more remain. Once you have finished the storyline for a faction, you should begin to see Legendary Contracts unlock and become playable.

Do note that you don’t have to hit the maximum Faction Reputation to unlock these Legendary Contracts.

Once unlocked, you’ll be able to matchmake with other players and work together to take down the tougher enemies.

If the Legendary Contracts still do not unlock after completing the relevant Missions and Contracts, you could unfortunately be experiencing a bug that will hopefully be fixed in the Day 1 patch.

Anthem Legendary Contracts Rewards

Anthem Legendary Contracts

The Anthem Legendary Contracts rewards seem to be quite inconsistent. Sometimes, you’ll experience a series of very generous loot drops, with multiple Masterworks earned in a single round. At other times, the loot drops will be pretty disappointing.

At the time of writing, farming Anthem Legendary Contracts is one of the fastest ways of increasing your Javelin’s level and rarity.