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Anthem Coins | How to find, what to spend them on, and more

Anthem coins are the main in-game currency that you’ll need to spend on various items. Before you do that, however, you’ll have to know how to find them in the game’s world. Learn where Anthem coins are located, what you can spend them on, and more with our guide.

How to find Anthem coins

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Your best source for finding Anthem coins locations is by completing story missions and other challenges with BioWare’s title. For every one that you successfully navigate, you will be rewarded with a certain number of coins. You can accumulate these over time, or spend them on any number of things in the game.

There’s plenty of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to keep you entertained, and to keep your coins purse stocked up. As well as that, you’ll earn more Anthem coins through the game’s Alliance System, which rewards you even if you can’t join your friends for a particular gaming session.

How to spend Anthem coins

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You’ve earned quite the collection of coins there, congratulations. Now all you need to do is spend them on a number of things that the game has to offer.

The place you’ll want to try is the Vanity Store. This is your go-to hub for all of the cosmetic items available in the game. You can gain acess to this store from Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay. You can purchase single items, such as armor pieces, emotes, paint jobs and banners, or even full Javelin suits if you want to kit yourself out in something new.

If cosmetics or the weekly updated Features tab isn’t your jam, you can scroll through to the Crafting section. You can buy a variety of items from here such as Javelin parts, to upgrade your gear, or embers. You can’t use coins on the Rewards tab, however, as this is only to redeem pre-order bonuses and other VIP items.