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Apex Legends Energy Ammo Locations | Where to find Havoc ammo

With the Apex Legends new gun (Havoc) seemingly on the way before long, plenty of you are wondering about Apex Legends Energy Ammo locations. If you’re looking for the rare and powerful ammunition, this is the guide for you, just in time for the Havoc weapon. Read on to discover where to find Energy Ammo in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Locations | Where to find High Tier Loot

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Locations

One of your best shouts for finding Energy Ammo in Apex Legends would be to head to areas that are more likely to contain High Tier Loot. As Energy Ammo is the rarest of all ammunition types in Apex Legends, you won’t find it too often in areas that aren’t said to contain High Tier Loot. Each named area of the map has a chance of being a High Tier Loot location. The ones listed below are the most likely to contain the best loot on a game-to-game basis, however. Energy Ammo is green, too, so it does stand out.

Simply head to one of the named locations on the list below to find Energy Ammo more easily:

  • Airbase
  • Artillery
  • Bunker
  • Relay
  • Repulsor
  • Runoff
  • Swamps
  • The Pit
  • Thunderdome
  • Water Treatment

If you’re after more detail on High Tier Loot locations, we do have an in-depth guide on the subject.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Locations | Where to find Havoc ammo

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Locations

The new Havoc gun uses Energy ammo and is set to be pretty powerful. You will definitely want to stock up on a whole lot of Energy Ammo with or without the Havoc anyway, as plenty of weapons use the rare stuff. Your best chances of finding Energy Ammo is to head to High Tier Loot areas as stated above. Once inside these areas, however, there are certain places you should look at. Not just the highly dense urban areas.

Look for and open as many Supply Bins as you can find. There are a lot of them scattered throughout Kings Canyon, so you should come across them plenty of times during a game. Loot Ticks are worth a lookout for, too. The small robots are hidden during games, usually in difficult to reach areas. Either shoot or punch one to open it up (like a mechanical pinata) and claim its contents. The gold Loot Ticks contain the best loot. Follow the robot whistles and noises that they sound off and you should spot a Loot Tick before long.

You will also find rare loot on Supply Ships. Supply Ships will appear on the map at different locations during matches. You can drop right onto a Supply Ship, too, but be warned: A lot of other players will be heading there, too.